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34. Flogging Courtney!

One weekend we found ourselves at Jay Dee’s on a strange night. We had taken off, spur of the moment, without a plan and without a couple to meet. We had also not checked to see if there was any sort of theme. It was fetish night!

Courtney was in a little black dress and I was in slacks with a dress shirt and a vest. We stood out like a sore thumb! The swirling mass of swingers were all wearing leather, chains and latex. There were ladies and gents being led around on leashes, piercings on display that made your eyes water, and over the industrial music you could hear the loud crack and moan of someone being flogged upstairs.

We found ourselves in our, this is weird, comfort stance; huddled together and holding hands. Courtney, who seldom drinks, took a quick slug of my beer as we wandered back from the bar towards the hot tub. In unspoken agreement we abandoned the idea of dancing and socializing and, focused instead on getting in a good relaxing soak in the massive hot tub.

We disrobed in the hallway next to our locker, stashed our clothes and wrapped up in towels. All this was, of course, under the watchful eyes of a couple of hopeful single men in fetish gear. Their hungry eyes followed Courtney down the hall and they stood in the entry way to the hot tub room (no shoes allowed) to watch as she unwrapped her towel, tossed it on a hook and showered off.

Watching Courtney’s tall toned body as she splashed off in the shower was a turn on for me and I knew it had to be for the single guys as well. There had been a point where I’d been jealous of the “watchers” but that was now long past. Instead I just felt proud to be married to Courtney and proud of her for the hard work she put in at the gym.

I followed Courtney down the stairs into the hot tub enjoying the sensation of the deep heat creeping up my body. There were a couple of couples in the hot tub and they were sitting close to the steps. We paraded by with Courtney’s round, full breasts just touching the surface of the bubbling water. The two couples stopped their conversation and all watched as she passed. The men looking on in admiration, one of the ladies looking Courtney up and down speculatively and the other lady just looked a bit jealous.

Courtney settled in at the far end of the hot tub and the “watchers” at the door shuffled off to find another sight to see. The couples at the other end of the hot tub resumed conversation and I plopped down next to Courtney.

“Well, not what I was expecting,” I said as I draped a wet arm around her shoulders.

“Yeah, did you see those piercings on the lady wearing the leather chaps?”

“You mean the lady with the spiky hair wearing nothing but chaps and a mesh top?”

“That’s the one,” Courtney laughed, “the outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination.”

“The way her chaps left her exposed really highlighted those thick metal rings,” I replied.

“I wonder what her vagina lips look like without the rings?”

I grinned at Courtney, “like swiss cheese!”

“Ugh!” she splashed me and we both had a chuckle.

“Courtney, I bet you a blowjob that if you stand up in the water, there will be at least two watchers standing in the entry way in, say, a minute.”

“You’re on big boy, I look forward to a nice tongue lashing when you lose.” Water sloshing and running down her tone body, she stood and leaned back against the edge of the hot tub with her breast exposed to passersby.

Conversation at the far end of the hot tub continued but most eyes were admiring Courtney. A grey-haired gent walking past the hot tub room stopped in his tracks and stood dumbly, captivated by my wife’s breasts.

Courtney gave me a cool look, “you said two.”

“Look now sweetheart,” I smiled at her and she looked back to the entrance.

“Well, dang, you win,” she slapped my shoulder playfully as the grey-haired gent now had two companions.

“Do I get bonus points for there being more than two watchers?” At that moment, the watchers parted and ponytail Dave, the club bouncer, pushed through.

“Oh, it’s you guys causing the traffic jam in the corridor,” Dave smiled at us and walked in. “Nice tits by the way.”

“Why thank you,” Courtney replied and then settled back into the water.

“Crazy night here Dave. We weren’t expecting all this fetish stuff,” I said.

“Oh, these are fun nights. I get to flog all the sexy ladies. I love it,” Dave crouched down at the edge of the hot tub to chat with us. “You guys should try it.”

“We aren’t into pain,” Courtney slowly shook her head.

“If you are in actual pain, then someone is doing it wrong,” Dave replied. “It’s about control, endorphin rush, and total focus on another human being.”

“You make it sound sexual; do you get turned on by flogging?” I looked at Dave curiously.

“Oh yes, it’s very intense. We’ve been at it for years, my partner and I,” Dave glanced around the room as he replied. “No glass wear in the hot tub room and no playing in the tub. Everyone’s behaving tonight.”

“Yeah, even the single guys aren’t walking into the room with shoes on,” Courtney noted.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to find someone naughty to spank. Cheerio.” Dave stood and headed out of the room. “Oh,” he tossed over his shoulder, “I’ll be giving a demo upstairs shortly, you should come.”

