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33. Two in One!

Not exactly what you perverts were thinking, but we did indeed have two in one day. We had two socials with really cool couples on the same evening due to a mix up on the part of yours truly. Yes, the kind of mix up that causes your wife to growl deep in her lovely chest before she can calm down and speak.

So, to recap, at the time of this mix up we had a year of swinging under our belts. We had started out slowly and surprised ourselves with allowing all sorts of things to happen. We’d had amazing experiences with super couples and even a single lady and a single dude. We’d had threesomes, foursomes and moresomes after playing in the shallow end of soft swing for quite a while. We’d made mistakes and we’d learned lots of lessons. Apparently, managing our swinging calendar wasn’t one of the lessons I’d learned.

Given a free Thursday, the day that works best for us for a short social, Courtney had given me the green light to seek out a couple to meet. We were happy with our current set of friends and didn’t really need to grow our circle much more except that all our swinging friends were going to be unavailable for a while.

Bob and Molly were hosting long term guests and wouldn’t be able to slip away. Brad and Jo were out of the country for a few months and Bill and Sherry were going through issues with their aging parents. Swinging isn’t easy at the best of times and any complications in real life make the logistics almost impossible.

One of the features on the swinging website we use is a hotlist. As you scroll through and check out other swingers, you can add ones you hope to play with to your hotlist to make them easy to find later. Our hotlist contained about 20 couples, two single ladies and three single guys. All those on our hotlist were indeed hot!

I wrote a short note offering up a social meet and put down the next three Thursdays’ dates. Then I scrolled through the hotlist and popped the note off to five couples. I didn’t bother with the singles as we weren’t shopping in that department at the moment.

Later that week I received three responses for a couple of the dates I had offered. I glanced quickly at the responses and didn’t catch that two were on the same day… rookie move. I accepted the three responses and happily started googling pubs that were far enough away to maintain anonymity but close enough to keep the drive time to a minimum.

The week of our first social, I received two messages from couples saying they were looking forward to meeting us. Confused, I looked back through the messages and quickly found my error. Understanding how hard it is to find decent couples and how difficult it is to line up logistics between four busy adults, I wrote the two couples back and, feeling brave, offset the socials by three hours. Now to tell Courtney.

“Dear,” I said as we prepared dinner later that evening, “this Thursday is going to be a bit complicated as I’ve almost double booked us.”

The growl sounded and I knew I was on thin ice. I forced a laugh that sadly sounded forced. “You know me, ha ha, just goofed it all up.”

She wasn’t impressed and really didn’t like the idea of having to rush between two couples. “Do the couples know you are trying to fit in two socials in one night?”

“Well,” I paused thinking fast but, my guilty look gave me away.

“I thought so,” she gave me a withering stare. Then, as she does, bounced back and laughed. “We will have to play this super cool! You set a timer on your phone to vibrate when we are half an hour from needing to leave and another for ten minutes from needing to leave. Then, say that we have to pick up the kids from a birthday party.”

“A birthday party on a Thursday?”

“Sure, it’s plausible enough and we can work on our signals to leave and all that.”

Did I mention how much I love this woman? Courtney is fun in every way and her playing along, and taking ownership of our two-timing ploy, was exhilarating. Now, if we could just pull it off!

The fateful night arrived and Courtney wore a sexy but not over the top red and white off the shoulder dress and I was in khakis with a gunmetal grey dress shirt. We looked good but not so sexy that it would look weird in a casual setting. The trade off between going super sexy for potential playmates and casual enough not to frighten the pub’s clientele was always a bit difficult.

We let the kids know that there was a frozen lasagna in the oven and made them each set the timer on their phones to make sure we didn’t get a call from the fire marshal. Out to the car and off we went to our first assignation with a couple called Mark and Trudy who, by their profile were, quite sexy people.

Our multiple messages with Mark and Trudy had revealed that they were at least educated enough to write well and hinted at Mark’s having a great sense of humor. With any luck we would be adding them to our small circle of friends.

Gravel crunched under our tires as we pulled in and parked at the Abbott’s Elm in Abbott’s Ripton. Mark had chosen the venue and it was a little over a half an hour from us but proved to be well worth the drive. The Elm was tucked away in a sleepy village, had a thatched roof, was well lit, clean and had a tempting menu. The 17th century pub also had an open floor plan and dark wooden beams. Best of all it was highly unlikely that we would run across any of our “vanilla” friends from our village so far off the beaten path.

