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50. Crash in the Couples Room!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Andrius and Marina entered the hot tub room wearing matching fluffy yellow towels. Marina led the way, pausing briefly to shower off. From our angle in the hot tub, she looked quite fit. Her body was very much a dancer's body with long legs and small firm breasts. Her nipples were dark even against her tan complexion and their entire areola puffed out. She strode confidently into the hot tub and sat directly next to Alex with her shoulder touching his.

Andrius was only a few steps behind. He received the shocking cold of Jay Dee's notorious capricious shower temperature and hopped out quickly. He had a moderately manly hairy body with enough muscle to hold onto. His baby face and broad smile was his selling point for sure. His penis, shocked by the cold water, was a bright pink button against the white of his thighs. He had a farmer's tan and his forearms, broad chest and thighs were lily white.

He dropped into the hot tub from the side and sat next to me. I was directly across from Alex and Andrius was directly across from Marina. They conversed briefly in Lithuanian and Alex and I locked eyes across the tub wondering where this night was going. Alex nearly hopped up startled and I laughed out loud seeing that Marina had grabbed his cock underwater.

My laugh turned into a squawk as Andrius' hand rubbed over my smoothly waxed lower lips!

"Oh, ok," Alex said smartly. "I see we are past the getting to know each other stage?"

"What this mean?" Marina asked him in her thickly accented English.

"That we seem to be starting to play," Alex said. "The hot tub is off limits for play," Alex pointed to the clearly marked rules on the wall.

Marina just smiled and kept pumping her hand on Alex's dick. That was of course the point when Pony Tail Dave, the club's resident bouncer and Dom, stepped into the room.

"Naughty," Dave shook his finger at us. "You should know the rules."

Alex fumbled an apology and tried to stop Marina's hand from yanking on him. "Sorry Dave! We were just getting out." Alex stood pulling Marina up by his penis and started striding out of the pool. Marina didn't let go!

I took the wandering hand of Andrius in mine and led him out of the water as well. He was grinning like a pimp watching an aircraft carrier pull into port.

We all showered off again and wrapped up in our towels. Alex stopped by our locker and grabbed our goodie bag and Andrius went to their locker to do the same. Marina stayed with us by our locker. She had a smitten look on her face staring at my husband. I looked at him, and smiled seeing him through her eyes.

Alex is nearly six foot tall, and has the body of a former athlete who struggles to find enough time for the gym. He has a ready smile and self confidence to spare. I think he's quite handsome and evidently Marina thought the same!

"Should we go up to the couple's room or try for the large private room at the end of the hall?" Alex looked to me for input.

"I'm good either way but do enjoy the large room." I replied helpfully.

"Up stairs is good no?" Marina said in what sounded like a question.

"Yes, it's not bad in the couple's room. There are some side play areas and a large round bed in the middle," Alex said back.

Marina went up on tiptoes, I admired her grace and form, and kissed Alex again. Alex lost his balance and slammed up against the lockers. I laughed at his grace and form. Alex shot me look somewhere between reproach for laughing at him and pleading for help. However, Andrius caught back up to us just as Marina, in one motion, plucked Alex's towel off, squatted and took him right into her mouth.

"Hey, wow!" Alex said impressing me with his wit under pressure. "How 'bout we save that for the play room. We might scare club newbies by playing in the hall."

Marina pulled off of Alex with a loud sucking pop, stood up and licked one of Alex's nipples. I laughed again at the look on Alex's face. Not to be out done, Andrius leaned in and kissed me. His lips and face were as soft as a woman's and his tongue moved tentatively. I pulled him towards me and enjoyed the firm squareness of his body pressed to me. This was going to be fun!

"Very nice," I smiled at him and followed Alex and Marina up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you can either turn left into the couples room or right into open play areas. A few single guys were lounging on sofas in the open play area ever hopeful of seeing something exciting or the holy grail of being invited to join in some play. I thought back to "Magic Mike" and the thrill I'd had a few weeks back. I guess lurking in clubs does sometimes work for single guys.

Alex turned left into the couples play room and we all followed gripping our towels and stumbling over the raised entrance (if you've been, you know.) The room has a row of floor level vinyl covered cushions on each side of the entry walkway with room for about eight couples to play per side. At the end of the walkway is a raised round platform bed with room for another eight or so couples to play. Around the round bed is a walkway and several chair for folks to relax and watch the fun. On the far wall from the entryway, past the round bed, is a large screen tv mounted on the wall displaying vintage porn.

