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32. Back in the Saddle with Brad and Jo!

It took us several months to get over our Scarborough disaster. We had several date nights where we talked through what had gone wrong and how to avoid losing touch of each other’s pulse during meets. We also firmly agreed that one of the lessons for us was that no matter how well we might think we knew someone; we weren’t going to play separately. Things can go wrong extremely quickly!

At last, we started going back to clubs for the social side but were still gun shy of actual swinging. Our main reason for going to clubs became to get out of the house, away from the kids, where we could be as loud and uninhibited as we wanted. For those of you with children, you will completely understand!

One Saturday as we prepared to head to Jay Dee’s for a hot tub soak and a play away date, we received a message from Brad and Jo. I had posted on our swinging profile that we were going to the club and were happy to chat with any of your friends who were out and about. Brad and Jo had seen the post and wanted us to know they were free and would be heading to Jay Dee’s as well.

Courtney was justifiably still nervous but we really had enjoyed Brad and Jo during our unexpected six-way several months earlier. At the time Courtney had confided that Brad had provided the most satisfying pounding she’d had out of all our swinging friends. So, I wasn’t too surprised that when I let Courtney know that Brad and Jo were free that she put her nerves aside and agreed to meet them.

Our preparations were frantic and nervous. We felt like the first time we’d gone to a club. The bad experience with Tony and Maria had put us off swinging for long enough that we felt like complete newbies. We had been complacent with our happy easy swinging and had discovered the darker possibilities in Scarborough. But, we knew Brad and Jo well enough to take the chance on swinging again.

We arrived a few minutes later than we had planned and, as Courtney put on her last touches, I checked for any messages. Sure enough, Brad and Jo had left a note saying they had arrived at the club. Knowing they were already in the club, and probably already had their phone locked away, I didn’t bother with a reply. I felt impatient watching Courtney brush her hair but knew she was working through a calming ritual that couldn’t be rushed.

With makeup and hair exactly right, we headed into the club. As usual we paid our fee and headed to the lockers, all the time keeping an eye out for Brad and Jo. Courtney stowed her coat in the locker and I admired her short skirt and heels combo. She even had a little gold anklet on which added another sexy flash.

We wandered back through the club seeking Brad and Joe. The dance floor had a few people dancing and the room was dimly lit. The music thumped as we dropped off our cooler at the bar and I popped open a beer. Where were Brad and Jo? Had they wandered upstairs already? They weren’t in the hot tub. Then I saw the cheeky monkeys.

Brad and Jo were sitting off the side of the dance floor hunched down and were laughing as Courtney and I looked around for them. As soon as they knew we had spotted them, they jumped up and met us with hugs and kisses. Brad was in a white dress shirt with a pattern that looked like spilled paint in multiple bright colors. He had his sleeves rolled up to mid forearm exposing his leather bracelets and muscular forearms. Jo was in a little black dress and looked like a young Susan Sarandon with her bedroom eyes and lazy smile.

Jo kept a hold of my hand after our greeting and drug me out onto the dance floor. Courtney and Brad joined and we all thrashed around together for a song or two. Courtney was by far the best dancer and moved so very sexily that it started to draw a crowd. The dancefloor filled with interested couples enjoying the music and the show of Jo and Courtney’s beauty. Brad and Jo were certainly the pick of the club and we weren’t too shabby ourselves.

“Hot tub?” Brad called out over the music. I shrugged and looked to Courtney to see if she was ready to move on from dancing.

Courtney leaned in, “can we at least stay for this song?” The DJ had on “Rhythm Is a Dancer,” and Jo gyrated up to Courtney for a grand finale of hands on close girlie dancing. The crowd heaved with the beat and I marveled that I would soon be intimate with the two sexy ladies dancing next to me.

“Ok, now hot tub?” Brad tried again and we all left the dance floor to a near audible sigh from the crowd. I did notice several couples and single guys had suddenly decided to hit the hot tub at the same time. I don’t believe in coincidence.

