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17. Getting Lucky!

Several months after our last meet with Bob and Molly, and after about four other socials that we knew weren’t going to lead anywhere, we got lucky! Bob dropped us a line on and let us know that Jay Dee’s was having a daytime event and that they would be free for two hours of the time before needing to leave for a drive to London. Thankfully, we were able to shift around a few things on our calendar and had a sliver of a window of opportunity to slip away.

We rushed through our pre meet prep, and thankfully Courtney had just been waxed the day before saving us a bit of time. Courtney picked my out a burgundy dress shirt after I tried to wear the same shirt I had worn the last time we’d seen Bob and Molly. Really, who can remember that far back? She can!

Courtney decided that she would once again go with black and picked out a pair of black leggings with cutout windows on the sides of the legs, her favorite black boots, and a red top with ties and the wrist and bodice. Then there was a quick fumble with hair and makeup while I double checked the kids (teenagers) were going to be fine for the couple of hours we were away. Out to the car to “have lunch with friends from work” and away we went.

There was a bit of silence the first part of the drive as we each internalized the fact that we were heading out with the intent of “playing” with another couple. When conversation restarted, we found out that we had both been going through thoughts of our last meet with Bob and Molly and were genuinely looking forward to seeing them again and catching up. We also were each a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to match the nearly four-hour marathon of our first adventure due to Bob and Molly’s short availability.

“Do you think it’s this way every time? The nerves I mean,” I said to Courtney as we pulled into the parking lot at Jay Dee’s right next to Bob and Molly’s blue Citroen Picasso.

“I definitely feel the nerves! It must get easier with time.” Courtney gave me a smile. “Why don’t you ask Molly.”

I had my chance almost immediately as Bob and Molly were in the lobby waiting for us. Bob in his trademark black cowboy boots, grey slacks and a green dress shirt open two buttons at the neck; grinning like a fool. Molly was in a happy floral print pants suit but under her jacket the light blue top had a deep V neck showing off copious amounts of tan cleavage.

“Molly, are we always going to feel this nervous before meeting up with you guys? I asked her after we had all exchange the required hugs and cheek kisses.

“I would hope you would be nervous meeting me!” Molly replied with a grin. “But, actually, I’m nervous too… In a good way.”

“I like to call it the pre-meet tingles,” said Bob as he looked Courtney up and down with a broad smile. “Sometimes, if you know you are going to have a meet, if can last all week and keep your blood pumping.”

“You know,” I added, “this really makes me feel like a teenager again. You know, sneaking around, full of sexual tingles all the time, meeting sexy people at clubs and wondering what comes next.”

“That’s a common feeling in the lifestyle,” Molly replied. “We swingers call it the fountain of youth.” She reached out and grabbed my hand. “How about we take a few sips from the fountain Alex?” I didn’t complain as they led us directly back to the room with the big round bed.

Bob worked his trick to shut both halves of the barn door, and as the club was fairly quiet, we didn’t get any complaints from the staff. Molly wasn’t wasting a minute of precious time as she jerked her top off revealing an emerald lace top bra barely containing her tanned breasts. She plopped down on the bed holding her legs up towards me and asked, “will you help me with the slacks?” I gulped and glanced over at Courtney who was standing wide eyed as Bob lifted her top off.

I carefully pulled at Molly’s slacks and they slid off easily revealing firm tanned legs and matching emerald panties (yes, I use the American term). “Mmmm, Molly murmured, her eyelids now half shut and her lips pursed slightly. A glance at Courtney revealed Bob crouched behind her tugging down her tights, her boots were already placed neatly in the corner. Courtney met eyes with me and raised her eyebrows as if to ask if everything was ok? I shrugged as I didn’t feel uncomfortable, just thrilled and nervous.

Molly noticed my hesitation and shared looks with Courtney, “everything ok guys? Are we going too fast for you?” I looked to Courtney for confirmation.

“I’m ok,” Courtney said. “We are ok with softish swing… so far.”

“Ok, we will take it as easy as you want.” Bob said and then seemed to defy his own statement by pushing gently on Courtney’s back causing her to lean over the bed. Then ever so carefully, as I watched amazed, he gently pulled down her thong. The frizzion of feelings was amazing as I watched Courtney wriggle one foot out of her thong while leaned forward over the bed with her hands supporting her, fingers tangled in her towel.

“Gorgeous,” Molly said and I looked back at her to find her watching Courtney and Bob as well. Then Molly turned back, sat up on the bed, and began tugging at my belt, her shiny red nails flashing. My trousers dropped unceremoniously to the floor and I kicked off my shoes. As there’s no sexy way to remove your socks so I did it as quickly as possible.

“Are you guys good with us taking it up a notch?” Bob asked us. His hand resting on Courtney’s bent over posterior, “I would very much like to give Courtney some oral fun.”

“Honey?” I asked as Molly tugged down my boxers, springing me free right in her face. Courtney looked back over her shoulder at me just as Molly wrapped her bright red lips around the head of my penis.

“I guess that answers the question,” Courtney said with a short laugh, and dropped her shoulders to the bed, remaining in a kneeling position in front of Bob. Bob pressed his face in easily between her cheeks. Courtney took in a loud breath and began wriggling her hips.

