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35. Playing with Doctor and Patient?

Mark and Trudy messaged us a couple of weeks after our social at the Abbott’s Elm Pub. They were free on Friday evening and invited us to their home for dinner and play. The idea was appealing as we had been quite attracted to Mark and Trudy. And, we’d been away from play for quite a while with our normal play partners out of action. So, after a quick conversation to make sure we were still on the same sheet of music, we shot off an affirmative response.

We picked up a Francis Coppola Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon (quite tasty) and a bouquet of fresh flowers to avoid showing up empty handed. We ordered the kids a pizza, showered, shaved, and dressed to kill. Courtney put on a black dress with matching heels. She accented the ensemble with her ruby necklace and earrings set and I could tell she like the effect when I caught her peering into the full-length mirror in her changing room.

“Looking sexy dear!” I told her, swatting her rump as I passed by.

“Not too bad yourself,” she smiled back, “I like that look where you wear your suit with just the vest and not the coat. I might have preferred your navy suit but the charcoal looks yummy.”

“Should I wear a tie?” I looked at my jumbled tie rack. It really needed a good sorting.

“No, not with that white shirt with the red swirls. That would look tacky.”

Off we went, taking the back way out of our village to avoid being stopped and questioned by our friends on why we were missing a Friday night at the Pub. The drive was a little over a half an hour and Courtney put on an upbeat play list to put us in the mood.

After one detour (I wasn’t lost no matter what Courtney tries to tell you), we arrived at Mark and Trudy’s house. Courtney worked her last-minute touches while I sat fiddling with my phone answering work e-mails. Two e-mails later Courtney let me know she was ready and I grabbed the wine and flowers.

Mark was standing in the open door as we crossed the street. He called over his shoulder to Trudy letting her know we had arrived. Mark was in kaki trousers and a solid red shirt open an extra button. He shook my had firmly and gave Courtney the requisite kiss on the cheek along with a one-armed hug while he juggled the flowers and wine bottle.

Inside was warm and welcoming, we crossed a tiled entryway and went down two steps into a large, modern, French farmhouse yellow, kitchen. Trudy paused in stirring a pot on the cooker and swept gracefully across the field stone floor. She was barefoot and wore a slim gold anklet on her left ankle. Her short dress was translucent light blue but was sadly covered with a long apron printed with cartoon cows. Her smile was bright as she hugged Courtney like a long-lost sister and then the pranced over to me, went up on her dainty toes, and offered her cheek for a kiss.

Mark ushered us to a four seat round table in a nook off the kitchen overlooking a garden now lost in the evening shadows. The table was spread with appetizers; there was a plate with four salmon tarts, a bowl of mixed olives and several other tempting morsels. I sat with my back to the window and Courtney took a seat next to me. Mark sat next to Courtney with his back to the kitchen.

“We never got to ask how you two met,” Courtney aimed the question across the kitchen to Trudy but Mark answered.

“I was treating Trudy for fear of driving and had to ask her to find another therapist so I could date her.”

“Ah,” was Courtney’s reply.

Trudy finished plating a dish of patatas bravas and another of garlic prawns. As she carried the plates across, Mark uncorked an Austrian Grüner Veltliner cold from an ice bucket. Trudy pulled off her cow print apron and her see through light blue dress revealed matching white lace thong and bra. Yes, her body was fashion model thin but her lines were exquisite. I tried not to stare.

Dinner, served tapas style, was delicious and the wine was perfect with the various dishes. The conversation was sparkling and we were having a lovely time. I noticed Courtney stiffen and I glanced down to where, out of sight from Trudy, Mark was running his hand up and down Courtney’s thigh. She looked at me and I shrugged. So, she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. When Trudy stood up to grab the pepper grinder from across the room, Mark pulled his hand back quickly.

Dinner ended with a chocolate torte. I decided against it as I was trying to keep my eating to a minimum in anticipation of the athletic event to come. Courtney had a small bite and loved it. We could feel the tension start to build as we all knew the next course would be physical.

Mark suggested we all move into the living room. He led us through and took a seat on an overstuffed leather sofa. There were two easy chairs as well and I took one of those. Courtney sat on the end of the sofa closest to me and Trudy sat on the other easy chair.

