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13. A Spicy Indian Starter

About a month after seeing much more of Bob and Molly than expected, we linked up via messages on We chatted back and forth working our schedules and trying to find a date that worked for all four of our busy lives.

Between kids’ events, athletic competitions for Courtney and my work travel schedule we really struggled on our end to come up with a handful of dates over the next few months. The closest date was Friday of the coming weekend, but Bob and Molly couldn’t commit due to their busy schedule. As Bob said, “If this swinging stuff was easy, then everyone would do it!”

We continued to surf Fabswingers and found several interesting couples with whom we started a message exchange. It seemed everyone was super busy. Either that or we were super unappealing. Perhaps it was because our profile clearly labeled us as newbies, and we also stated that we didn’t full swap and were only looking for possible soft swing. Oh, and further, we added that Courtney wasn’t bisexual. We had a lot going against us.

Thursday of the week where we had a free Friday night, we decided that we would go ahead and hit Jay Dee’s to relax in the hot tub and chat with interesting folks. Prior to Jay Dee’s we decided to grab a curry at one of our favorite Indian restaurants for a little energy and to give us time to chat out of earshot of the kids. Courtney let me know that, since we weren’t going to be hanging out with Bob and Molly, she wasn’t getting anything waxed. Instead she would put that off until the following week to make it last longer.

Friday midafternoon, while waiting for Courtney to get out of the shower, I popped on the phone to check out Jay Dee’s to see if there was any kind of party going on that we should know about. Yes, I’d waited way too late for us to join in any kind of fancy dress, but that wasn’t going to slow us down. I logged into fabswingers and was immediately distracted by a message.

The message was from Bob and Molly letting us know they had suddenly sprung free from family obligations and would love to meet us tonight. I typed back that we were headed to an Indian place and would show up a tad later to Jay Dee’s. Meanwhile, Courtney popped out of the bathroom and started rummaging through her closet deciding on an outfit.

“Dear,” I started to say before seeing another message come in - Bob and Molly were free to join us for dinner if we so desired. I started to pop a confirmation message back but realized I was making a mistake if I didn’t get Courtney’s thoughts first. “Dear,” I started again as Courtney pulled her leggings up.

“What? Could you pass me my boots?” Courtney sat on the edge of the bed as I fetched her boots.

“Dear, it looks like Bob and Molly are joining us after all. Oh, and they can join us for dinner if you want.” I was expecting a happy response or maybe a question about when Bob and Molly would be free for dinner, instead Molly stopped what she was doing and stared at me with a frustrated look.

“I have to shave now!” Courtney pulled off her boot and jerked down her leggings which drug her silver thong down too. I was momentarily distracted. “Alex! A little help here?”

I was only too happy to help Courtney shave while she took the phone and finished setting up when and where to meet for dinner with Bob and Molly. Courtney looked smoking hot laying across the bed fiddling on the phone while I concentrated on cleaning up her bikini zone into a cute landing strip and denuding her plump labia. “You know this is going to screw up my waxing next week!”

We showed up a tad late at the restaurant due to a combination of needing to line up the kids’ dinner and a sudden burst of effort by Courtney to try several other outfits before going with her original choice. Bob and Molly waved at us across the dining room as we entered and hastened to join them feeling the nerves start to jangle.

Bob and Molly stood to greet us with polite hugs and kisses on the cheek. Once again, Courtney and I sat side by side with me across from Molly and Courtney across from Bob. I ordered a Cobra beer and Courtney asked for a water while we munched on the poppadums Bob had politely ordered while waiting for us to arrive.

Bob looked dapper in, what I now thought of as his signature, black cowboy boots. He had on black slacks and a white dress shirt under a smart grey jacket. Molly was stunning in her own tight black slacks and flower print shirt with plunging neckline. She caught my eye as I looked up from her neckline and she smiled broadly at my blush.

Bob had no problem with his open appreciation of Courtney’s assets. His blue eyes twinkled as he heaped on the compliments. Now it was Courtney’s turn to blush. “Thanks Bob, I hope I’m not underdressed in these tights?”

“Sweetheart,” Molly said with a wicked smile, “he isn’t thinking of you in tights.” The waiter who had just arrived at the table in time to hear the last statement cleared his throat nervously before asking for our order.

We ordered three main spicy courses to share, along with a vegetable, a couple of orders of mushroom rice and two garlic naan. Just enough to fill us up without any bloating! However, I did notice that Courtney and Molly only picked at their food leaving Bob and me more than enough. I reluctantly declined a second Cobra and went to water wanting to stay sharp.

“Well,” Bob started as we settled up the bill, “I must say that I’m really looking forward to seeing your marvelous breasts again Courtney! I definitely wasn’t expecting to get to touch one last time.”

“You looked so plaintive,” I laughed. “And it was only fair as Molly was rubbing her leg on mine.”

“You cheeky monkey!” Bob turned to Molly, “you broke their rules.” He pretended to look fierce.

“Guilty as charged,” Molly held my eyes a few second longer than socially acceptable for friends out at dinner. “I couldn’t help myself.” I took a deep breath and tried to avoid an erection.

Bob broke the enchantment by asking, “So, are we starting back up where we left off?”

“What do mean?” Courtney asked him with one raised eyebrow.

“He means,” Molly answered for Bob, “he wants to grab your boob again, maybe even the other one too.”

Courtney looked a bit startled but answered quickly enough, “I don’t see why not.” I choked on my water.

Out the door we all went, bundling into our vehicles for the drive to Jay Dee’s. It was going to be excruciating but would give us plenty of time to talk through the “starting where we left off” statement. It sure seemed like a slippery slope from getting a little handsy to hard swinging if we didn’t watch out.

“Oh, just so you know,” Bob called out just before squeezing his large frame into his blue Citroen. “It’s B-B-W night at Jay Dee’s”

Courtney called out, “what’s that?”

“Hmm, let’s just say, this should be an eye opener!”

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Apr 28, 2020

Thanks Ria! Hit us up on fab if you want :)


I’m enjoying hearing all about

your swinging journey. it esp good as I have also been to both The VA and Jaydees. But have done so as a unicorn. My first time I went with a Experienced couple to VA and only played with them. The second time to Jaydees’s , went and met up with a great meet of mine a few days prior. Than the third was at AbsFab and with my Kik swinging chat group and had Three different encounters.

Its interesting to see it from a Established couples point of view. x

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