Our lockers were in the hallway and so were Brad and Jo’s. This meant our quick change from club wear to towels was on display for everyone. One older gent took a seat just down from us and sipped his beer nodding appreciatively to Courtney’s firm silky legs and Jo’s small breasts with giant nipples. Unlike early in our swinging career, I didn’t mind the open admiration of folks for Courtney. Instead it made me proud.

At the hot tub we all hung up our towels and showered off before climbing in. Brad hit the trick step at the bottom and nearly dunked himself to everyone’s amusement in the nearly full hot tub. Do I need to remind everyone that JD’s hot tub seats about 30?

We found room across from each other and caught up on life since we had last met. Brad and Jo were sympathetic to our Scarborough disaster and I blushed thinking about how poorly I’d handled the entire situation.

Jo reached out and patted my shoulder, “you can’t win every time and you learned some important lessons.”

“We’ve been off swinging for several months over this,” Courtney said. “We are only now getting back on our feet.”

“Oh, we are so very glad to help!” Brad grinned his contagious smile at us.

Jo slapped his shoulder splashing him, “don’t be uncouth. We need to be gentle with our friends.” Then she turned her smoldering dark brown eyes back our way, “should we go, gently work out your issues?”

I swallowed and looked to Courtney who nodded, “we could use a gentle return to play.”

“Well,” Jo said taking my hand under the water, “why don’t we find somewhere to play.” Fire ran through my veins and my penis jumped in anticipation.

“Why don’t we go to the room with the big round bed,” Courtney suggested and we sloshed through the hot tub, rinsed off at the shower and rushed to our lockers. Courtney grabbed our bag of tricks and her water bottle. I grabbed the king-sized blanket we’d purchased just for this purpose. I could see Jo and Brad from the corner of my eye making their preparations too as well as three young single guys sitting watching us all hopefully.

One of the single guys gathered his courage and approached us as we started moving down the hall. “Uh, excuse me but would you like an extra hand helping out?”

“Thank you very much for the offer,” Courtney replied. “However, we are with that couple,” she added pointing to Jo and Brad.

“I don’t mind being a third wheel if you guys just want someone to watch,” the single guy pressed.

“No thanks,” Courtney said a bit briskly and pushed passed him to carry on down the hall.

“Better luck next time,” I said as I passed and saw the disappointment in his eyes. It’s hard being a single guy in swinging.

We joined Brad and Jo in the room with the stable door and large round bed. I tossed the king size blanket on the bed and Courtney helped me straighten it out. I couldn't help but think about how we had played with Bob and Molly in this very room. Lots of good memories in here... what would our memories be like this time? Please not like Scarborough!

“Great idea guys!” Brad said admiring our new blanket with its sunflower print. “So much better than trying to stay on our towels! I hate when you put a knee off on the plastic bed cover,” he shivered at the thought. “Alex, how do you shut the top half of the door?”

I joined him at the door and we both puzzled over the latch system that kept the top half of the door open. “When we play with Bob and Molly, Bob always jimmies the thing shut. I never saw how he makes it shut.” We looked at the door like pigs staring at a wristwatch. “Ok, I officially feel dumb.”

The ladies were both stretched out on the blanket and Jo called out, “what’s taking so long?”

“Hurry up!” Courtney added, “don’t keep ladies waiting!”

“I could go try and find one of the staff?” I suggested to Brad.

“Leave it guys!” Jo called out. “Just come over here!”

Brad shrugged, “We will probably have an audience shortly, those single guys from the hall are lurking this way.”

“I don’t really care at this point!” Courtney said and stood, reached out, grabbed Brad’s towel, and pulled it off.

“Who am I to argue with a beautiful woman?” Brad replied as Courtney pulled him over to the side of the bed by his penis.

“You too bucko,” Jo reached out her smooth, toned legs and pulled me towards her with them. She leaned back on the bed and I dropped to my knees gazing at her magnificent vagina. Her lips were long and dark serving as a stark contrast to how bright pink she was inside. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a slim landing strip and her lips were smooth as silk.

