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25. Finding That Single Guy

A couple of things happened that opened the door in our minds to playing with a single guy. First, during our strange experience with Bill and Sherry, while Sherry was “resting” it had been pretty much a MFM (Male Female Male) play session. So, we had experimented a bit with that dynamic. Second, our amazing experience with our single lady friend (MFF – Male Female Female) had opened the door to the concept of a three way. Also, after realizing so many fantasies of mine during our MFF, it felt like maybe it was time to treat Courtney to being spoiled.

So, I broached the topic with Courtney who was, to be honest, ambivalent to the idea. Our first experiences had all been with other couples and we really enjoyed the foursome or moresome dynamic. But, to round out our experiences we decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the single guy playtime a try.

We settled on a plan, I would use to find a suitable dude or two and show them to Courtney for final approval. Then we would meet them at a club for a social with possibility of more. A social at a club would leave us ample chance to ditch the guy if we didn’t get that immediate tingle. At a club we could simply wish the guy good luck and take off on our own. A meeting at a guy’s house or at a hotel wouldn’t leave us the same easy escape opportunity.

We also, after talking it through, didn’t find the idea of a social with a single guy very appealing. Courtney preferred to have another lady at a social with whom she could “girl talk” about the other couple’s preferences and how things would work. She didn’t like the idea of just sitting there with some single guy who desperately wanted to get in her pants. To be fair, I wasn’t really interested in the chit chat portion of things with a single guy. This wasn’t going to be a romantic thing, there was no need for seduction.

In fact, with our preference to play together and add others as part of our sex lives, this wasn’t going to be a “husband watches” thing and certainly wasn’t going to be some sort of cuckhold fantasy. To be frank, the dude was going to be a flesh dildo for our play so that we could try out different positions and so that Courtney could get her favorite thing, as good long pounding.

I figured that finding a dude based on our restrictive set of desires would be difficult. Boy was I wrong. I put up a status saying we were looking for a single, respectful guy and just about broke the internet. Our inbox on was suddenly a sewage tsunami of horney desperate pleas for sex and dick pics. I tried to wade through some of it by just skimming through the profile pictures on the messages and found even that too daunting.

Ok, time for a new approach. So, I set up a search for single guys in our area who were roughly our age. The results were ridiculous. How many men where there on the site? I just scrolled down the search results without even clicking on any of them, much less reading their profiles. The profile pictures were my guide (note to single guys: if you don’t have a profile picture and just have that black silhouette placeholder, you won’t ever be seen by us.)

Over a few hours (not all at the same time) I found a half dozen single male profiles that jumped out. I figured that if we were going to bring a single gent into our sex life that he should be different from me so that Courtney could enjoy the variety. I’m 5’10” with a fairly firm dad bod and a short soft beard. I figured we would go taller or shorter than me, clean shaven and preferably super fit. So, the profiles that jumped out were massive rugby player types with cut bodies and six packs.

If you are wondering how many amazing Adonis types are out there on Fab, the answer is that they are a dime a dozen. I felt badly for all the nice single guys out there with dad bods and nice personalities who were competing for attention. Stripped down to the shallow basics, we didn’t care about personality beyond being respectful and able to follow simple instructions, we didn’t care about life success, education, income or anything that counts in the real world of dating.

I worked through the half dozen profiles and sent out a few messages. We needed face pictures to see if there was any spark. We discounted a couple of profiles due to their profiles just being dumb and lazy. “Hey I nu here want bang sum1,” – genius.

I waited until Courtney was in the mood to chat about the single guys (in other words, I didn’t bring it up during the school play.) Then I showed her the couple of profiles that I’d picked out as decent possibilities. She was amazed that such hunks were interested in a woman ten years or so their senior. I told her it was because of how hot she was and, of course, that they were dudes who would pretty much bang a hole in the ground if they could get away with it.

With a laugh at my description of single guys, Courtney said, “look, any of these guys are super stunning and will probably be fun spice to our play. You pick. Surprise me.”

I thought, “great… just like having to pick out the movie to show while your in-laws are visiting.” If things went wrong it would now be my fault. So, I reached out to two of the guys and laid it all out on the table about our preferences and how we hoped things would play out.

Dan wrote back, “Alex and Courtney, I understand where you are coming from. I’m super easy going and will be glad to help you play out your fantasies. I’ve got experience with couples having their first three-way with a single guy and know how to stick to boundaries a stop play if needed. I’m available the next two weekends but will then be unavailable for a month or so. Let me know if your wish to meet me.”

I thought about it a bit before typing out, “Dan, that sounds just like what we are looking for. We will be at Jay Dee’s next Friday. You can usually find us on the dance floor or in the hot tub. Say hello and we will see how it plays out.”

Dan, from his pictures, was a giant of a man. Has a body builder with shaved head and muscles bulging everywhere. He had a picture holding a pint glass which looked like a baby’s sippy cup in his massive paw. He could string together sentences, he was respectful and understanding. Dan was going to be our man.

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