Mark asked the room if he should open another bottle of wine and Trudy, looking a bit nervous, agreed it would be a splendid idea. I declined as did Courtney. With Mark out of the room, Trudy sat quietly her eyes shifting back and forth between us and the silence grew a tad awkward.

“Trudy, you and Mark have a lovely home,” Courtney tossed out to kill the silence.

“It’s my house,” she said a bit flatly, “he has a house in Cambridge and sees me out here on weekends.”

“Ah,” Courtney and I said together not knowing what to say. Thankfully, Mark returned quickly and handed Trudy a glass of wine two thirds full.

“Just what the doctor ordered,” Mark said and patted her arm before returning to the couch and sitting hip to hip with Courtney. After our bad experience in Scarborough I kept and eye on that developing situation, looking for tells or signals that Courtney wasn’t enjoying herself.

Aside from the normal jitters of being up against a new playmate, Courtney looked fine as Mark placed a hand on her knee and leaned over to kiss her neck. Feeling an apparent lack of oxygen in the room, I realizing I had just been too excited to breathe. Trudy looked like the cover of a particularly naughty edition of Vogue. Her lips were parted and her eyes were wide watching Mark make his move.

I stood and advanced to where Trudy was perched on the edge of her easy chair. Instinctively I moved slowly as if avoiding startling a doe in the forest. Her head jerked my direction and she met my eyes briefly before looking down at her lap where her hands twisted together.

I glanced over to Courtney and saw she was half reclined against the arm of the couch and Mark had his hand under her dress. One of her breasts had been freed and Mark was licking her nipple like an ice cream cone. Courtney’s eyes were closed and her hands cradled Mark’s head like a baby.

I looked back to Trudy and caught her peek up at me. I sat on the arm of her easy chair and said in a reassuring voice, “hey, no pressure. If you aren’t up for this then we can back off and give you space.”

Trudy stood suddenly, her movements smooth as silk despite her nerves. “Let me put my glass away.”

“No problem!” I watched her thin figure slide out of the room and realized her large glass of wine was empty. “Liquid courage,” I thought to myself.

“Oh! Oh! Oooooh!” Courtney orgasmed while still mostly dressed. Mark was working his hand vigorously over her panties pressing firmly with the heel of his hand while sucking her nipple with wet slurping sounds. Courtney bucked her hips to speed up the friction jerking through the prolonged orgasm.

“Oh!” I heard behind me as Trudy reentered the room to see the shuddering finale of Courtney’s orgasm.

“Wow!” Mark said leaning back. “When you told us at the pub that Courtney was highly orgasmic, you weren’t lying!”

Courtney was too out of breath to answer and instead gave a lazy thumbs up.

“Give her a second,” I said sensing Courtney’s need to recover before pushing on.

Mark push his body up off Courtney and walked over to where Trudy stood just behind the easy chair. He took her hand and kissed her deeply, running a hand over her slight breasts. While kissing her he walked her back around the chair and I assumed towards the couch. But, instead he backed her into my lap where I still lounged on the arm of the easy chair.

Trudy had both her hands on Mark’s chest and I felt her shiver and settle into sitting on my lap. I knew she could feel my arousal and I let my hands come up to rub her back gently through the translucent silky dress. Mark put his hands on her shoulders and pulled back from their kiss. I heard a whispered exchange and then Trudy stood off my lap and turned around to face me.

She stood before me wide eyed while Mark lifted her dress from behind. Then her bra came loose revealing tiny breasts with surprisingly dark nipples and large areola which covered half of her breast surface. Her hands rose to cup and cover her breasts and I smiled at her reassuringly.

Mark turned her back around to him and kissed her again. She sat back on my lap. Not having been invited, I didn’t immediately grab her breasts but instead continued to rub her back gently. One of her slim tapered hands reached back blindly and I caught it bringing it to my chest.

Her hand worked up and then turning her arm over so her elbow could bend, she cradled my cheek, fingers running through my soft, short beard. Trudy turned abruptly and met my eyes, most of the nervousness had fled but there was still some tightness to her movements as she leaned in, closed her eyes, and kissed me.

