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31. Disaster in Scarborough

For a business trip north, Courtney joined me to make it a great couple of days away at one of our favorite hotels, the Crown Spa. Scarborough is a working-class seaside resort largely supporting local Yorkshire folks who enjoy nothing more than a pint of bitter and a walk on the beach in a stiff breeze off the North Sea. The Crown Spa is a vintage gem from the bygone era of well to do Victorians out to enjoy the spa.

Driving North I asked Courtney what she thought about maybe changing our location setting on fab swingers to Scarborough just to see if there were any folks out and about. We’d heard from other swingers, while eyeing each other in a club hot tub, that just up the road in Whitby there was a swinger’s club and occasional swinger’s parties worth the visit.

We didn’t have enough spare time to explore the Whitby scene but Courtney didn’t mind if we expressed our availability in Scarborough just to check out the responses. I talked her through the steps on the website to update our location, as I was driving and she took the opportunity to read through recent messages.

“Have the British people forgotten how to spell?” she shook her head.

“I never liked text speak to begin with,” I said.

“I don’t mind with the kids and on the phone but think it’s a bit lazy on a message to someone with whom you wish to get intimate!”

We pulled onto the esplanade and lucked out with a parking spot across from the hotel. The sky was clear and the view out across the bay to the castle was serene. Our room was a suite with a large bed and a sitting room and I loved the rainfall shower. Courtney took off as soon as we’d dropped off our bags as I’d set her up a massage and from there, she was going to hit the gym followed by a dip in the hot tub.

I took my laptop and wandered into the bar where, after a complimentary coffee and some e-mail time, I moved over to a nice Ardberg with a distinctively peaty finish. I paused in my work and with a guilty check over my shoulder, checked the swinging website. I nearly dropped my scotch!

We had a message from a couple in the area that were interested in meeting us for the evening. Her picture revealed olive skin, long black hair, a narrow waist, and large firm breasts with dark brown nipples poking out of medium sized oval areolae. She was gorgeous.

I tempered my excitement by reminding myself that nine out of ten times the male half would be a let down and wouldn’t interest Courtney. I waited until the bartender dropped off a second scotch and wandered away before responding to their message and adding a picture of us and asking for a picture.

A few minutes later I was surprised to see a message back that included a picture of a decidedly cute couple. The guy was handsome, had his teeth and a full head of hair and the lady had glittering black eyes and an open smile. I delayed responding as I needed to get Courtney’s read on the situation.

I pulled out my phone and pushed Courtney the couple’s picture for a thumbs up or down. I waited impatiently knowing she was probably still working out. After a few more work e-mails my phone vibrated and I saw that Courtney was ok with meeting them for a drink if we had a way out. To be fair meeting and playing on the same day wasn’t really our modus operandi.

I eagerly (very eagerly) responded to the couple and by the time Courtney met me in the bar, the couple were already on the way to join us. Courtney was less than pleased to have to hurry up to our room and change out of her gym clothes. After a casual bollocking for being inconsiderate, she raced upstairs.

The couple walked into the hotel entrance and I recognized them immediately. The lady was so stunning that I could barely keep my mouth from just hanging open stupidly. The gent was a couple of inches shorter than me and had been flattered a bit by his pictures. I stood and waved them over.

The male half introduced himself as Tony and gave me a vigorous handshake that caused a gold bracelet to wink out from under his white dress shirt. He was in a light grey suit with a red power tie and very expensive looking dress shoes. Maria, that was the lady’s name, was in a white dress and black pumps. She leaned in and kissed me on either cheek nervously.

I took their order for a bourbon and a chianti and headed to the bar. From the bar I watched as Courtney came down the main stairs and into the lounge area. Our dates both watched her and I could tell they recognized her. Courtney, as usual was stunning in a casual jeans and sweater way. She hadn’t brought any clothes with us for a “special” night.

Tony stood and met her at the bottom of the stairs and introduced himself and motioned to Maria where she was holding our table. I couldn’t hear them from the bar but Courtney must have popped a joke (probably at my expense) as Tony and Maria laughed with her. I ferried the drinks across the increasingly congested lounge without a spill and rejoined them.

We dealt out pleasantries like cards and then played our hands for about half an hour feeling out the dynamics of each other’s personalities. I had a swinging crush on Maria immediately and didn’t notice the warning signs that Courtney wasn’t really enjoying the endless stories Tony told about Tony. Evidently, in his own mind, he was sort of a bid deal in hotel management in Leeds.

I really didn’t care how cool Tony thought he was as long as I could keep chatting with Maria and imagining touching her perfect olive skin. I misconstrued Courtney’s effervescent laughter and pleasant attitude as tacit agreement that we would move forward with this couple.

I raised the ante by suggesting we move to an adjacent lounge where there were few people to overhear our conversation. Courtney gave me a look which I chose to interpret as reprimand for being too forward and not as, “stop.” We wandered to the second lounge and when we sat down Tony made sure to sit next to Courtney and, delight of all delights, Maria sat next to me and tested my ability to avoid a heart attack by placing a shapely hand on my knee.

The couple were Italian and I loved Maria’s accent. She reached up and pushed her dark hair behind her ear and I nearly swooned.

“Alex, should we be getting dinner?” Courtney asked and it jarred me out of my thoughts.

“What do you mean? This is like dinner getting to chat with these two sexy people.” I went back into chatting with the couple letting our conversation get racier and sexier. Courtney sighed and added some fun comments too now resigned to ride this out.

“We could move this conversation to your room if you want?” Tony asked Courtney. She looked at me and I’m sure my hopeful expectancy was all over my face. She gave another quiet sigh.

