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44. The Sex Party!

A few weeks passed after our country pub group social and as usual everyone’s real lives were getting in the way of adult play. Courtney and I chalked the entire event up as just a good time out that probably wouldn’t lead to any significant future interaction. That was ok as the night had been a hoot with or without any physical play. The dinner had been tasty and the company even more so! Our after-party, husband-wife, play had been stoked to a steel melting heat from all the banter with like-minded folks.

We, thankfully, were wrong. Out of the blue, we received a note from Brandon and Kerry inviting us to a party at their home. Per their invite message, there would be four couples and a single guy attending a dinner party at their home. We didn’t know any of the couples on the list and were a bit nervous about what might be expected at a party. Would we just be expected to play with everyone? Would it be a free-for-all where we couldn’t escape easily?

I asked the questions most pressing on our minds back to Kerry and Brandon. They responded promptly that there would be zero pressure to play and that they would be happy if we just joined for dinner and departed before any play kicked off. Mollified, we agreed to go and try out this novel, to us, type of swinging event. We tried to push to the back of our minds a couple of negative events which had happened at people’s homes.

The day arrived and, as usual, there was a stressful period where Courtney went through every possible outfit combination before returning to her original preference – this time a smart green and cream patterned dress. I settled for some grey slacks and a matching green shirt only to be told the shift had to go. I switched out for khakis and a red and black shirt. It looked silly and I went with the grey slacks with the red and black shirt. I don’t know why Courtney takes so long at this.

I nipped into the bathroom for a final shave and found Courtney all together and just adding the last-minute touches. As usual, she was stunning. She smiled into the mirror at my appreciative gaze.

“You ready for this Alex?”

“I don’t know that I’m ever really ready for any of this… It’s always a shock to the system.”

“No, I mean this,” she handed me the razor. “You missed a spot on your jawline by your ear.”

I took the razor and shaved for the second time that evening feeling carefully for stubble, especially right around my lips. I caught Courtney’s eyes twinkling with an unsaid funny as she watched my efforts.

“Just say it,” I smiled at her.

“You planning on getting those lips of yours near something sensitive?”

“Ma’am, a boy scout is always prepared!”

“Let’s just home that boy scout doesn’t get lost in a hot wet jungle.”

We had a little, nerve-calming, laugh and headed out. I dropped by the cellar and picked out a decent little Bordeaux which leaned slightly pretentious. We had flowers picked out as well, an arrangement of sunflowers and dark brown seed pods along with other Autumn looking things of which only Courtney knew the names.

The drive was just under an hour giving us time to chat, relax, listen to some calming music, and get nervous as heck. We parked on the street instead of in their driveway to avoid being blocked in if we wanted to leave early. Boy scout and all that.

Kerry met us and the door as did Brandon. There were the usual flurry of awkward cheek kisses, handshakes and half hugs all made more complicated by trying to hand of the wine and flowers. The tussle on the doorstep turned into a smooth tour of Brandon and Kerry’s smart home. The downstairs was a huge open room broken only by a breakfast bar between the modern gourmet kitchen flagged with grey fieldstone and the dining room. The dining room flowed seamlessly into a comfortable living room with three leather couches arranged around a brass and glass coffee table. Three extra chairs had been pulled up at the end of the coffee table turning the U of couches into an O of seats.

Sitting on the couches were three two other couples and in one of the chairs was a single guy. We were the last to arrive… suck!

We made a loop through the kitchen following Kerry and Brandon as they dropped off the wine and Kerry placed the flowers in a tall narrow lead crystal vase. The flowers were walked around and through to the dining room and placed center table joining a globe shaped blown glass snifter filled with scotch. From the dining room, we joined the others in mid-conversation.

We took our place in the middle couch across from the three chairs. To our right were a short, athletic, bubbly blond and her tall, thin, taciturn, bald husband - Harris and Alexia. On our left were a thin lady with piercing dark brown eyes, long wavy brown hair and her stout, gregarious, grinning husband - Greyson and Aimee. The single guy was younger than the rest of us and slightly uncomfortable in his manner. He was tall, dressed with a certain upper-class flair, fit and handsome. He introduced himself as Mark.

Kerry, our hostess mentioned that Mark, the single guy, was her current lover. I glanced at Brandon, our host, to gauge his reaction. Brandon was unphased. It turned out that their style of swinging was having full-up relationships outside their marriage. To each their own… that wasn’t Courtney’s and my style at all.

