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37. Brad and Jo Break the Bed!

Courtney set up our meet with Jo and Brad at the Falcon Hotel in a small town called Uppingham. We figured that Uppingham was far enough away from our small village to avoid running into our non-swinging “vanilla” friends. It was also a long enough drive that Brad and Jo could feel safe from discovery as well. Jo, like me, had a public facing job that caused her some concern with discovery.

We set our teenage kids up with a pizza delivery and let then know that Mom and Dad were out for an extended date night. “Ugh! Gross! We don’t want to hear about it!” came the typical responses. That taken care of, we moved to fending off the village folks who were already building weekend plans. For the village folk we had to be a bit more creative, as no simple date night could be more important than seeing them all at the pub.

WhatsApp started exploding by mid-afternoon with everyone planning where and when we would all meet. We bowed out saying that we already had tickets for a show in London and would be heading to the train shortly. Everyone wished us well and thankfully no one asked for a lift to the train station! There were a few questions on where we were staying and advice about places to eat. It does take a village after all.

Courtney worked the last touches on her hair and makeup while I loaded the suitcase into the car. She had picked out an emerald green matching bra and thong as Brad had mentioned green was his favorite color. She had also shopped for a purple dress shirt for me as purple was Jo’s favorite color. Yes, Courtney is amazing in her ability to remember details like that from a brief conversation six months earlier.

Over her emerald green lingerie, Courtney wore form fitting jeans, tall leather boots and a tight navy sweater top with a teardrop shape cut out on the neckline revealing her cleavage. I also went with jean of the 501 variety, black dress shoes and belt along with the purple dress shirt.

“You look yummy!” Courtney said as she walked out to the car. “That color is great on you. Jo is going to love it!”

“It feels a little over the top,” I replied.

“Over the top is my style!” Courtney said pulling on her seatbelt.

The drive was a long one and we didn’t speak too much during the first half. I had on a playlist of mellow alternative songs and Courtney was on her phone texting away with friends. “New Slang” by the Shins was playing in the background and miles were passing quickly under the tires when Courtney completed a final text and leaned back in her seat with a half-smile.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I said keeping my eyes on the erratic behavior a Latvian registered lorry ahead of us.

“I’m just enjoying the slow burn of the buildup. Just knowing that I’m heading towards a night of bliss is such a wonderful feeling. It’s like being a kid again and knowing Christmas is tomorrow.”

“I know what you mean,” I pressed down on the gas pedal and geared down for power as we maneuvered around the lorry. “Swinging has reawakened lots of those types of feelings.”

“What types?” Courtney asked.

“The young types of feelings, the first date, first kiss, first sex type of feelings. Every time we meet a couple it feels like the first time all over again. I wonder if this set of feelings will fade?”

“I doubt it,” Courtney replied, “it’s been more than a year now and we only do this every month or so. I don’t think we are going to wear anything out.”

“Do you get more of a charge on a first time with a couple? Or is seeing Brad and Jo just as exciting?” I snuck a quick glance at her.

“No, I enjoy the thrill of knowing we are seeing Brad and Jo without the unpleasant uncertainty of seeing a brand-new couple.”

I thought for a minute and replied, “that unpleasant uncertainty is really stimulating for me but I know what you mean. Right now I’m supper jazzed up for meeting Brad and Jo without the fear that Brad might be a jerk to you or that Jo might be bored or something.”

Courtney laughed, “she won’t be bored!”

We pulled into the hotel at 6 PM and picked up our keys at the desk. The room was marvelous! It had a giant fourposter bed a couple of sitting area with two tapestry chairs and a small matching couch. There was a low bench at the foot of the bed which matched the chairs and couch and a dresser in dark wood. I opened our suitcase on the bed and took out a stack of condoms and placed a few on each bedside table.

“Thinking ahead I see,” Courtney said raising an eyebrow.

“Over the top is your style, methodical and prepared is mine,” I replied.

We headed back down to reception and through to the restaurant pub and there, we stumbled on our sexy friends. Brad came to his feet when he saw us walk in and waved us over. His broad welcoming smile flashed and, impatient, he strode over to us and kissed Courtney on both cheeks, took her hand and led us back over to where Jo sat demurely sipping a bourbon. I leaned over and Jo offered her cheek to my kiss.

“Well, aren’t you a handsome pair,” Jo said looking Courtney and me up and down. That is a unique and gorgeous shirt Alex!” Jo reached out and ran a hand on the satiny material across my chest.

“Now Jo, that isn’t fair at all,” Brad said to her. “If I ran my hand across Courtney’s chest like that people would talk!”

“Hmm, life isn’t fair is it,” Jo smiled a languid smile at us and patted the seat next to her indicating I should sit down. “Brad, be a dear and fetch these lovely people a drink.”

Brad took our order and headed to the bar. Jo leaned over and patted Courtney’s knee just above her boot. “I must warn you dear, he has been as excited as a schoolboy expecting a new toy all day. He is positively bouncing with energy.”