I looked at Courtney and she looked at me. We both shrugged.

“It is getting a bit hot in the tub,” Courtney said. “We could wrap up in our towels and go watch his demo and then come back to the tub after we’ve cooled of?

“Sounds like a plan sweetheart!” I popped up ready to see something new and strange.

It didn’t take us long to shower off and wrap back into our towels. Flipflops slapping we walked through the kitchen area of Jay Dee’s and up the stairs. At the top we turned away from the couple’s room which held such fond memories and crossed through two open playrooms containing mismatched furniture to the final room with the giant four poster bed with a bondage cross nailed on one end.

There was already a crowd standing in a rough circle around the cross and Dave was speaking to them. We slipped in and found an open seat on one of the low couches. We couldn’t see very well through the press but at least we could relax.

“This is a pinwheel,” Dave was saying as he held up a roller with hundreds of tiny spikes. “There are lots of shapes and sizes and the provide a prickly sensation.” He held up another tool that looked like a cowboy’s spur with a handle. “You have to be very gentle.”

A robust tall blond lady in a latex catsuit asked, “Does all this,” she waved her hand vaguely, “hurt a lot?”

Dave answered, “if it hurts then I’m doing it wrong.” Dave then held up a whip with multiple lengths of leather running from the handle. “This is my specialty, the flog.” He swished it through the air and there was a collective gasp. “I need a volunteer.”

The crowd took a half step back and Dave took the large blond lady by the hand. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

She stepped up to the cross facing away from the crowd. The cross was a big X as taller than a man standing and there were flat pieces of wood towards the bottom of the X on which to stand. The blond lady stepped up onto the small platforms and the reached up to the top of the X where Dave helped her work her hands through some leather loops.

Dave stepped back and said to the crowd, “this sounds way worse than it is.” He swung the flog and it made a loud slap on the blond lady’s latex covered rump.

“Oh!” She looked back over her shoulder at Dave. “That wasn’t bad.”

Dave picked up another flog from a low table holding all his fetish tools and whirled them like some sort of circus performer. He advanced on the blond and began a stead slap, slap, slap of the flogs against her bottom and back. He twirled his wrists the make the flogs cycle in well defined circles. He knelt and kept the rhythm working down her legs and then slowly stood working up her back.

Dave paused and advanced to the blond, running a hand down her back and leaning in to ask how she was doing. She nodded and Dave went back to work. They cycle repeated itself three times and then Dave helped her down from the cross. She was shaking and seemed euphoric.

Dave settled the blond on a couch across from us and she huddled up shaking. “that’s the response you get from releasing all those endorphins,” Dave told the crowd. “She will be up in a minute or two feeling exhilarated and perhaps a bit exhausted. Who’s next?”

We watched as a short plump redhead stepped forward. She was wearing a a brown leather bra and matching leather thong. Her tall boots were black and Courtney leaned over and whispered to me something about color coordination.

Slap! Dave started out strong and the redhead cooed and arched her chubby back. Slap! And she wiggled her dimply rump at Dave who happily obliged it with another. Slap!

We watched as Dave increased the pace and slowed back down, ran pinwheels on her arms and whispered in her ear. He kept the redhead on edge for long enough for some of the crowd to leave looking for their own fun. Then with a whirling finale, Dave brought the redhead quivering down from the cross and to where her partner held a blanket for her. She wrapped up and lay shaking on the couch next to the tall blond who was now sitting up bright eyed and smiling.

“Ok, last one and then I’ve got to go do my rounds.” Dave didn’t even ask; he just walked over and took Courtney’s hand. She stood, clutching her towel to her chest, and looking around at the crowd and back to me.

“If you want to give it a go honey, I’m right here,” I said to reassure her. Then, as she does when faced with a challenge, she took control and led Dave back to the cross. Without any hesitation she dropped her towel and stood naked before the latex and leather crowd. Her stomach was flat, her long legs sculpted and her arms were firm and lean. I grinned at the sight of her. The crowd murmured appreciatively.

Dave bent and picked up Courtney’s towel and tossed it to me. I caught it with one hand as I was pushing myself out of the couch with the other. I stood and wandered over as Courtney boldly climbed onto the cross and ran her hands through the leather loops.

Dave advanced and ran a hand slowly from the nape of Courtney’s neck down to the top firm derriere. He stepped back and bare handed swatted her bottom. I know just how awesome her strong legs and butt feel to the touch and knew he had enjoyed that little feel.

Dave went to his table and picked up a pinwheel that looked like a paint roller and returned to slowly work the needled tool up her legs. I moved to stand by Courtney’s head so I could see her expression. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. She was immersing herself in the sensations.