Her kiss was a fluttery thing, but then her hands found both sides of my head and the kiss firmed up into a hot press of lips, slowly parting for tiny darts of her tongue. I placed my hands on her hips and drew her towards me. With a swish, Mark pulled off her panties leaving her completely naked.

Trudy’s hands fell from my face, to my shoulders, then to the buttons on the front of my shirt. Our kissing continued and she fumbled with the buttons until I undid them for her. Her hands were cool on my hairy chest and she played with the hair, twirling it with her fingers.

“Oh! Ugnnn… Ah!” I pulled back from the kiss to see Courtney orgasming again. This time she was fully undressed, laying back on the couch with Mark licking her waxed smooth vagina. He had two fingers inserted and wiggled them around as he licked and sucked her lips and clitoris. Trudy had turned at the sound too and I pulled her back to sitting on my lap.

I let my hands caress her back as she watched her husband licking Courtney. Then I reached around and felt her thin flat stomach and up her body to her small breasts. I kissed her back as I let a hand fall between her legs feeling warmth and reassuring wetness. My fingers began to stroke her outer lips as I ran the palm of the other hand over her tiny nipples.

Trudy’s hips began to move on my lap in response to my finger work causing a very pleasant sensation to my still clothed penis. She stood and turned in one motion, a look of determination in her eyes, leaned over and undid my trousers. I stood to help her disrobe me, my penis springing out like a jack-in-the-box. Her eyebrows raised seeing me at full attention.

Hesitantly she reached out and ran her fingers over my penis, looked back over her shoulder at Mark, and then knelt between my legs. One of her hands moved to cup my testicles as she opened her mouth and took me in as far as she could manage. I exhaled explosively.

Trudy’s tongue flicked at the V on the underside of my penis and her fine blond hair felt like silk to my fingers as I cradled her head. Beyond, on the couch, I could see that Courtney was working the same magic on Mark as he reclined and she knelt on the floor. Mark’s eyes were closed and all I could see was the back of Courtney’s auburn hair shimmering as she moved up and down his length.

Trudy began bobbing up and down rapidly and I felt the rush of sensations warning me to have her slow down. I took her face in my hands and pulled back. “Very nice,” I smiled at her and she glowed at the small compliment. I pulled her towards me and kissed her neck, cheek, and lips while I recovered from the near orgasm. “How about I return the favor?”

We swapped places and I knelt while she reclined on the easy chair her anklet glinting. I could see she was riveted by watching Mark and Courtney and she almost seemed surprised when I kissed her inner thigh and blew gently on her vulva. Her outer lips were shaved smooth and there was a teardrop of dark hair on her mons venus. Her inner lips were completely concealed until I opened her with my fingers.

Trudy’s inner lips were small and dark pink. Her clitoris was miniscule and tucked away completely under its hood. She looked tiny and when I slipped a single tentative finger inside, she gripped it firmly. My tongue darted over her folds feeling the slight roughness from her shave and the silk of her inner lips. Her outer lips were cool to the touch while her tight tunnel was warm, but not fiery.

She moaned loudly, almost theatrically, at my initial touches and froze up tightening her muscles. I continued to kiss and suck, alternating soft and hard, and felt her start to relax. The heat began to intensify around my probing finger.

I pulled back and ran a thumb over her clitoris as I looked over my shoulder to check on Courtney. Mark was on top of her, kissing her. His penis was resting on her vagina and he didn’t have a condom on!

“Hey!” I called out loudly, “we are a safe sex couple Mark.” He paused in his kissing, looking a tad irritated, and sat up. Trudy stiffened in alarm.

“How about we take the play upstairs to the bedroom?” Mark suggested, defusing the situation.

We all trooped up the stairs, with the girls leading and into a very feminine room full of a large bed and lots of pink décor to include silks draped over the vanity mirror and accompanying chair.

“I wasn’t going to put it in her,” Mark whispered to me.

“All good,” I replied, “I’m sure you would have called me out too if I’d pressed my unprotected junk against your lady.”

“Yeah,” he said and plopped down on the single chair in the room.

