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21. The Amazing Six-Way!

We three couples, (Brad & Jo, John and “Sam” Samantha, and us) entered the couples’ room at Jay Dee’s full of anticipation. It was empty. Out the door of the couples’ room you could see the length of the upstairs multi-room play area and there were some folks hanging out down by the flogging cross and four poster bed. But, on this end of the building it was just the three couples.

Brad and John were still enjoying some banter as the ladies scoped out the room. The couples room at Jay Dee’s has two long strips of floor level plastic covered mattresses on either side of a walkway leading to a space at the end with a giant round bed in the center and chairs set against the walls facing the bed. Above the bed a monitor was showing 80’s porn.

“Classy,” Jo said pointing at the porn on the monitor. “It looks like big hair was popular both above and below back then!”

“We have bush,” John called out! “What movie was that from?”

Courtney looked over her shoulder at him as she spread her towel on the big round bed, “Revenge of the Nerds, 80’s classic. I think Alex had a bit part as a nerd,” she laughed.

“Hey, Nerds need love too,” I called out with a feigned hurt expression.

“Nerd, come love some of this,” Jo leaned back on her towel and spread her legs invitingly. Her nether lips were dark like her nipples and they were also longer than average (I wondered briefly about the correlation.) I dropped happily to my knees and gave those lips a quick suck, tugging the long labia with my lips.

“Oh, yes!” Courtney called out from across the bed and I could see that John was busy mimicking my efforts as was Brad on Samantha. The ladies all had their heads in the middle of the round bed and their bodies cut the bed in thirds. I leaned into my efforts amazed at how hot, temperature wise, that Jo’s vagina was. Her flavor was like exotic spice and candied dates. I lapped happily to increasing moans from Jo.

Across the bed Courtney was already having an orgasm. Unbelievable! “Swap! Brad called out moving over to Courtney as she shuddered and convulsed through the end of her orgasm. John moved over to where I was and I sighed as I stood up from Jo.

The first taste of Samantha was mostly antiseptic from the cleaning wipe she had just used. But, the second was like lavender sponge and the smell of fresh cut grass. Her temperature was warm and inviting not smoldering like Jo’s. Suppose that I never would have noticed all the minute differences without the ability to go directly from one to the other.

Samantha orgasmed as I worked a finger between her soft lips, into the sensitive inch inside her passage. I could hear Courtney going again at nearly the same time. The feel of the six-way was electric and I knew Courtney was so jazzed that she could probably orgasm from a stiff breeze at this point. I stood up as Samantha relaxed for a second.

I could see that all the men had roughly the same idea and were standing as well. Courtney was already sucking and stroking Brad. One of her hands was on his penis shaft and the other wandered across his chest, tangling her fingers in his chest hair. Brad worked Courtney's nipples with a free hand and I could hear her have a small orgasm (without any clitoral or vaginal action!) while sucking him. Jo was working on John with both hands on his hips bobbing her head slowly up and down. Samantha smiled at me as she sat back up and began licking me from root to tip.

After a few minutes we shifted partners and I was treated to Jo’s firm demanding style. She gripped my butt cheeks with both hands and held me firmly in place as she took me deep in her throat. I groaned as her nose pressed firmly into my pubic bone as she moved her head side to side jostling my penis in her throat while her tongue worked the bottom of my shaft. I pulled against her as things got super intense but, she held me firmly in place until I had to beg, “stop, stop… too good.”

Jo pulled back and laughed that throaty laugh again as I shivered through the near orgasm. I watched her roll away from me and join Courtney in giving John a double blowjob. That sight was amazing. I knew the rotation would come around to me and shortly it did with Jo and Samantha driving me out of my mind. Their tongues running into each other as they worked me over. They took me in their mouths from each side and nose to nose ran their heads in tandem back and forth up and down my shaft. The feeling was overwhelming in a different way, where I knew I wouldn’t orgasm; I could stay on the edge forever.

Not long later, John lost it and blew his load as his partner, Samantha, and Jo were sucking him off. Samantha took his full load and smiled up at him, using the corner of her towel to wipe her chin. Jo looked a bit discomfited and crawled back over to where Courtney was sucking me while Brad slowly entered Courtney. Courtney was laying on her back with me in her mouth and Brad pumping her vagina; Jo started sucking her breasts. The sensations were too much and Courtney orgasmed again.

Jo sat up and kissed me while Courtney continued sucking me. Then, Jo pulled me her direction. She kissed me again and I fumbled for a condom. Jo dropped flat on her back next to Courtney running her hands up and down Courtney’s body while Brad pummeled her. I leaned in and took one of Jo’s amazing nipples in my mouth as I rubbed my condom clad penis against her burning hot vagina (yes I could feel the heat through the condom). Her nipple felt like the tip of a pinky finger and I rolled it in my mouth, pressing forward to enter her slowly.

I looked up to take in the sight of Jo beneath me and caught a glimpse of John and Samantha sitting in the chairs at the side of the room sharing a bottle of water and chatting while they watched us. I also noticed that there were now a half dozen couples sitting around the room watching us go at it. I could feel the beginnings of stage fright curbing my enjoyment and pushing my orgasm further away.

We continued banging away for another orgasm for the women and then by mutual consent set out to have our grand finale. We moved the ladies to doggy and face to face. Courtney and Jo didn’t need any urging to begin kissing passionately while Brad and I entered them from behind. Brad finished first, urged on by one of Courtney’s powerful orgasms.

Brad collapsed on the bed panting and Jo reached up and held onto Courtney’s hair holding the kiss. They broke apart, “turn around Courtney lay back in front of me,” Jo said huskily.

Courtney obliged, spreading her legs in front of Jo and skootched towards her to help with the reach. Jo buried her face in Courtney’s vagina licked rapidly. Courtney’s eyes opened wide and she grabbed Jo’s head holding on for dear life. I locked eyes with Courtney and pumped Jo like mad. Courtney’s orgasm sounds pulled me over the edge and, without a thought about the audience around us, arched my back and screamed my orgasm deep in Jo’s nova hot vagina.

As I came to my senses, panting and wiping sweat from my brow. There was clapping! Some of the couples around us were politely clapping. I noticed that Brad was grinning at us and he gave me a thumbs up. I felt completely lucky to be alive and even more luck that I'd finally been able to orgasm through the stage fright!

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