I kissed her inner thigh and savored her silky firmness. Her dark olive skin a gorgeous contrast to Courtney’s peaches and cream complexion. Thinking of Courtney, and about not losing sight of her as I had in Scarborough, I peeked over at her. Courtney was sitting on the bed just next to where Jo was laid back. Brad stood and was gazing my direction. The cheeky bugger winked at me as Courtney licked up his shaft and took the head of his penis in her mouth.

Dropping my head back down I focused on Jo’s pleasure. From what I remembered she was a bit longer to orgasm than some of the ladies we’d played with but her orgasms were rocking strong! Her breast worked its way into my outstretched hand and I could feel her long nipple with my fingers. Her nipple was as firm as a jelly candy and as long as the last knuckle of my pinky.

Twirling her nipple with the fingers of my right hand, I used my left hand to work a couple of fingers into Jo’s sopping wet vagina. With superb coordination (if I do say so myself) I brushed the tip of her nipple with my right thumb while strumming the top of her vaginal passage with my left hand’s middle and index fingers. My tongue made lazy circles around her long clitoris interrupted by occasionally tapping with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh, look at this!” a voice said from the doorway. We had drawn an audience. I didn’t hesitate in my work on Jo and could feel her stomach muscles clenching under my right forearm. She was on the way up and we had barely started.

“Look! She is close!” one of the voices at the door said and I assumed they were talking about Jo as Courtney was still providing not receiving oral. Jo's climb continued and I felt her wetness increase exponentially. I looked up her flat belly past where my hand was working her nipple and could see her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth open in extasy.

Next to Jo and I, Courtney leaned back on the bed and Brad knelt between her spread legs. Courtney’s leg pressed against my side and I felt an instant surge of joy at her touch. I moved my hand off Jo’s breast and onto Courtney’s breast. Courtney groaned and shivered and just like that had her first orgasm of the night! She wailed and shuddered one of her hands closed over my hand on her breast and the other tangled in Brad’s hair as he worked her furiously with his tongue.

As Courtney eased back off her peak, I returned my hand to Jo’s breasts rubbing each of them. Jo had stalled out in mid climb to orgasm, probably my fault, and needed to rev back up.

“Did you see how he was touching her breast while eating out the other lady?” The voice at the door was too loud to be completely ignored.

I let go of Jo’s breast and tapped Courtney. When Courtney looked over, I pointed at Jo’s breast. Courtney read the situation immediately and told Brad, “You get the other side.”

Brad stepped carefully across behind me and lay down where he could take Jo’s left nipple between his teeth, biting more firmly than I had realized she liked. Courtney scooched over and took Jo's right nipple in her sexy mouth. I looked up Jo’s stomach from where I was sucking on her clitoris and right into Courtney’s eyes as she ran her tongue all around Jo’s tall erect nipple.

“Ughnnn,” Jo groaned as all our hands and tongues worked over her body. I felt her thighs tighten and all of us could hear her breathing coming in short gasps. In harmony we all sped up our efforts and Jo’s head came up off the bed, her chin tucked into her chest. Her stomach tensed.

“Look! She’s cumming!” I could hear a high five behind us at the door.

“Not anymore!” Jo yelled at the guys standing looking in the door. “Shut the hell up or go away!” Her orgasm was lost and we all slowed our efforts. Brad moved his hand to Jo’s nipple and started kissing her mouth. Courtney did the same. The three-way kiss revved Jo back up. She wrapped her legs hard around my head and held me in place, bucking her hips as her pent-up orgasm started.

It was a long, sustained orgasm with several full body muscle contractions that made us all feel like rodeo cowboys trying to ride a bucking horse. As Jo came out of the orgasm there were tears in her eyes and her body melted to the bed. We all kissed her body knowing just how alive all her nerves must be. I kissed her legs and Courtney kissed her stomach. Brad gave her his husband’s kiss of love and she wrapped her arms around his head.

Our unwanted audience were holding their breath. I glanced at them, there were three guys jammed in the open top half of the door and they were describing events, quietly now after Jo’s outburst, to a couple of guys further back who couldn’t see as well. They were grinning like kids at the circus.

