36. Anticipation Sex!

Courtney called me at work to let me know that, for once, she had been trolling around on the swinging website without me, and had received a message from Brad asking if we were free to meet them in a couple of weeks. A couple of things came to mind. First, it was erotic thinking about Courtney poking around the site looking for potential partners. Second, I couldn’t wait to get to see Brad and Jo again!

Ah, Jo with her long, dark “coat peg” nipples, slender shapely body, languid Susan Sarandon smile and throaty laugh. Jo, who when tangled with Courtney, made a mind blowing yin and yang. Courtney’s pale, peaches and cream entwined with Jo’s sultry, dusky, olive skin was a stunning sight. Brad and I had simply stood back on occasion to admire them.

However, as neither were anything more than situationally bisexual, they would typically only tease each other for a bit and add zest to each other’s orgasms with us men. Jo’s longer dark labia were yummy to pull with your teeth and tongue and Courtney said, jokingly, that she had nearly choked on Jo’s long nipples at one point.

Brad was about six-foot-tall, had a ready smile, quick laugh, and a hard body from his physical work. Courtney loved his build and fit. His penis was, she said, perfect for providing a solid pounding; just the right length to not hurt, rock hard and straight as an arrow. Courtney was giddy with excitement relating his invitation for a romp.

“Baby, I have to get back to work,” I said, “but, it’s going to be hard, so to speak, not to keep thinking about them!”

“Where would you like to meet them?”

“I don’t know dear, how about we try a hotel with them this time and avoid any other couples jumping in,” I said referring to our unexpected six-way.

“Well, that was fun, but I do really want them all to ourselves!”

“Courtney, you are so greedy with our friends!”

The rest of the afternoon slipped by slowly as I dug through spreadsheets, wrote a short white paper, and struggled to push the waves of arousing thoughts to the back of my mind. Two weeks would feel like an eternity but the ever-building excitement would be sweet. It’s like knowing that you are off for vacation on Friday and you spend the entire week, in your spare minutes, dreaming of the fun to come. Well, like that but a hundred times over!

By evening Courtney had everything in hand. But, we didn’t have a second of privacy to talk as our kids had legitimate homework problems requiring good old Dad to relearn math he had long forgotten. Thank you Google! Dinner was taken in the living room around the TV and the kids went heads down onto phones while a sitcom babbled on in the background.

“Courtney, uh, did you get those plans firmed up?”

Immediately both kids’ eyes were on us. Was it the tone of voice that tipped them off?

“Well, Alex,” Courtney started casually, “we are good to go for next Saturday.”

“Ah, that’s a week earlier that I’d thought possible, not that I’m complaining!”

“Mom, are we going on a vacation?” One of the kids piped up. How in the world could he be tracking this conversation? He had a game going on a laptop computer and headphones on chatting with his friends. Further, he had his phone running some game app at his side where he could mess with it during lulls in his other game. The TV droned on in the background with canned laughter and Courtney and I were on the other side of the room!

“No dear, your father and I are spending a night out,” Courtney replied with a smile.

“So, is this one of those date nights where you guys dress up all nice and then come back looking like you’ve been running a marathon?” My elder kid looked at us too knowingly.

“I, uhm, your mother and I like to...,” I stumbled trying to find words.

“Your Father is trying to say that we do like to get out and work on keeping our relationship in shape. Just like your grades, at the beginning of your semester you have straight As but must work to keep them As. That’s what it’s like with marriage, on your wedding day you have a clean slate and straight As, then the work begins.” Courtney winked at me as both kids, now thoroughly bored, promptly ignored the rest of our conversation.