Molly’s style of sucking was quite different to Courtney’s. In no way was one better than the other but, the newness of the style was ultra-powerful. My blood sang with the vibrations as her tongue fluttered in the V shaped notch under the head of my penis. My testicles felt like they were suddenly boiling. Then, just as I was fully into the work she was doing on the tip, she plunged me deep and began bobbing her head rapidly. “No, no, yes, yes,” I babbled incoherently.

Next to us, Courtney orgasmed violently and I mentally reeled knowing another man had just brought her to climax. I was surprised at the lack of jealously. It was more like watching an intense live porn scene with Courtney as my eternal favorite sex star. It was mind blowing to feel Molly’s warm mouth working me while seeing the muscles in Courtney’s legs form tight cords as her whole body shook with loudly shouted pleasure.

Courtney dropped to the bed spent and Bob stood up smiling a broad toothy grin. “Amazing how easily she orgasms,” he said to me as Molly pulled back off me and then lay flat on the bed locking eyes with Bob. Bob reached over and helped me pull Molly’s panties off revealing her neatly shaved, slightly open, wet lips. I dropped to my knees in a near trance, the gravitational pull of her wetness drawing me inwards.

Bob stood watching as I made initial contact, my tongue dancing gently up Molly’s thigh and then I fluttered lightly on her lips breathing out a warm breath directly on her most sensitive spots. “Get on there Alex,” Bob said encouraging me on. She tasted of melons and citrus. I began working Molly with gusto!

I heard Courtney stir again and could see her turning on the bed towards Bob. I paused in my eager lapping to watch. Courtney drew herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed. She reached out and hesitantly touched another man’s penis for the first time in nearly 25 years. Her fingers closed around Bob’s manhood and she gave it a slow stroke up and down.

Courtney looked over at me and we locked eyes as I looked up from between Molly’s thighs. Courtney smiled at me with the same half smile she would give me after I gave her a particularly cheesy compliment. Then, still locking eyes with me, she opened her sweet mouth and closed it around Bob’s penis. Bob, grunted and Courtney shut her eyes and focused on working him in long slow strokes.

“Stunning isn’t it?” Molly said to me when I looked back at her. “It isn’t every day you see something as exciting as seeing your partner playing. I love seeing the expressions on Bob’s face!”

“It’s crazy!” I replied looking back at Courtney’s efforts.

“Watch this,” Molly sat up and drew herself over behind Courtney and rose to her knees. I watched as Molly pressed up behind Courtney, with her tanned breasts resting on Courtney’s head, and began kissing Bob deeply while he received what I knew was a brilliant blowjob. It looked amazing and I desperately wished I had a camera to capture the moment forever.

Molly lay back down and urged me back to licking and sucking at the river running between her legs. “Oh, you do that quite well! Oh, do that again!”

I continued with the double circles on her swollen lips grazing the lower edge of her clitoris on each loop. Slowly, I sped up the motion and drew the circles slightly smaller increasing the focus. Reaching up, I gently ran a finger in small circles over her opening providing slight pressure. Molly’s body responded with quivers and her moans stopped, replaced with ragged breathing. The breathing turned quickly to shallow gasps as I inserted a single finger and began massaging the sensitive ring just inside her opening.

Molly suddenly howled like a strangled cat and pushed her upper body up so she could watch me as she trembled and jerked through a strong orgasm. My male ego soared with pride at my efforts and I eased off the pressure licking slowly in a broad circle around her lips now avoiding her sensitive clitoris.

As I opened my eyes to see that Bob was now laying comfortably on the bed with Courtney above him in a sloppy 69. Bob’s hand reached over and began tweaking Molly’s nearest breast and I felt her twitch on the way back up for another orgasm. I began tapping lightly on her lips with the focused tip of my tongue and received the moaning feedback that things were going well. I shifted to an inverted U shape stroke above clitoris and then added a gentle suction with my mouth.

Molly heaved again in pleasure and reached a hand down grabbing my hair, pushing me in tighter to her wetness. She shook all over and I could her Courtney climaxing again just beside me at the same time. Amazing!

We all pulled apart panting and the two of us men stood and had a drink of water from the bottle that Bob and Molly had thoughtfully brought. I handed the bottle to Courtney and she gulped thirstily. Then she used some of the sani-wipes we’d brought to wipe off her face and popped one of the Listerine strips we carried with us to keep our breath minty fresh. Courtney handed the cleansing strips to Molly and we all breathed in deeply knowing we were in for the final lap.

Bob and I moved to our partners and side by side we started our final efforts. Each of us running our hands out and over the other’s partners breasts. Thrusting like jackhammers we all came to orgasm within about a minute of each other then all collapsed in a jumble blowing like racehorses at Cheltenham. Our muscles like wet noodles, we stood slowly and began dressing. There was no conversation; we were too exhausted and complete.

We hugged each other in the parking lot as we departed and Molly kissed me deeply while Bob kissed Courtney. “Until next time guys,” Bob said as he got into his car with Molly. Courtney slept most of the drive home and I struggled with staying awake myself.

We’d left it all on the field as they say.

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