I stood and moved from between Jo’s legs to between Courtney’s legs. I pushed in with one stroke and it felt marvelous. She smiled up at me and worked her hips getting all the angles she like. Brad crawled around Jo to get next to Courtney’s head. He gave her a kiss while I went from pumping to grinding.

Brad came up from the kiss and smiled at me, “how cool is this?” He started playing with Courtney’s breasts with his hands and she turned her head to the side and started sucking on his penis. It looked amazing.

Jo came up from her aftershock, got off the bed, gave the audience a frown, and moved to stand behind me. She kissed my neck and reached around with both hands and put some fingers on the very base of my shaft where they bumped into Courtney’s vagina with every thrust. Her fingers moved up and with both hands Jo worked Courtney’s clitoris.

Courtney paused in her sucking on Brad to look down and see what was going on. I could see the sight must be electric for Courtney! Jo’s arms were around me, Jo kissing my neck, and feeling Jo’s fingers working her clitoris with a hard rub. I felt Courtney climbing and knew that if I stayed on that she might pull me with her.

“Brad, would you like to,” I started to ask him to take over for me but, Courtney groaned and pumped his penis with her hand. She was too far into the orgasm! I would have to ride it out.

Courtney’s hand not pumping Brad’s penis joined Jo’s fingers, twining with them as they ground Courtney’s clitoris together. It was too much; I was going to pop.

“I think he’s doing her in the bum!” on of our audience said to his friends. He was wrong, but his comment had startled me back from the brink. I concentrated on their conversation and found that Courtney’s powerful orgasm, as overwhelming as it was, didn’t carry me over.

“That’s amazing!” one of the guys called out.

Pulling out of Courtney I took a deep breath, oof that was awesome! I looked for a bottle of water but Jo dropped to her knees and popped me in her mouth, Courtney juice and all. I nearly lost it again at her hot sucking, hand pumping effort.

I watched as Brad put on a condom and stepped where I just had been, between Courtney’s legs. He grinned at her and said, “I’ve been waiting for this all month!”

“Well, then you had better give it to me!” Courtney tossed back at him with a naughty smile.

Jo pulled back from sucking me and said, “that sounds fun! Time for a condom Alex!” She plopped down on the bed next to Courtney.

“Oh, Oh!” Courtney groaned as Brad slammed into her with abandon.

“You like that don’t you?” Jo said to Courtney.

Courtney couldn’t speak and just nodded. I finished wrapping my rascal and pushed into Jo. Both ladies lay on their back as we pumped away. Courtney orgasmed again and Jo came close. Brad and I tapped out and swapped back to our own wives and now without condoms we plunged back to it.

Courtney orgasmed again and they guys at the door clapped. Jo swore at them and said, “shut the hell up or go!” They quieted down again.

We swapped back and this time after putting on our condoms Brad suggested we all do doggy. We got the ladies up face to face on their knees and Brad and I entered each other’s wives at the same time while watching our own wives’ expressions as they were entered. Oh! It was hot!

We pumped away. I could see Brad starting to get well into his build up and knew he was taking Courtney with him. Jo was close but not quite there. We watched as Brad swatted Courtney’s bum hard, screamed out, and then slumped over her back.

The sight took Jo up and I rode with it knowing I could go as soon as she did. Courtney stayed on her knees and edged forward to kiss Jo. Jo moaned into the kiss and I could feel her orgasm start. I held in, grinding as she shook. The flood of fire tore through me leaving me a shattered shell, slumped on the bed.

We lay panting a while and the dudes at the door grew bored and moved on. The blanket was a mess of wet spots and wadded up under us. It took us a minute to get our bearings and worm our way to the edge.

“That was great guys!” Courtney said and gave Jo and Brad another three-way kiss. “We really needed that!”

Jo stepped to me and gave me a deep kiss. She leaned back and smiled, “any time guys.”

Smack! Brad slapped Courtney’s fit rump and laughed as she jumped. We all laughed. Everything was all right with the world, we were back on the horse that threw us. Our play was still mountains of fun and every time was a genuine swinging surprise!

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