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14. Double Helpings of Fun

***Disclaimer. The following describes our experience at a BBW night. These women are strong, proud, confident and should be treated with respect. Sadly, the BBW scene was a bit shocking for us and I didn't behave perfectly. Understanding that, if you are a BBW fan or are a BBW, please skip to the next post.***

We arrived at Jay Dee’s shortly behind Bob and Molly and struggled to find a parking spot. The place was going to be hopping unlike our first visit. At least this time we were going to be with friends and not just wandering around lost. “I hope they’re waiting for us,” Courtney spoke what was in my mind as often happens. “Oh, and I wonder what a BBW party could be.”

However, Bob and Molly weren’t in the lobby when we arrived, and we were met by the same elderly gent who greeted us by name after only one other visit. The short spiky red-haired lady at the desk asked for our membership card and cash. We were ready with our card and had not only our entrance free ready on hand but also cash for deposit on our locker. It felt nice to not look entirely like newbies.

We tried to look nonchalant in front of the newbie couple behind us in line. But, we still found ourselves doing a bit of the newbie protective huddle as we pushed through the crowd in the lobby on our way to drop off our towels and goody bag at our locker. In fact, we did a lot of pushing and jostling to get through the crowd to our lockers.

The crowd was large, by that I mean that the crowd consisted largely of large lovely ladies. An outsized proportion of body confident women filled, to spilling over, the halls, dance floor and bar area. “I feel tiny,” Courtney whispered to me as a young lady, spilling out of a tight latex jumpsuit, slammed me into the stripper pole on the dance floor causing me to spill my beer on my shirt. “Sorry!” She tossed the comment over her shoulder as she pushed on towards the stairs with three young fit men following her hungrily.

“What was that?” I muttered to Courtney a tad peeved at the alcohol abuse.

“That, my good man, was a train wreck,” Courtney replied.

“A what?” I asked confused and wondering if I’d misheard her with the loud music.

“A train wreck, you know, super scary but you can’t look away,” Courtney replied. “Stike that, I sounded a bit catty. I’m really amazed at the body confidence and self-assurance of these women.”

I understood what Courtney was saying. These ladies were flipping the strong middle finger to ugly norms and a judgmental society. We couldn’t help applauding them enjoying their special BBW (Big Beautiful Women) night where they could bask in the adoration of those who found them attractive. But, it was still disturbing to our untrained eyes to see some of the extra helpings of fun on offer.

“Tea, I need a cup of tea,” Courtney grabbed my hand and we threaded our way to the kitchenette. Still no Bob and Molly. I plopped down on one of the chairs in the kitchenette underneath the stairs heading up to the second floor and waited as Courtney made her cuppa.

Suddenly, the grandest lady we’d seen yet, shuffled into the kitchenette and started working her way up the stairs. She was wrapped head to toe in a black, gauzy, shockingly see through catsuit. Two young, body builder type, men helped her as she was struggling a bit with the stairs. My eyes widened as I realized I was under the stairs and the loud creaking was ominous. I leapt from my chair and joined Courtney but the sink. “I bet that was a thrill!” Courtney raised an eyebrow at me.

After Courtney’s cup of tea, we gave up on finding Bob and Molly easily, and decided to head for the hot tub to beat the rush. The hot tub was where we had hung out with Bob and Molly last time and we figured staying still was the best choice. They would find us, and we wouldn’t follow each other in circles all night.

In the hot tub we chatted with some genuinely nice people and were treated to more than an eyeful. Becoming a little distracted, I found myself fascinated with the water displacement ongoing and began holding my finger at the level of the water prior to people getting into the tub. I would then watch the level rise with curiosity.

“Are you?” Courtney slapped me shoulder. “Stop it! That’s rude.”

“It’s fascinating, you would think that a hot tub this size wouldn’t show a discernable change in water level, but watch.” The water rose more than the width of my finger as a confident older lady settled into the pool.

“Fascinating but stop it!” Courtney hit me again and, a bit ashamed of myself, I laid off my little insensitive experiments. Fortunately, at that moment, Bob and Molly popped into the hot tub room wearing towels. And, suddenly, my nearly flatline pulse went into overdrive. I could see Courtney’s mind set shift, as well, from casual curiosity to anticipation. What was going to happen this time?

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