I recognized Mark standing at the bar and squeezed Courtney’s hand. “That’s Mark at the bar,” I said quietly.

“Tall, trim and well dressed,” Courtney gave her initial assessment. “Let’s see if he can make me laugh.”

We walked up to Mark and I could see the light of recognition light up in his pale blue eyes. “You must be Alex,” he shook my hand, “and the lovely Courtney,” he leaned in to kiss her cheek and let his hand rest on her shoulder and slide down her arm.

“Where’s Trudy?” I asked looking around. Evidently it was a common ploy for single guys to pretend to be couples and then offer excuses about the female half not being available.

“She’s right over by the fireplace,” Mark answered without looking at me. His eyes continued to drink Courtney in and she ducked her head and blushed.

Sure enough, by the fireplace at a low wooden table sat a stunning blond. She waved and stood revealing a willowy fashion model frame. She flashed a coquettish white smile at me and I was immediately sold.

“Drinks?” Mark asked and I reluctantly pulled my eyes off Trudy.

“Sure, thanks Mark, I’ll take the local bitter.”

“And a coffee for me please,” Courtney added.

We all settled in around the low table by the fire and slid into fun casual conversation. The bitter was well hopped and citrusy while Courtney had a fresh filter coffee with plenty of cream and sugar (Yes, cream and not milk). Mark also had the bitter but Trudy had a classy looking top shelf gin and tonic served in a martini glass with a twist of lime.

Our conversation was brilliant fun. Mark was indeed funny and well spoken and Trudy was smart and her personality sparkled. Mark revealed his fixation with some of Courtney’s pictures on our swinging website profile and how he really hoped to see her bum in person!

“I swear, it’s like the smooth curve on the fender of a classic automobile,” Mark gushed.

That got a real blush from Courtney and a hearty challenge, “I hope you know how to handle such a fine automobile. It has more power than most drivers can handle!”

We laughed but short on time had to bow out. Mark and Trudy begged us to stay a bit longer and we had to resort to the picking up the kid story we had concocted. So, feeling a bit bummed to leave the fun and sexy conversation and a bit guilty over our fib, we headed out to our second social of the night.

Courtney retouched her lipstick and ran a brush through her lustrous auburn hair as I got out to open her door (old fashioned gentleman all the way). “I’m exhausted from Mark and Trudy,” she said. “Mark kept tweaking my nipples with his eyes.”

“They were really fun. Trudy doesn’t have your fine automobile like curves but, I really found her look enticing.”

“I suppose if you like skin and bones,” Courtney laughed at my pained look. “No, I understand, she looks like she fell off of a vogue magazine cover.”

The second pub was the Haycock in Wansford which was even further from us but worked well for our second couple, James and Rae. The Haycock was a stately old manor house turned hotel with an area for fine dining as well as a bar. There was plenty of parking and the ambiance was warm but a little ostentatious.

James and Rae were sitting where they could see us walk in and stood to wave us. James was lanky and just looked like a happy guy. His smile wasn’t forced and his handshake was firm. He gave Courtney a chaste kiss on the cheek and she hugged him spontaneously.

Rae was short and rounded in all the right places. Her hair was a mousy brown and her brown eyes were molten chocolate. She looked up at me and her eyes flashed a challenge as I bent to kiss her cheek. I was immediately sold (starting to see a pattern?).

James was a schoolteacher, there are a lot of schoolteachers in the swinging community, and Rae was a doctor. Once again, we found ourselves in happy, stimulating conversation almost immediately. They were like us in many ways and we shared multiple common interests outside of swinging, also they had kids at home eating frozen lasagna!

We didn’t share their penchant for tie and tease. Neither Courtney nor I had ever found the bondage side of the swinging scene interesting but, to hear James and Rae describe their experiences, maybe it wasn’t that crazy after all.

As we left, Courtney turned to me and said, “you know, each of these couples were really fun. Let’s see where this goes.”

Grinning I hopped in the car and pulled out onto the A1M. We had found two more couples keen to play and all in one night!

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