“I suppose that means no dinner in the restaurant?” Courtney tossed out with a half-smile.

I hate myself now for it but I said, “Oh, don’t ruin this for me! This is going so well.” I can’t believe I was so blind as to miss what she was signaling. Though to be fair she was in the frame of mind (she told me later) to take one for the team, because of how much she could see I was into Maria, and she didn’t use our code for stop. Still, I was quite the ass.

Now, when you read our advice on our swinger’s blog it all comes from experience. We don’t make this stuff up. Some of the experiences are great and the advice we give is because things worked so well for us. But, some of the experiences have been disasters and our advice is - don’t do what we did!

When we got to the room, Tony kissed Courtney as soon as the door shut and she returned the kiss letting her hand rest on his chest. I knew it was a tad awkward for her as he was a few inches shorter and she had to bend down to make the kiss work. His hands were quickly to her sweater, urging it off. Tony made a moan as Courtney’s breasts came free of her bra and she smiled at the compliment.

Maria made her way past Courtney and Tony into the room and sat down on the couch where I joined her. The first kiss was delicious and I shivered getting to touch such an amazing creature. My hands touched her hair, her neck, shoulders and down her sides to rest on her round, firm hips. I leaned in to kiss her neck and felt her breasts press against me. I was drunk with her (and the scotch).

I looked up and Tony was heading towards the bedroom and I stood too taking Maria’s hand. Her hand was warm and silky under my fingers and I couldn’t wait to see and touch the rest of her. I led her to the bed where, in one easy gesture she lifted her white dress up her smooth olive thighs and up over her hips revealing a white lace thong. Up the dress went and I couldn’t breath as her breasts came into view barely covered in a matching white bra.

As Maria tossed her dress aside, she gave her head a slight shake to straighten out her mass of dark hair and smiled at my look of awe. Then with a wicked smile she lay back on the bed next to Courtney, who I suddenly realized was stark naked and being orally gratified by Tony. The man was fast!

I reached down and felt the soft cotton of Maria’s white lace panties and gently pulled them down as she wiggled her perfect hips to allow them to slide down. She sat up and popped off her bra while I stood stupidly watching, still holding her panties. She handed me her bra and I tossed her underclothes aside towards her dress unable to take my eyes off her fit young body.

I knelt in front of her and she lay back, spreading her legs slightly revealing a perfectly symmetrical vagina which gapped open and glistened wetly. Carefully I felt up each leg and followed my hands with kisses. Gently I blew on her vagina and she shivered. Maria, done with my teasing, grabbed my head and pushed my mouth onto her scalding hot vagina. She moaned loudly at the first touch and pushed her hips up forcing herself against my mouth.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Tony was up on the bed and that Courtney was helping him out of his boxers. I focused in on Maria and lost myself in her movements. It was like riding a horse, I had to move my head and shoulders with the movement of her hips and her movements came faster and faster until suddenly she held me still, rubbing her vagina against my face shivering and moaning.

As Maria collapsed, I worked my tongue around her vagina and started letting my fingers play as well. I stayed gentle and distant from her clitoris as she moved from orgasm to relaxation and back towards another orgasm. Time passed and I got an occasional sight of Tony pounding on Courtney for all he was worth in missionary position.

I felt the second orgasm build in Maria and slipped two fingers into her sloppy wet, steaming hot vagina. She grunted in a very unladylike manner and hunched down on my hand wiggling her waist and hips. I ground my hand against her vagina as my fingers worked her depths. I kissed her clitoris and then sucked on it, running my tongue back and forth over the smooth nub. She reached down again and grabbed my head pushing me into her. I was rewarded with her same deep animal grunt followed by a high-pitched cry that tapered off to a moan as her body stiffened and then melted.

I stood up happy with myself and could see that Tony was getting dressed! Courtney was sitting on the bed watching me and she gave me a half smile and shook her head. I stood in shock with my hardon throbbing as Maria got up and got dressed too. I didn’t know what to say.

They murmured some parting pleasantries and a decidedly embarrassed looking Tony hurried he and Maria out the door. What had happened! I turned to Courtney and she waited until the door was closed.

“Alex, that was a disaster,” she said seriously.

“What happened?” I looked around the room stunned trying to figure out what might have gone wrong.

“Alex, I took one for the team, I’m never doing that again.”

I could see how serious she was and my hardon drooped in shame at my selfishness. “I was blind with Maria, I’m so sorry.”

“I could see that,” she gave as short laugh. “So, here’s what happened. I didn’t like his personality from the start but he was handsome and I knew you were supper hot on Maria. When we got up on the bed, he gave me two or three licks and then wanted a blowjob. His blowjob lasted maybe a stroke and a half before he started to orgasm. I pulled away and he held my head. I got off of him anyway, as I’m stronger, and he ejaculated all over the side of my face and into my hair.”

I jumped up furious and ready to go hunt the bastard down. Courtney gave me a calming gesture and continued, “I thought that at least it was over but he was still rock hard and put on a condom. He pounded me roughly and then orgasmed again. I didn’t orgasm at all.”

If you know Courtney you know that a stiff breeze will give her an orgasm so this was indeed the worst sex she’d ever had. And, it was all my fault. Neither of us felt like further sex but we both really felt like a shower.

We stood together under the rainfall shower and hugged. I swore to myself that I would never again lose sight of what was going on with Courtney and that I would never again let myself get completely under the sexual spell of a woman to the detriment of Courtney. Neither of us would ever again take one for the team and scotch and sex didn't mix. These were hard lessons. Learn from us... don't make our (my) mistakes!

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