To make us even more uncomfortable, we found that everyone at the party knew each other from previous play sessions. We were the newbies! I was a tad grumpy about that but it didn’t phase Courtney at all. She was deep in conversation about dogs with Aimee, of the long brown hair, sitting to our left. The shared passion for petting pooches served as an ice breaker for them and I found Greyson could carry most of the weight of conversation between us boys on his broad shoulders. If we’d met them at a club, we would gladly have lured them to room somewhere for a little fun.

To our right, Harris was quietly discussing weather and traffic with Mark while in the dining room Kerry and Brandon were putting the last touches on canapes. I felt a hand on my knee and nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Oh, startled you,” Alexia said with a quiet voice and a mischievous look in her eyes. “We are all glad you guys decided to join us.” Sounded nearly like something from a horror movie!

“Me too,” I replied with an extreme lack of wit.

Alexia decided to pick up the conversation, “did you get to check out our profile on fab before you came tonight?”

“I must admit I did,” I grinned a bit sheepish. “Your profile was very,” I searched for a word, “…compelling.”

“Compelling? Really, I would have thought more like, provocative or,” she bared one shoulder out of the top of her red dress and wiggled it at me, “stunning!”

I felt quite out of my league with this hot little blond who was dancing her words around me leaving me feeling the bumbling dolt… and she was enjoying the game!

Thankfully, Brandon and Kerry returned to the group, placing three trays of varied canapes on the coffee table. They then took the remaining two chairs with Kerry sitting between Mark, her lover, and Brandon, her husband. The pale little hand stayed on my knee as conversation grew amongst the party. Courtney noticed my anxious discomfort and reached a hand casually over and patted Alexia’s hand on my knee.

Courtney left her hand casually on top of Alexia’s hand and my, excitement, discomfort, and anticipation grew to a boil.

“How are you doing dear?” Courtney asked me soto voice.

“Fine, just a little discombobulated.”

“It shows,” she smiled sidelong at me. I could feel the blush burning my cheeks.

I took a deep breath and returned my attention to the proceedings. Brandon was saying something about an icebreaker game and was holding two boxes of chocolates. I missed the instructions trying to gather my wits and when offered the box reached blindly in and pulled out a dark chocolate truffle with a coffee bean on top.

“Oh, that’s me,” said Aimee, “matching chocolates.” I felt Alexia and Courtney’s hands leave my knee as they each stood. Courtney swapped spots with Aimee and sat by a delighted Greyson who immediately put an arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. Kerry took Alexia’s place on the couch next to Harris and with a flounce and squeal, Alexia took the chair between Mark and Brandon placing a hand on each of their knees.

“Ok, now would each of you feed your chocolate to your new seat partner,” Brandon said while demonstrating with Alexia. Alexia took her chocolate in her mouth and leaned over and made Mark kiss it free.

I hesitantly held out my chocolate to Aimee and she took it out of my hand with her mouth, trailing her warm lips on my palm. Aimee duplicated the move Alexia had made and placed her chocolate between her lips. I glanced quickly to Courtney to make sure we were all still ok and found she was pressed in a kiss with burly Greyson. One of his huge hands was splayed across her back. I leaned in and noticed Aimee’s dark eyes stayed open watching me until we were too close to focus.

Our lips touched and I felt the familiar fire in my belly. The chocolate tumbled back and forth between us as our kiss turned deep and passionate. When I came up for air, the rest of the group were also leaning back with smiles and assessing looks in their eyes. I had pegged Aimee as possibly mousy but, the fire of her kiss was unmistakably passionate and I wanted more!

“Ok, time to change it up,” said Brandon and the ladies swapped places around the room. Courtney now sat between Mark and Brandon looking her usual confident self. Kerry sat by me and Aimee sat by Harris. Alexia plopped down onto Greyson’s lap laughing as she kissed him.

Kerry pressed her cantaloupe breasts on my chest and pushed into me kissing fiercely. Her demand was unmistakable and I found my hands running up and down her back. I drew a shuddering breath and leaned back. Across the room, Mark was kissing Courtney's lips while Brandon kissed her neck and, yes, rubbed her breasts! Brandon leaned back with a smile and said… last round and then dinner.

“About time I get to the fresh meat,” Alexia said and ground herself into my lap. “You are going to be so much fun!” With that encouragement, I was consumed by the tiny blond imp. She couldn’t stay still at all and was all over me even as our lips stayed locked.

“Oi,” I heard Courtney say. “Save some of that for after dinner!”

I looked up embarrassed, realizing that everyone else had already stopped the last kiss and were moving to the dinner table. Courtney grinned at me and helped Alexia and me up from the deep couch.

“He’s a great kisser Courtney! You have a keeper!” Alexia smiled as she headed to the table. Then Alexia added loudly to the whole room, “I have first dibs on the new guy's cock!”

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This is an amazing experience to read. Thanks for sharing!!

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