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20. An Unplanned First!

We hit up Bob and Molly on WhatsApp for a fling on a bank holiday weekend but they were already committed to another couple. At first, we felt a little jilted and to be fair a tad jealous of them as a couple, our couple, going off with other folks. Courtney and I talked it through and realized we’d each felt some of the same feelings but the feelings were stronger in Courtney.

Courtney suggested that maybe we should branch out a bit. Not that we were looking for notches on our bed post but, we agreed that having a circle of four or five close couples would raise our chances of having ready playmates on the few weekends we had free. I mentioned Brad and Jo who we’d seen on fabswingers and there was also John and Samantha who we’d met for a pub social. “Well, see it either of them are up for a, no expectations, social at Jay Dee’s on Saturday night,” Courtney said after looking at both couples’ profiles again. “I wish there were more pictures of Brad on their profile.”

“Lack of pictures of the male half of the couple is a common issue with profiles,” I said. “Could be because its mostly the dudes who make the profiles and they like how their partners look? Or maybe, like with us, the lady is always much hotter.”

“Don’t sell yourself shot honey,” Courtney replied. “I’m off for a waxing and manicure. Let me know if we have a date tonight or not.”

The laptop purred to life and I popped off a message to Brad and Jo, largely because their profile popped up first in our hotlist. I also changed our profile status to: “Heading to Jay Dee’s tonight! Say hello if you see us there.” Then I started digging through to see if John and Samantha were free. But, before I could pop off a message to John and Sam, we had a message from Brad and Jo – “Thanks guys, we would love to have a no expectations meet tonight at Jay Dee’s! Will have to struggle with the no expectations bit. Ha!”

That evening was a cluster mess trying to get out the door. Our teenagers were at each other’s throats over something inane and I mediated the issue while Courtney rushed through her pre club routine, selecting a short black dress and heels. “Wow! You are stunning!” I realized my mouth was hanging open. Then, our WhatsApps went nuts with village friends trying to organize a pub crawl. With a fairly lame excuse (preplanned work-related dinner) we ditched it all and motored out of the village post haste!

Jay Dee’s parking lot was fairly full by the time we arrived and I was stressing a bit about being later than we’d planned. However, Brad and Jo were waiting in the lobby having just completed their membership paperwork. Brad was just at 6 foot, an inch or so taller than me, tanned, fit and was blessed with a ready smile. Courtney, I could tell was impressed. For my part, I couldn’t believe how stunning Jo turned out to be. Jo’s skin was a pleasant dusky brown that spoke of natural tan and her flat stomach hinting at outdoor exercise. The best way to describe Jo’s face was a young Susan Sarandon with her nearly black, bedroom eyes and piles of curly dark auburn hair. She was wearing a nearly matching outfit to Courtney and my joke about a swinger’s uniform earned me a throaty, erection causing, laugh.

“Drinks anyone?” Brad mimed downing a bottle of beer.

“Could really use one,” I said. “it suddenly feels incredibly hot in here and I’m blaming Jo and Courtney!”

We made our way past the still empty dance floor and through to the bar area where, surprise, we met John and Samantha. I felt a bit funny knowing that we had almost invited them to meet us if we hadn’t randomly picked Brad and Jo first. John stood two inches taller than Brad and was lankier in his build. He greeted Courtney with a kiss and shook my hand. Samantha was wearing a short red dress and white heels which neatly framed her stunning aerobics instructor legs. Samantha was the opposite of Jo’s dusky coloring with clear peaches and cream skin, a dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose, light brown eyes, and pixy cut blond hair.

We introduced the two couples and in short order Brad and John were laughing it up leaving me feeling a bit like a third wheel. But, that didn’t last long as the ladies pulled us onto the dance floor where we all danced in a bit of a circle that broke into the ladies naughty dancing with each of the men in turn. To say we drew a decent crowd of onlookers would be selling short the impact of the three hot ladies shaking their money makers!

A round of drinks later, John suggested a trip to the hot tub and we all trooped off together. “What’s happening,” Courtney whispered to me?

“I’m not sure,” I whispered back. “Brad and Jo have really hit it off with John and Samantha. I guess if we aren’t up for anything they will get together.”

“I’m not losing Brad and Jo,” Courtney whispered in the first indication that we were possibly going to play this evening.

The big reveal at the hot tub showed that each of the men were well built. Brad had a decent spread of hair on his broad chest and John was smooth all over. Jo proved to have a landing strip shave below and her nipples were just as long dark and stunning in real life as they had been on her profile picture. Sam was smooth below and had a light spread of freckles between her tiny breasts and her nipples were dusty pink buttons.

We all laughed a bit at each other’s funny swinging stories (not that Courtney and I had any yet besides the banging on the wall when we, with Bob and Molly, had been too loud in the hotel.) With any eye on the time Brad announced, “well, crunch time, what are we up to?”

“We are glad to play,” John jumped in with a confirming glance at Samantha.

“Uh, we are too,” Courtney spoke up. I could tell she was about to stake her claim with Brad and Jo but, before she could decide how to let John and Samantha down easily, Brad and Jo stood up and started out of the hot tub. Courtney looked at me and I gave a perplexed shrug. We ended up following John and Samantha out of the hot tub.

“Where do you guys think we should go?” Brad asked me.

“Well, there’s some private rooms and then there’s the couples room upstairs,” I replied.

“The upstairs has more room than any of the private rooms,” John added.

“That sounds fine to me,” Brad said and we all trooped off to our lockers for our bags of goodies.

“Are John and Samantha joining us?” Courtney had the raised eyebrows and wide eyes I recognized as some serious apprehension. “What is this, some sort of orgy thing?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “If you want out then we can let them know now. No big deal.”

“No, lets see where this goes,” Courtney stated flatly and with less enthusiasm than I was feeling.

Up the stairs we all trooped, the three ladies leading the way. It looked like a six-way developing!

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