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5. This Can't Be Happening!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The distinguished gentleman led us through the door from the entry foyer and into what looked like a cross between a pub and a sitting room in a posh hotel. We stood awkwardly with our towels draped over our arms as, to the right, the gent pointed out what he called a “snug” consisting of several matching faux leather couches with low tables. Along one wall was a taller table that our guide noted would be used to lay out snacks later in the evening. To the left, he pointed out the full bar and beyond that a medium sized dancefloor complete with stripper pole. So far all looked clean, well-appointed and tame enough not to scare us off.

Our guide ushered us past the dance floor and with a flourish gestured to an adjoining room dubbed the “couples’ room” where single guys were not allowed. That statement gave me pause, single men? Why were they banned from a certain room? Were they aggressive? I could tell looking at the couples’ room with its multi-level white faux leather covered platforms was causing Courtney to imagine all the possible shenanigans which might happen there later in the evening. She gripped my hand tightly.

We followed our guide back past the bar and noticed the young couple, with whom we’d entered the club, standing at the bar chatting to a tall, balding gentleman with his arm around a stunning black lady wearing a white lace negligee and impossibly tall heels. She was stunning and I honestly didn’t know where to look. I kept my eyes averted as we passed in my best “good husband at the beach” shuffle and peek mode. I glanced at Courtney and she laughed out loud at me… nice.

Next, we were shown the locker room where we put away our towels. It was a unisex room and I wondered naively if we were supposed to undress in public. Just past the changing room our guide pointed out a large room with a ~12 or so person hot tub as a center piece. Around the edges of the room were the now familiar raised platforms covered this time in faux red leather. We crossed past the hot tub, which we were informed had a state-of-the-art UV filtration system and that the water was completely run through filters every so many minutes. I guess we were supposed to be impressed but, the information was largely lost on us as we gazed around the room stunned at the though of all the debauchery impending in this room.

The rest of the tour was a bit of a blur as we made our way back to the bar area. I realized that, in fact, I really needed a drink. This of course brought me right back to the uncomfortable position of standing next to the hottie in the white negligee. Thankfully she ignored me as I ordered a tonic water for Courtney and a scotch for me. Heading back, I notice Courtney was, uncharacteristically, sitting quietly in the corner of the “snug” on an overstuffed couch, pointedly ignoring a handsome young Asian man trying to draw her into conversation. The young man politely moved on with a friendly, “look me up later.”

We sat for quite a while enjoying each other’s presence and whispering about the various couples and singles who were rapidly filling the club. Strangely, the enforced “no cell phone” rule made us focus more on each other and we found ourselves happily deep in conversation. We agreed that if nothing else came of the night that the “no cell phone” time had been worth the price of admission. However, we weren’t alone for too long as the music got louder, and the crowd multiplied exponentially.

Suddenly, we realized we were surrounded; the press of the valentine’s party crowd was growing every minute. If we were going to make a move it needed to be soon. Courtney asked, “well, hot tub dear?” I took a deep breath; this was why we were here right? We were here to experience the club and see what it was all about. That would be a bit hard to do while sitting like wall flowers in the corner of the snug.

We threaded our way towards the locker room and were surprised to find there was a queue. Now, we could hear more than music. Somewhere close by a lady was having a massive shrieking orgasm drawing chuckles and lewd comments from those in the queue. We found that we were once again huddled together holding hands and I’m sure the whites of my eyes were showing when I looked at Courtney. “At least someone is having fun,” she smiled as the unseen lady soared towards another vocally impressive orgasm.

As we reached the front of the queue, we realized we were watching multiple couples undressing and loosely draping their towels around themselves. We struggled again with where to look as a handsome couple casually shrugged off their club gear revealing tanned and trimmed bodies, a ridiculously long floppy shlong and perfect set of breasts with button nipples. We noticed they were both carefully shaved or waxed where it counted. “Ok,” said Courtney raising her eyebrows, “that’s nice.” Great understatement!

There was no way that this many people were headed to the hot tub. “They’re all going to have sex!” Courtney whispered as she went hip to hip with me. We tried to melt into each other for comfort but were now at the front of the queue and on display for all. The quick change was a blur as I caught sight of my wife’s elegant long legs being admired by several men… and women! She seemed much more at ease than should have been possible. I was anything but at ease. In fact, I was struggling to maintain my dignity with a fully erect penis clamped under my towel.

We stepped into the large room with the hot tub and, as I’d expected, the hot tub was heaving. I spotted a small space that would probably hold the two of us at the far end of the tub. “Over there, just past the redhead there’s a spot,” I gestured to Courtney. She nodded and without a second’s hesitation dropped her towel in the middle of a room full of naked fucking people and headed into the tub. I was stunned and still unprepared.

My mind reeled as I took in the scene of my wife’s lovely firm/fit derriere sinking into the foam of the hot tub. Over Courtney’s shoulder, on one of the platforms, I could see a lovely blond on her hands and knees, oversized breasts swinging wildly, a man grasped her firmly by the hips and thrust into her powerfully. The blond was moaning loudly around the shaft of another man’s penis which was buried to her tonsils! Beyond that threesome was another couple locked in a dripping wet 69, both squirming like electric eels fighting to the death. In fact, the whole room was moving rhythmically as far as the eye could see and the music pounded away, bashing at my overwhelmed senses.

With a deep breath I dropped my towel and, gaped with embarrassment as my raging hardon sprang free like it was on a tightly wound spring; you could almost hear the cartoon "boing" sound effect. I nearly tripped, slipped, flailed and splashed ridiculously following Courtney into the hot tub.

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