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28. Right at Home

Before we could get anywhere with some of the other couples on the fabswinging website we had another chance to meet up with Bob and Molly but this time at their home. Our excuse was that we had recently installed a chicken run and coop in our back yard and Molly had some extra hens that she wanted to give to us.

Bob and Molly assured us that Molly’s father who lived in a garage apartment attached to their house wouldn’t be coming in. Further, their daughter Ann was going to be out all day with her boyfriend. Their house was going to be free and clear for playtime!

I let the kids know we were going to be out for the afternoon and then we primped up a bit. Courtney was already waxed for the weekend and I was well trimmed so we just cleaned up stray wonky eyebrows (on me) and reshaved legs (Courtney) along with adding shots of cologne and perfume.

Courtney picked out a yellow and white sun dress and I went with jeans and a collared dress shirt. Out of the house we went intent of a day of fun. And, there were my buddies from the village driving up to see if I wanted to join them for a pint. It never fails!

“Heading out to a garden center with Courtney,” I said by way of excuse.” They left disappointed that I would choose picking out flowers over having a beer and solving the world’s problems.

“That was close!” Courtney said. “We could have been caught in conversation for hours some days.”

“We better decide what garden center we visited,” I thought out loud. “Oh, and google which garden center around here has chickens for sale if you don’t mind,” I asked Courtney as we started our drive. Twenty minutes later and we were pulling into the driveway at Bob and Molly’s house. Which was of course when we decided to brush our hair.

Bob came out of the house, probably wondering why we were still sitting around in our car. “Hey, you two! Come on in.”

We followed Bob into their home and could smell that Molly had been baking. She met us at the door wearing jeans, an apron, and a button up collared shirt with stripes which was open enough buttons to give us a display of tanned cleavage. Molly whipped off the apron and gave us her wonderful hugs.

“I’ve been excited to see you guys all day,” Molly said. “In fact, I’m wet right now just seeing you guys come through the door!”

Hearing Molly say she was wet seemed even more lewd as we were standing in their foyer. Bob hustled us into the living room and sat down next to Courtney on the couch. It looked as if we were going to be starting right up as he reached out and ran a hand appreciatively over Courtney’s breasts.

“I’ve missed seeing these!” Bob smiled at me, “you are one lucky man.”

“So are you,” I said admiring Molly as she entered the living room with a tray and set it on the coffee table.

“I see we are getting touchy feely right off the bat?” Molly said to Bob.

“I’m getting carried away!” Bob said. Forgive me guys. Molly made us some nibbles and there’s tea and coffee if anyone would like some. Or would you prefer a beer Alex?”

“Now you play host,” Molly laughed at him. Then without further offer of refreshments, Molly sat down in my lap, leaned back, and waited expectantly with parted lips for a kiss. I was only too happy to oblige.

I kissed Molly deeply and felt a quickening run through my body. I was already jazzed up from the drive over, thinking the entire way about the fun ahead. The kiss put me in overdrive.

On the sofa, Bob already had Courtney’s top off and was struggling with the front closure bra fastening. Those really can be a bugger. Then suddenly the bra popped open and Courtney’s sensitive breasts bounced free. Bob pounced on them and Courtney moaned as he started sucking them fiercely.

Molly had her own plan and was on her knees between my legs in a flash. She had my jeans off and boxers stripped away in seconds. I helped her out of her shirt, having my own issues with the buttons. Then her tanned breasts were free and I got a wink from the left nipple with its silver ring.

Molly pushed me back down in the seat and began slowing sucking me. She kept the pressure even and her tongue hard and flat along the bottom of my shaft. It felt wonderful. I watched her bob her head up and down and ran my had through her hair.

Bob undressed Courtney completely and from my seat I admired my wife’s toned body and could see that Bob was completely enchanted. He kept her standing and knelt in from of her kissing the tops of her thighs while his hands rubbed the firm muscles of her belly. Courtney looked at me and smiled.

I kept eye contact with my wife as Bob and Molly began working their oral magic. Courtney bent her knees slightly and stepped her legs further apart to give Bob better access. He now had one hand on Courtney’s stomach and the other on her firm buttocks. Molly bobbed faster and now allowed her tongue to roll around my penis head on each stroke.

“Wow,” I couldn’t help saying.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Courtney smiled at me. I could get used to this type of service.

Bob leaned back to look up at her, “what are friends for?” He then buried his face back in Courtney’s vagina and Courtney put both hands to mussing his hair, using him to keep balance. She gave a full body shiver and I could see she was using her legs to raise and lower herself slightly, her knees flexing as she ground herself against Bob’s eager tongue.