The two ladies were naked on the bed side by side. Courtney reached out boldly and ran a hand from Trudy’s ribs down her side to her hip. Trudy rolled to look at Courtney and I paused in my advance to see what would develop.

Trudy put a hand on Courtney’s firm arm and ran her fingers over the lean muscle. Courtney put an arm over and rubbed Trudy’s smooth back and into her hair. They kissed gently.

“Like what you see boys?” Courtney called to us as she pulled back from the kiss.

“Very much,” Mark replied. “It’s like watching a Greek marble suddenly come to life.”

“Or, two classic cars crashing,” I added with a laugh. Courtney laughed too recognizing I was poking fun at Mark’s description of Courtney’s profile pictures during our social.

Mark looked confused but let it pass. He stood and walked to the side of the bed next to Courtney and I mirrored his move to position beside Trudy. The ladies lay facing each other, kissing, and letting their hands wander. Mark lay behind Courtney and I lay behind Trudy kissing the backs of their necks and letting our hands reach over and also wander the ladies' bodies. The feeling of all snuggling while the ladies kissed was magic.

Mark reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom. I had to stand up and hunt one down in our bag of tricks. We all returned to the same position, but now each of us men pushed into the other’s lady. As I had suspected, Trudy was like a fist gripping my penis and I feared the condom would break without some lube.

Thankfully, her wetness increased as I moved. Mark and I instinctively moved slowly as the ladies’ kisses became intense. The ladies were pressed together now with Courtney’s large breasts covering Trudy’s completely, their flat stomachs bumping together as they were penetrated from behind, their hands reaching down and playing with each other’s clitorises.

Courtney’s breath came faster and she moaned through her kiss, then she reached over Trudy and gripped my hair as she shuddered between us all in a powerful orgasm. I could tell Trudy was close too, but every time she would get close to orgasm she would tense and hold back.

From the far side of the pile, Mark said, “Trudy doesn’t orgasm easily. It’s really hard for her.”

I felt Trudy tense up and could tell that Mark had ruined her latest potential orgasm. So, I went back to a slow easy grind and Courtney, probably sensing the distress, wormed further down and took Trudy’s breast in her mouth.

Gradually, organically, we swapped up and I took a turn with Courtney and enjoyed the condom free sensation of my wife’s molten hot vagina. Though not as naturally tight as Trudy, Courtney used her inner muscles instinctively to massage and milk my penis in a rolling grip from base to tip and back as I held firmly in and ground against her. Courtney orgasmed again, and this time with Trudy sucking on her large sensitive nipples.

We swapped back and the ladies mutually agreed to try doggie style for a bit. They went face to face for more kissing. Now condomed back up, we commenced giving the ladies a good pounding. Courtney dropped from kissing Trudy to bury her face in the bedsheets, and howled loudly as Marks very long penis pummeled her to orgasm.

I felt the urge become intense as Trudy’s tightness worked its magic. Thinking we were all fairly close, and urged on by the sounds of Courtney’s orgasm, I yelled, “I’m going too!”

Trudy bounced back against my strokes and called out, “Mark, he’s cumming in me!”

“Good job Trudy! You are doing so well!” Mark’s affirmation seemed to urge her on and she set the rhythm of our strokes, hammering her hips back into me, gripping my penis harder.

“Oh! No! Yessss!” I orgasmed hard, shaking, running my hands over the beautiful silky model. “Wow! That was a big one!” I felt guilty that I’d not been able to get Trudy across the finish line but had been helpless under her tight grip. “I hope Mark can finish you off for me.”

Mark, who was letting Courtney rest from her orgasm, wandered around to Trudy’s side of the bed and, I swear, patted her head. “Great job Trudy!”

The night had been weird, the couple where hot and the play had been fun, but the underlying wrongness of Mark and Trudy’s swinging relationship stuck with us. On the drive home we discussed the various oddities that had all added up to that final weird pat on the head. We agreed that Mark and Trudy were in an unhealthy relationship. The doctor, patient thing was still there and it was just too weird.

We never saw them again except for a brief weird encounter at a club. But that, as they say, is another story!

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