“I don’t mind that at all,” Courtney said placing her hand over Jo’s, “I’m the same way. There could be fireworks!”

“Courtney, try not to break him,” Jo laughed her smoky laugh and turned to me. “Alex, I hope you’ve brought your A game tonight. I really could use a, shall we say, a tongue lashing.” She laughed again and I shivered in excitement.

Jo wore a simple black dress with a scooped neckline revealing the smooth slope of dusky olive chest and tops of her breasts. Brad, returning with our drinks, was in jeans as well with a red dress shirt with mother of pearl buttons. He had his sleeves rolled up and on his left wrist was a tangle of leather bracelets.

Thankfully, we had all eaten prior to arriving at the hotel and the exquisite painful wait to slip upstairs only lasted through the one drink.

“Shall we adjourn to our room?” Courtney asked the group as Jo sipped the last of her bourbon down.

Brad was up like a shot, “I thought you’d never ask!”

Jo laughed and stood, straightened her dress, and said, “lead on Courtney before Brad pees himself with excitement.”

“That’s mean,” Brad said but his smile told that he wasn’t offended.

At the room I fumbled for the key in excitement and then led the way in. Brad took a seat on the couch while I used Bluetooth to connect my phone to the TV for some music. The ladies slipped into the bathroom together. I sat in one of the chairs next to Brad on the couch and engaged in polite small talk as we fidgeted. Both of us had our eyes on the door to the bathroom and we could hear the tinkle of female laughter over the music.

The Cure sang “Just Like Heaven” from the TV speakers as Courtney and Jo came out of the bathroom with their arms around each other’s waists. They were, in one word, stunning. Courtney was slightly taller, with cream colored skin over a tight gym fit body. Her large C cup breasts were held up and out by the emerald green bra and her eyes flashed in excited challenge.

Jo now wore only her bra and a thong as well and they were also emerald green. Her breasts were smaller than Courtney’s and sat high on her chest. Her long legs were elegant and showed the signs of time spent running or jogging. Jo’s dusky skin was the perfect off set to Courtney’s peaches and cream. Jo’s bedroom eyes moved back and forth from Brad to me examining our appreciative reaction to the ladies’ entrance.

“Wow,” Brad said. His mouth hung open and he sprang to his feet. His fingers fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.

“Double wow!” I said standing as well.

“Easy boys,” Jo said, “you look a bit too eager. Sit back down.”

I dropped back in my chair, hands fidgeting nervously. Brad sat back down too and paused taking off his shirt with the buttons half undone.

Jo and Courtney eyed us and calmly turned and moved to the bed. I stood up again and so did Brad.

“Stay!” Jo called out to us.

I sat back down and Brad remained standing by the couch. The ladies sat on the bench at the foot of the bed watching our discomfort with enjoyment. Jo leaned to Courtney and whispered in her ear. Courtney smiled and nodded turning towards Jo. Jo tilted her head up and the ladies’ lips met gently. They both turned to look over at Brad and me.

“So, are you boys getting anxious?” Jo said in her breathy voice. “You are going to have to wait just a bit longer.”

“Alex,” Courtney said to me, “You look like someone punched you in the gut. Are you ok?” She turned and kissed Jo again, longer this time.

Turning back to us Jo said, “Brad, you look silly standing there all hot and bothered. I bet you are bursting!”

Courtney stood facing Jo who remained sitting on the bench. Jo kissed Courtney’s taunt belly and ran her hands up Courtney’s sides to her breasts. Courtney dropped to her knees and the ladies kissed again while Jo’s hands worked the back of Courtney’s bra. Courtney returned the favor and the ladies whipped off their bras in a synchronized motion, tossing the bras at us men.

Jo and Courtney pressed together, rubbing breasts, and kissing deeply now. I had to remind myself to breath. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Brad was transfixed.

“Oh lord,” Brad breathed in a whisper.

The ladies stood and walked towards us, still arm in arm.

“Boys, would you please help us with our thongs?” Joe said.

The ladies turned towards each other and stood kissing while Brad and I moved over to them. I slipped behind Jo and kissed the back of her neck before dropping to my knees behind her. I could see Brad had taken up the same position behind Courtney but he already had Courtney’s thong down to her knees. I rushed a bit to catch up and the ladies lifted their feet one at a time for us to complete the thong removal.

The ladies didn’t stop kissing, their arms were wrapped around each other tightly. Jo’s firm round rump was right at my head level and I leaned in and kissed it. I let my hands run up and down her legs which she spread slightly. I could see her long labia and crouched lower to press my face in and lick along the folds. Hands grabbed my head and pressed me in, crushing me against Jo’s bottom I licked and sucked while holding Jo’s thighs to avoid toppling over.