I watched mesmerized as Courtney started to rise to her first orgasm while feeling Molly’s hands now pumping my shaft as she licked the head of my penis like a lollypop. My wife cried out in pleasure and arched her back nearly toppling but Bob put both hands on her buttocks and held her in place as she shook with the wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Molly pulled her head off me for a second to watch Courntey’s climax. “Now that’s a healthy orgasm!” she said. Molly’s dainty hand kept pumping me as she watched Courtney sink down to the couch. “Would you mind if I left you alone for a bit to get a piece of that action?”

Bob stood with a self-congratulatory look on his face and watched as Molly sat down beside my crumpled wife. Molly put Courntey’s head in her lap and stroked her auburn hair while the last of the orgasm ebbed out of her. I grabbed a glass of water off the tray while Bob had a coffee. We watched as Courtney and Molly began some gentle kissing and stroking.

The two of them together was a work of art. A masterpiece of female nudity, moving rhythmically as the kiss became deep. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Courtney’s hands came to rest on the small of Molly’s back and Molly’s came together around Courtney’s shoulders as the kissed opened and their tongues began to play together.

I could see the bulge move around Courtney’s cheek as with lips pressed together their tongues explored. Their hands remained still; their eyes closed as they focused completely on the sensations of the kiss. I realized I was holding my breath, also lost in the kiss. The magic was broken as Bob took a big slurp on his coffee.

Molly broke the kiss and pushed Courtney back onto the couch. Then Molly climbed on top of Courtney and they kissed again but this time grinding on each other’s thighs. I stood to get a better view and ended up with a hand on Molly’s rump massaging it as she humped Courtney’s muscular thigh.

Bob ate a sandwich off the platter and gave me a thumbs up when I looked over to see what he was doing. I turned back and watched as Molly slowly slid down Courtney kissing the entire length of her torso. Courtney cooed and ran her hands in Molly’s hair. I knew from recent experience just how talented Molly could be orally and almost envied Courtney.

Molly kissed up and down Courtney’s legs, even taking Courtney’s toes in mouth, before working her way back up. Courtney’s legs were spread and Molly kissed the insides of them and then, gently, ever so gently, began licking Courtney’s vulva.

Courtney kept her eyes pressed shut and rocked her hips. Molly inserted a finger, then two fingers, then three and worked them in and out as she licked. Courtney growled low in her throat. This was going to be a major orgasm. I decided against trying to help with nipple play or kisses and instead let things play out naturally.

Courtney hunched her shoulders forward and grabbed Molly’s head holding it firmly to her vagina. Then in short jerky, spasmodic motions jammed her hips up and down smearing herself across Molly’s face. Molly kept up jackhammer fingering and kept her face buried.

I was a tad worried that Courtney might smother Molly with herself in the throws of the orgasm but Molly found air somehow. All of Courtney’s muscles went rigid and she let out a loud “Guuuu” sound before going absolutely limp.

“Well that was fun! Now where were we Alex?” Molly crawled across the floor and took me back in her mouth. Bob moved around behind Molly and entered her from a kneeling position on the floor. “Mmmm,” she moaned around my penis.” Bob pumped away on her for a while before offering me a turn. I was only to glad to pop on a condom and we rotated Molly around.

Molly was on fire. She was so wet that she was dripping on their carpet. I pushed in and held in place moving my hips side to side and she responded with happy sounds around Bob’s penis. Molly orgasmed hard and fast and nearly drew my orgasm out of me. I held her hips for dear life as she twitched and shuddered.

“My turn!” Courtney said. She had recovered and took Molly’s place. She presented herself to me and I yanked off the condom to pound my wife silly. Bob, with a huge grin, fed her his penis. We worked on her for a couple of minutes before switching positions. Bob popped a condom on and gave Courtney several deep slow strokes before speeding up.

I knew what was coming, my favorite thing in the world! Courtney moaned and orgasmed with my penis in her mouth. The feel of her mouth, tongue, the whimpers in her throat and the jerks of her body were exquisite!

We finished off with our own partners in doggy style with the two ladies kissing. I burst first and crumpled. Courtney kept kissing Molly as Molly orgasmed in time with Bob. We collapsed on the couch and chairs, still naked, and had a coffee. I had mine black and loved the bitterness while Courtney loaded hers with cream and sugar.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door! “Mom?” it was Ann, Molly’s daughter. The door handle rattled as Ann tried the door. We scrambled like caught teenagers grabbing our clothes and rushing up stairs to Bob and Molly’s bedroom where we dressed quietly.

Bob came up a few minutes later and informed us that Ann was staying around so we would just have to gut it out and do the guilty shuffle out of the house. Bob handed Courtney a sock she’d left behind and she blushed guiltily.

The awkward goodbye under the level gaze of Ann was miserable and the walk of shame out to our car was grueling. As we drove away, the sudden urge to giggle took both of us and we ended up belly laughing with tears in our eyes.

“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Where the parents catch the kids?” Courtney started laughing again and I couldn’t help but join in.

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