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49. Alex's Mojo

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

It was a few weeks later that we went back to Jay Dee's. Yes, Jay Dee's had become a bit of a regular place for us even though we really liked several other clubs as well. But, Jay Dee's does seem to be the common denominator for lots of our most excellent adventures.

We were suddenly free and had zero plans to meet anyone. We stood by the bar chatting with a friendly couple and scoping out the environment to the thumping music raging off the dance floor. The night was young and full of possibility. I had my water bottle open and was scooping ice into it from the bar while Alex had a beer handed o him from our cooler. The couple chatting with us were a couple we'd met a few times at different clubs but with whom we had no burning desire to play.

"We saw your flogging a few weeks ago," the gentleman said to me while I fumbled around picking up the ice I'd spilled on the bar top. "I found the entire thing highly erotic!"

"Uh, thanks." I didn't quite know how to reply.

"I find it erotic too," Alex interjected. "When the crowd grows and I can see just how exciting Courtney is to everyone, I feel super proud to be her man!"

"I get the same feeling watching my partner having sex with another man," the gentleman said and I could see Alex's lips purse slightly and knew what he was going to say.

"I'm just not a watcher, I like to be part of the fun," Alex said as he put a hand on my waist and I put my hand over his giving it a little squeeze.

"Do you ever have MFM play," the lady asked. "Do you do the cuckold thing?"

"Yes and no," I said while Alex took a pull on his beer. "We've had a couple of really fun MFM but Alex is part of the fun, not a watcher. Sometimes I wish he would watch and give me a break!" I laughed.

"Are you not a watcher because it makes you jealous?" The lady looked curiously at Alex.

"I prefer to think it isn't that," said Alex. "I just really like the physical play. Watching is like porn. It's ok and all but nothing like real play."

"But, you like watching the flogging?" The lady smiled at Alex and put a hand on his shoulder. "Watching can be fun."

"Ha! Touche," Alex said nodding his head. "Watching can be fun, much like an appetiser is fun but isn't the main course."

"Tapas!" The lady looked at Alex triumphant. "A meal of nothing but appetizers."

"Tappas," Alex said over his shoulder as he whirled me onto the dance floor, "always leave me hungry for more."

We danced and we laughed. The night was progressing happily and I was already thinking about the possibility of heading off to the hot tub when we met a cute couple just off the dance floor. They had been eyeing us for a while and I took the initiative to say hello.

His name was Andrius and she was Marina and they were a cute Lithuanian couple. Andrius stood a bit shorter than my preference at about 5'8". He had a broad smile, flashing crystal blue eyes, and a bit of a babyface. He was built sturdily but wasn't heavy or fat. As a tradesman, he spent most days working hard physically and it showed. They were in their early thirties, about as young as we would go.

Marina was also about 5'8" and was built like a dancer with long thin legs and a smaller chest. Her hair was light brown and curly down to her mid-back. Her eyes were dark, either black or brown. It was a bit hard to tell in the low lighting at the club. She seemed a bit reserved but Andrius jumped in to explain that her English was still developing. She blushed at the comment but shook her head and then eyed Alex up and down boldly.

Andrius was wearing brown trousers and dress shoes shined recently. His shirt was crisp and white and I noticed silver cuff links with a dark stone on top. Marina wore a short black dress and stiletto open-toe heels. The cut of the dress accented the little cleavage she had and showed off her sexy legs. We danced with them for a bit and, how to say this, Marina got aggressive!

Alex and I were dancing side by side, chatting to them between songs. Marina danced in close to Alex and worked her hands over his body not missing a spot! Alex's eyes opened wide and he looked to me for guidance. I shrugged at him and gave him a smile so he looked at Andrius who was just grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat.

"Well," Alex said pulling back slightly and smiling at Marina. "Shall we go chat somewhere? We were thinking about hitting the hot tub soon?"

Marina looked a little confused and Andrius spoke to her in quick clipped Lithuanian. She nodded and took Alex by the hand leading us off the dance floor and through the lobby. I needed to hit the restroom as did Andrius leaving Alex and Marina waiting, or so I thought. When I exited the restroom, Andrius was looking around a bit confused .

"Where did they go?" I asked Andrius.

"I don't know," he replied. "Maybe they went on to the hot tub?" He looked a bit concerned and a little miffed.

"This isn't like Alex," I said. "He doesn't leave me in a club. Let's go find them."

The two of us wandered through the kitchenette and peeked into the room with the hot tub. Alex and Marina weren't there.

"Hey, Courtney over here," I heard Alex say behind me. They were sitting on a couch in the social lounge area off the kitchenette. Alex looked flustered and a bit wild-eyed. Marina was sitting on his lap and had a hand down the front of his shirt and was working at the buttons as we walked up.

Andrius said something in Lithuanian and Marina responded with a shrug and then spontaneously kissed Alex full on the mouth. Alex's hand rose with his index finger up as if asking a question and he broke the kiss off prematurely.

"Ha, well good to see you finally out of the restroom," Alex said to me and pushed/helped Marina to standing. "Marina was getting to know me quite well. How about we all relax in the hot tub and chat a bit before we make any decisions and all that."

I could tell Andrius liked Alex's idea and he turned to me with his big smile, "We meet you in the hot tub, ok?"

"Yes, our locker is just down the hall," I replied.

Marina said something else to Andrius in Lithuanian and took Alex by the hand and started dragging him down the hall. Alex looked at me with wide eyes and then broke her hold gently.

"Oh my, well, we do need to get our towels and stuff." Alex patted Andrius on the shoulder and turned back to me and our locker. Andrius and Marina wandered further down the hall and into one of the side rooms with lockers.

"Courtney, that was crazy!" Alex was flustered and I sort of liked the confused look on his face. I was usually me getting chased by the male half of the couple while Alex played cool.

"Do you want to fuck her?" I asked him with a sly grin.

"I don't know if I have a choice," Alex said shaking his head. "As soon as you guys went to the toilet she grabbed my hand like she did just a second ago and dragged me through to here. She tried to get me into one of the private playrooms! I explained that we only played together but she just kept pulling on my arm until I got a bit firm with my tone, broke free, and started heading back. Then, she grabbed me again and that's how we ended up in the social room. If you hadn't shown up..." Alex tailed off.

"Oh, so you were being mauled. I feel extremely sorry for the damage to your dignity. Will you survive?"

"Nasty wife. My ego is now oversized and the little boy in me is scared to death of her! She might eat me alive!"

"I don't mind playing with them. Andrius is handsome in a boyish way and Marina seems keen."

"Seems keen?" Alex said and shook his head. "You might say that."

We grabbed our towels and stripped off to head to the hot tub. Andrius and Marina were taking a bit longer so we had time to shower off and slip into the hot tub before they arrived. I noted Alex was already rock hard with the stroking of his "ego" and the realization that in a short time he would probably be having sex with someone who wanted him something fierce. I would say his Mojo was pumping again nicely!

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Jan 05, 2022

We have really enjoyed getting back in the game!

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