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15. Round Two with Bob and Molly

Updated: May 1, 2020

We toweled off in the hot tub room and then headed to our locker. Bob went on ahead to pick up their towels and goody bag from their locker and to scope out a room. Molly stayed to wait for us and to enjoy the view of Courtney and me with open enjoyment. “Nice to see you guys,” Molly said with a grin as we joined her.

Courtney played off the inuendo and replied, “We couldn’t find you when we arrived and decided to hang out in the tub until you showed.”

“We went upstairs to watch a flogging and check out the scene,” Molly replied. “We don’t usually come on BBW nights,” she continued, “though, I could get used to being thought of as the slim one!”

We stopped at our locker and could see further down the hall that Bob was waving to us from the door of the same room we’d played in last time. Fumbling with the locker key and nearly dropping my towel, I realized the jitters were setting in. Would we ever be blasé about an impending play date? Molly sure looked relaxed.

Molly had changed out of the slacks and flower print shirt she had worn at dinner and was wearing a clubbing style mini dress that would also have passed for lingerie, royal blue with silver sequins, clinging to her curves like a second skin. Her firm, tanned legs swept down to sparkly silver heels. The toenails poking out were the same crimson as the nails on her dainty hand. She placed that hand on my chest and pushed lightly, “come on Alex, we don’t have all night.”

I didn’t need much urging and lurched on down the hall. Molly linked arms with Courtney and followed. The two of them speaking too quietly for me to catch. Ahead of me, Bob was standing in the door to the room with the round bed talking to the pony tailed guy we had seen delivering a flogging on our first visit. “Howdy Bob,” I stuck out my hand for a firm handshake and turned to pony tail dude.

“Dave,” he said shaking my hand. “I hear you are new to all this.”

“Yes, we are quite new. This is our second visit. I’m Alex by the way.” The ladies had caught up and pushed past us guys to get into the room not pausing to chat.

“Dave was just saying that it was ok for us to shut the door as you guys are new. We were breaking the room rules last time around.” I looked over at the barn door and remembered that Bob and jiggled the upper half of the door to get it to close during our prior visit.

“It’s cool,” Dave said with a decidedly wicked smile. “You kids have fun.” With a barking sound I took to be a laugh, Dave headed back down the hall.

“Dave works here as a sort of bouncer and club manager,” Bob let me know.

“I’ve seen him at work with a flogger,” I replied. “It was a bit scary!”

Bob laughed and entered the room ahead of me. Courtney was already splayed on the bed with her towel under her and her feet poking off the bed towards us. Molly had just peeled off her dress and was spreading her towel. Her round, tan line free, rump turned instantly into a sweet memory for later examination. She had one knee on the bed as she leaned over and straitened the top edge of her towel.

“See something you like,” Courtney said with a chuckle. “It’s rude to stare.”

Molly looked back over her shoulder but kept the pose and waggled her hips. Her eyes full of laughter and challenge. Courtney sat up, promptly pulled off my towel and popped me in her mouth. “Oh, Oh!” I sounded strangled. The sudden sensation of Courtney’s mouth and the visual overload of Molly’s sexy bum, now being kissed by Bob, were a potent one-two punch in the libido.

I jerked back in sudden fear that I was way too over stimulated and might embarrass myself. “Too good,” I told Courtney and leaned down to kiss her. She bit my lip and ran her hands in my hair and down my back. I knelt, continued kissing her for a bit, and then gently pushed on her shoulder signaling her to lay back.

“Oh, I thought you would never ask,” Courtney smiled at me and spread her legs invitingly. Still kneeling at the edge of the bed, I pressed in kissing her long creamy legs along with gently blowing and lightly caressing all around her vulva. “Mmmm, keep that up,” she whispered and draped her legs over my shoulders.

Courtney’s heels kicked me sharply in the middle of the back as her leg muscles stiffened. I looked up a bit confused thinking it was a bit early for an orgasm as I hadn’t even really dug in yet. Beside us, Molly had come up on all fours and Bob was squatted behind her lapping energetically between her legs. But, that wasn’t what had jolted Courtney. Molly had her face pressed to one of Courtney’s breasts!

Molly was moaning and swallowing Courtney’s left nipple like Amy Winehouse crooning into a microphone. Highly orgasmic, Courtney was often able to cum just from nipple play and was rapidly heading towards her first crescendo of the night! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I dove my head back between Courtney’s legs and added my effort to give her orgasm a double zing. And, boy howdy, it was a big one. Courtney writhed, bucked her shoulders and then hips off the bed while roaring an amazon war cry. Then she collapsed, shot for a few minutes. I crawled up her limp body and gave her a kiss.

Molly was now enjoying a doggy pounding from Bob, her head resting on Courtney’s ribcage. Courtney was panting heavily and was out of the game for a few seconds, so I reached out cautiously and stroked the curve of Molly’s breast where it was swinging wildly. It was smooth and silky under my fingers and I let my hand wander down to the nipple which was rock hard against my thumb. Now it was Molly’s turn to thrash and moan!

The feeling of helping Bob give Molly a strong orgasm was awesome, and I was super glad that Courtney bounced back quickly and was ready to go again. I stood at the end of the bed and pulled her down slightly to get the angle right and entered her with one long slow push. Molly was now curled in a ball recovering and Bob crawled up on the bed beside Courtney.

“May I touch?” Bob asked Courtney and she nodded biting her lower lip; breath coming quickly again. She watched fascinated as Bob's big hands started trailing over her flat stomach and up her body to her breasts. He used both hands and caressed both breasts at once, thumbs brushing her nipples. Courtney shuddered and gripped me tightly with her inner muscles. Ooof… amazing!

I watched as Courtney reached out in return and ran her hand down Bob’s side from lower ribs to hip and then gripped the outside of his thigh as she heaved into another orgasm. The mad naughtiness of touching and being touched by others was a powerful drug!

Molly came up behind Bob and pressed herself against his back, reaching around and stroking his cock which was aimed a Courtney’s taught belly. Bob groaned but kept up his handy work on Courtney’s breasts until her orgasm subsided. Then, as Courtney recovered, he turned back to Molly kissing her and laying her down next to us.

We finished like that, each couple in missionary, side by side with hands roaming between. Molly and Courtney came at nearly the same time again, cued by each other’s sounds. I followed shortly after, emptying a metric ton into Courtney. Bob held on for a short while longer, but Courtney boldly placed her hand across on Molly’s breast tweaking her nipple. The visual was too much and Bob gasped loudly and then collapsed shuddering onto Molly.

“That was a good one,” Bob said afterwards. “You guys seemed more comfortable this time.”

“Yeah,” Courtney said covering a yawn, “that was all amazing and exhausting. I’m not bi or anything but Molly was super hot working my boobs. I came from that!”

Molly smiled wickedly at us, “Maybe next time I can help Alex cum too?” I gulped.

We stopped at the services again at nearly 3 am. The young dopers and their skanky girlfriends stared at the two of us “grownups” in amazement as we gulped down our burgers and fries between yawns.

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