Also, mounted on the wall is a closed-circuit television camera that points at the large round bed and displays on a screen out in the open play area. The chairs in the area next to the display screen is a favorite place for single guys to congregate. I personally don't get any charge from the exhibitionism of the camera display setup but I think Alex likes to show off a bit.

The couples room was quite busy. There were two couples playing on the round bed. A tiny brunette lady with a pixy body was being pounded by a very tall black gentleman in the doggy position. A earth-goddess black lady lay on her back with her head under the tiny brunette sucking her tiny nipples. The earth-goddess' large breast swung wildly with each thrust from a portly balding gentleman with a ruddy complexion and a wine drinker's nose. The portly balding man was working double time and had the earth-goddess' legs over his shoulders.

The slapping of bodies and moans from the round bed were echoed by two couples playing on the right side of the entryway. The two men were sitting side by side and the ladies were on all fours in front of them sucking away. So, we were greeted with two lovely round bums just as we walked in the doorway.

"It's pretty busy in here," Alex stated the obvious. "We could go back down stairs if you prefer or we could camp out here," he indicated the empty cushions on the left side.

Marina pulled off her towel and spread it out across the vinyl and Alex followed suit. Andrius was watching the action on the large round bed and looked a bit overwhelmed by all the activity. I chucked my towel down by Alex's and he helped me spread it out. Before he could even get my towel completely laid out, Marina had his cock in her mouth distracting him completely.

I knelt over the bed spreading out the top of the towel as Alex rolled on his back with Marina hovering at his side sucking and pumping him. I leaned in and kissed Alex knowing just how much he loved the sensation. He moaned into the kiss and I could feel myself getting super turned on. Behind me I felt warm soft kisses on my bum and gentle hands running over my legs.

I stayed on all fours kissing Alex as Andrius became more bold with his kisses to my bum now licking and working his way to my already wet pussy. I broke off the kiss with Alex to make an appreciative Mmmm sound. Then, I dropped down and rolled on my back next to Alex letting Andrius have full access for his darting tongue. I turned my head from watching Andrius' efforts to Alex. Alex's and my eyes met and he grinned at me as the young couple pleasured us.

Alex leaned close and whispered, "she really knows what she's doing!"

"He isn't too shabby himself," I said a bit breathlessly feeling an orgasm building.

Alex could see my eyes going unfocused and leaned in to kiss me as I moaned and shook through a sharp, firecracker orgasm. Alex leaned back from his kiss as I came off the top of my orgasm and I looked back to Andrius who was sitting back rubbing my pussy with a thumb and grinning all pleased with himself. There was movement next to me and I noticed Marina had worked herself around so that she was in a 69 position with Alex and I could see she was grinding her hips down hard on his face. I hoped he wouldn't get a broken nose or something.

Andrius leaned back down and licked me through another, deeper, orgasm while using an inserted finger to press up on my inner walls. He wasn't quite on the G-spot but that didn't matter as I groaned and wrapped my legs around his head holding him in place. My eyes clenched tight, I received a kiss from Marina (I could tell by the long hair brushing my face) and opened my mouth moaning allowing her tongue to dart in and play. I kissed back passionately and felt a second quick tiny orgasm crash through my body. I held her head with one hand, my fingers gripping her hair as my other hand clenched a fist full of towel.

Marina whined into my mouth her tongue moving in spastic circles as she orgasmed thanks to Alex's skillful tongue. I held her in place kissing her as her body spasmed. I was so focused on Marina's orgasm that I was surprised to find that nothing was happening down by my pussy. I pulled back from the kiss and looked down to find Andrius working a condom on what turned out to be a quite small penis.

Succeeding with the condom, Andrius lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed into me. I loved the feel of his warm hands on my breasts and his soft kisses on the insides of my knees as he pumped in and out slowly. His dick felt wonderful which was amplified by Marina now kissing my breast and nibbling on my nipple. The moans on the round bed at the end of the room grew louder and I joined in the choir of ecstasy. This orgasm was deep in my belly and rushed outwards in a wave of heat to every nerve.

Marina's head began to bounce on my breasts losing contact with my nipples from time to time as Alex began his slow even thrusts behind her. She stopped bothering and just lay her head on my breasts making growling sounds in her throat. I cradled her head in my arms and held her there while the men increased their speed. However, something was off, Andrius seemed to be struggling a bit and I lifted my head to look over Marina's head and down at him. He was losing his erection!

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