Dave worked the pinwheel all over her back and then over the round curves of her firm bottom. Standing on the big X of the cross forced Courtney’s legs open and Dave ran the pinwheel up her inner thighs to within inches of her vagina. Courtney shivered all over. I could see that several of the partially dressed me in the crowd were completely lost in the moment. This was better than any porn.

Dave removed the pinwheel and ran his hands over Courtney’s back, buttocks, and legs in a soothing manner. He leaned in close and I could hear him ask, “all ok?” She nodded.

Dave returned to his table and studied the various flogs he had available and picked up the two he had used on the blond. He advanced again and whispered to Courtney with a hand on her lower back. “These are the lightest flog, we will work up from here if you want.” She nodded again.

Slap! The initial contact surprised Courtney and her eyes popped open finding mine. Slap! This time she relaxed into it and shut her eyes again. Slap! The rhythm continued and Dave made quite a show of it for the growing crowd.

Dave replaced his flogs with the ones he’d used on the chubby redhead and went back to work. I moved around the cross to see where Dave was hitting and was relieved to see that there were no marks, just some redness to the skin on her back, rump, and legs. I also grew mesmerized by the working of Courtney’s back muscles as she responded to the slaps from the flog.

Having my beautiful wife up on display was thrilling in its own way. I looked around at the crowd and could see they were truly enjoying the show. One guy sitting on the couch opposite beside the blond, even had his penis out and the blond was stroking him with her hand in time to the strikes of the flog.

Dave slowed again and leaned close to whisper. I couldn’t hear what was said but she nodded again and he took up a pair of large flogs that looked, frankly, intimidating. Dave rolled his shoulders and then advanced again allowing the flogs to curl over and slap Courtney on the back. I saw her stiffen but she didn’t complain. Dave advanced and whispered to her again, his hand on her bottom. She nodded and it began again.

The flogs whirled in slow arcs that each ended with a loud slap on Courtney’s rear end. I saw her legs stiffen but Dave kept the rhythm moving up her back and then back down to her thighs. Her entire back was flushed and slightly red. Dave whispered to her again and helped her out of the loops holding her hands. I figured it was all over and moved over to help. But, Courtney stepped back up onto the cross with her front now exposed to the crowd and flogs!

I Courtney turned her head to the side and kept her eyes closed as Dave ran his hands down her body and then advanced with the pinwheel. I couldn’t believe the sight of Courtney’s flat belly muscles tensing to the touch of the sharp points rolling up her body. Dave started the roller on her mons venus and crept it up her stomach to her lower ribcage and then up rolled it to the side running past her breasts and up to nearly her smooth armpit. Then Dave repeated the motion turning to the other side and I could see that Courtney was biting her lip.

Dave advanced and whispered to her again and she nodded and whispered back. Dave retreated to pick up the medium flogger that he’d used on the red head. He whirled them in a flamboyant display before advancing and smacking the leather against Courtney’s upper thighs, her mons venus and then her stomach. I could see him ease the power of his delivery as he lightly slapped her breasts and sensitive nipples with the leather.

Courtney squirmed and Dave immediately moved away from her breasts. He worked her over again and then returned to her breasts and I could see he had backed off even further delivering the lightest flicks to her round breasts and hard nipples. Courtney didn’t flinch away.

Dave turned Courtney again on the cross showing that the redness on her bottom was still there. He ran his had up her back and then slapped her rump again. Dave picked up the largest flogs again and whirled them.

“Oh!” The guy getting his penis stroked shuddered and the blond dropped her mouth over his penis quickly gulping up his orgasm before it could splash anywhere.

Slap! The flogs rang against Courtney’s body and her muscles tensed and played through the repeated slaps. Dave worked up to a crescendo of speed and blurring of the flogs causing near constant contact with Courtney’s back and butt. Then he drew back held the flogs high and delivered a powerful slap! Slap! Slap!

Dave advanced quickly expecting to help a quivering Courtney down from the cross but she already had her hands out of the loops and stepped down on her own. He stood wide eyed as she walked naked over to me, took her towel and draped it around her hips.

The crowd was quite as she gave Dave a quick hug and thanked him, her breast pressing on his chest. Then with a near bashful smile she waved at the crowd who burst into applause. Crazy! We slipped back downstairs to the hot tub and then later to a private room for some serious banging alone time! I was hugely turned on and Courtney was relaxed and languid in my arms making for some super sex.

Dave asked us later about the flogging and Courtney let him know that with all her training, tough mudders and such she was used to quite a bit of pain. She had experienced a bit of a high after the flogging, like after a good workout, but wasn’t overcome with the endorphins. It had felt to her more like a firm sports massage. Would she do it again?

"Maybe," she said with a wink.

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