We remained in this position for quite a while. The women face to face standing, kissing, each with arms reaching past each other and holding their husbands’ heads firmly pressed into the bottoms of the other woman. I could hear Courtney moaning into her kisses and Jo started rocking back and forth roughly on my face. Courtney’s moans turned into cries as she orgasmed.

The ladies released us and each other. They turned together and crossed to the bed. I heard the murmur as the ladies decided on the next position but I was too busy undressing hurriedly to pay much attention. Brad was in the same boat, kicking his jeans into the corner of the room and yanking on his socks.

The ladies crawled onto the bed from opposite sides and stayed on hands and knees, face to face. They kissed again as we men took up positions behind them, struggling to get our condoms on as fast as possible. I placed the head of my penis between the long dark lips of Jo’s vagina and pushed into her. I managed to get halfway in on the first stroke and all the way in on the second.

Brad was already pounding Courtney so hard that she couldn’t keep kissing Jo without chipping a tooth. She locked eyes with me over Jo’s shoulder and I could see the ecstasy etched on her face. Before long Courtney and Jo orgasmed at about the same time. Jo dropping her shoulders to the bed and Courtney staying up with arms locked, pushing back hard with each stroke to meet Brad’s thrusts.

The ladies’ orgasms left them breathless and we had to stop for a minute. Brad grabbed a water bottle from the bedside and chugged half of it. He tossed the bottle to me and I finished it. The ladies lay twined together, hands running gently over each other’s skin, enjoying the smooth textures. Before long, the ladies revived enough to pull off our condoms, wipe us boys down with wet wipes and give us instructions.

“Brad, Alex, stand face to face,” Jo said and we awkwardly complied. Brad made a funny snorting laugh and we stood with our penises about an inch apart. The ladies then knelt on either side of us and leaned in sucking us and passing us back and forth. Jo started on me, bobbing her head and hand while Courtney did the same for Brad. Then they both worked on Brad for a bit with Courtney licking the shaft while Jo swirled his penis head in her mouth. Then, they turned and did the same for me and I nearly swooned.

“We are going to run through some condoms but we can play the same game,” I said and we moved over to the bed. The ladies were both on one side of the bed side by side on their backs with their legs in the air as Brad and I went back and forth between them. The ladies turned their heads in and kissed while running their hands over each other’s breasts. I loved seeing Courtney tugging on Jo’s long dark nipples.

We banged the ladies furiously and slowly fell into the same rhythm of strokes and the bed bounced with the combined fury of our assault. Suddenly there was a loud crack! Courtney screamed!

“What the hell!” Brad said as he pulled back from Courtney.

We all stopped what we were doing and I got down on my knees to look under the bed. I couldn’t see anything until Courtney passed me her phone. I turned on the torch function and could see we had cracked on of the wooden slats supporting the mattress. The rest of the slats seemed to be in good condition but if we kept it up, who knew what would happen.

I let the others know and we moved over to the sitting area where Jo lay back on the couch. Courtney sprang up and stood on a chair with her hands on the back Brad tried to climb on as well, balancing precariously.

“Oi!” Jo yelled out and Brad immediately jumped back off the chair before they broke it too. Courtney climbed down too looking a bit chastened as well. I quit paying too much attention to Brad and Courtney’s antics and took one of Jo’s long nipples in my mouth. It way just as amazing as I’d remembered. At nearly an inch long, her dark nipples were a delight to suck and tweak between your fingers.

I mounted Jo in missionary position on the couch and rolled her up into cradle position grinding, leaning in and kissing her full lips and hunching down to suck her nipples. Jo made a noise deep in her throat like a grunt and then moaned loudly.

“Don’t stop,” She whispered in my ear as I ground against her, feeling her heat through the condom deep in her. I kissed her throat and she pushed my head back to her breast. I sucked hard at her nipple and she said, “Bite it!”

I bit her long nipple and kept grinding my penis as deep as it could go. She ground her pelvis as well and her motion became faster. I matched the motion and followed her lead. She suddenly stopped moving and all her muscles turned taunt.

“Ohhhh! Unnnghh!” Jo screamed in my ear as I bit her long nipple. Then, she started rocking again thrusting against me and I went from grinding to pounding, a wet slapping noise at each thrust.

“Give it to me,” Jo said and clawed at my back. I had no choice but to obey and I did!

“Courtney!” I screamed out but Jo didn’t mind as she was in the midst of a serious second orgasm that had her writhing and gushing liquid across the couch, my thighs and onto the floor.

“Holy shit!” Jo screamed and then went limp on the couch.

“Awesome brother!” I heard Brad say and turned to see him giving me a thumbs up while pounding a quivering Courtney bent over the chair. I gave him a thumbs up as well and lay back lazily against Jo.

I watched as Brad worked Courtney through another hard orgasm and then as he lay her down on the carpet for more. He climbed on her even as she was trembling from the last orgasm and began pumping again. He kissed her neck and lips as they writhed on the carpet. Jo put her hand on my leg and smiled at me as we listened to our spouses orgasm loudly together on the floor.

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