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51. In the private room with Andrius and Marina

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

So, there we were in the couples play area at Jay Dee's with a sexy younger couple. Andrius and Marina were a handsome Lithuanian couple we'd stumbled across in earlier that evening. Marina was aggressive in her desire for Alex and between that and her lack of a grip on English, we really couldn't (and didn't want to) say, "No."

I'm no lesbian but can appreciate and enjoy the female form. Marina's long, very shapely legs and firm round bum showed she put effort into herself and strangely, I really liked the super dark areola perkily pointing with an upward tilt off of her small, tanned breast. Am I a boob woman? Ha! Alex's hands were holding her hips tightly, yanking her back into him as he pounded her in doggy.

Andrius had a super cute baby face with a bright smile. He had a farmer's tan which left his broad slightly hairy chest, upper arms, and thighs a shocking white against the rest of his dark tan. His penis was on the small side with a bright pink head. That penis had felt quite good through a couple of strong orgasms but, now it hung limp with the condom wrinkling up as he shrank right in the middle of play!

"Are you ok?" I asked Andrius who, red faced, shrugged, and bobbed his head nervously.

"Everyone, they watching us." Andrius gestured with his left hand back at the room as his other removed his condom and covered himself.

"It's ok," I said and his smile tried and failed to return to his baby face. His eyes met mine briefly and darted over to Alex and Marina and then down. "Stage fright is real," I added. "This happens to most every guy over their swinging career."

"Stage fright," Andrius tried out the word experimentally. "What this mean stage fright?"

"It's being nervous in front of a crowd. It can really make it hard, or I should say un-hard, for a guy." I could see Alex had slowed his thrusting speed and was pulling back from Marina.

"How about we move to the private room downstairs?" Alex patted Marina on the bottom and stood, starting to gather our bag of tricks and towels.

"No! Don't go! Give me more!" Marina popped to standing with the grace of a cat. She wrapped her arms around Alex and planted her lips on his throat. One of her dancer legs rose up and wrapped around him in a lithe movement and the dainty foot left on the floor arched up to tip toe.

Alex reached a hand up to the low roof to steady himself as he turned into a wobbly stripper pole for Marina. I have to say it was both erotic watching Marina's movements and humorous watching Alex's wide-eyed attempts to stay standing.

"Marina," I said and put a hand on her tan back. "You can have all the Alex you want downstairs in the private room."

"We stay here, you go." Marina looked over her shoulder at Andrius and me.

"Ah, that isn't our style," Alex said and tried to shuffle a step towards the exit. "Come with us, it will still be fun downstairs and it will help our you man."

"Andrius ok," she said dismissively with a shrug.

Andrius started dialogue with Marina in Lithuanian in an apologetic tone and she replied hotly. Alex and I stood by helplessly for the short exchange wondering where this all was going. Then without a further word Marina grabbed Alex by the cock and pulled him hopping along behind her. I heard someone further in the couple’s room laugh and suspected it might be at Alex's awkward shuffle.

The single guys in the open play area openly admired Marina's naked form as we stepped out of the couple’s room and turned to the stairs. I had covered up with a towel and Andrius had gathered their towels and was following behind. Down and down into the kitchenette area past chatting couples who looked up with knowing smiles as we passed. Then past the hot tub room and down the hall past lockers where people stood undressing to get ready for a dip in the hot tub. At the end of the hall stood the private room we liked with the big round bed.

By the time I caught up with Alex and Marina, she was sitting on the edge of the bed sucking on a standing Alex. She hadn't taken off his condom and I wondered briefly at that but could see Alex was firming back up nicely after the short break in action.

Andrius shut the door behind us and I sat on the edge of the bed next to Marina ready to help him back to hardness. But, he spoke in Lithuanian again and Marina paused her sucking on Alex, giving an exaggerated sigh. She motioned with her hand to Andrius to come over and gave Alex a small push away.

Alex backed up to make room for Andrius and then worked his way over to me. Marina started sucking Andrius almost violently. I shrugged at Alex and lay back on the bed. Alex whipped off his condom and launched it neatly into the wastebasket, unzipped our bag of tricks and wiped himself self off with a wet wipe we carried just for these occasions.

Soon, Alex was kneeling before me with my legs over his shoulders just pushing and grinding in the delicious languid motion I loved so much. I could feel every inch of Alex as he nudged softly deep inside and I let myself just feel. I grabbed Alex's firm arms and held tightly as I shuddered with a tummy orgasm that left my core muscles spazzing out and the sounds I made were guttural growls.

I felt lips on mine and kissed back through my shudders. It was Marina and her lips parted with mine and our tongues played slowly through my afterglow of orgasm. She pulled back and my eyes were still closed in pleasure when I felt a nudge at me lips, opened and took Andrius in my mouth for some gentle sucking. The tongue I felt moving across my pussy lips was firm and moved a bit rapidly for this particular point in my orgasm cycle and I guessed it was Marina.

Sure enough, my orgasm cycle started moving upwards and the urgent licking sucking below, the thrusts of the small cock in my mouth and Alex's expert manipulation of my nipples added up to another shuddering orgasm.

We returned the favor to Marina with me sucking those hard dark nipples and Alex next to me getting sucked while Andrius pumped on her frantically. Then, suddenly, Andrius made a series of grunts, lost his pumping rythm and jerked his head back pulling out and shooting his load across Marina's flat tummy.

He sat back with another satisfied grunt, grabbed his towel, and cleaned Marina off. Seeing how we were at the end of play, Alex motioned Marina over on her hands and knees on the bed where he could stand behind her as he quickly donned a condom. As Alex thrust into her firm dancer body, I got the inspiration to straddle Marina's hips where she knelt, standing on the bed, bent over strait legged giving Alex a place for his tongue as my hands rested on Marina's shoulders.

Alex struggled a bit with the complexity of the licking and thrusting but soon moved into a rhythm that satisfied us all. Marina's growing orgasm sounds added to the spice and I joined her in slightly offset orgasms. Alex was still behind us a bit and thrust faster and faster until he froze completely with a moan. I knew he would be throbbing in Marina's belly and I grinned knowing just how good that felt.

We all sat on the bed for a few minutes and it got a bit awkward as Marina and Andrius chatted in Lithuanian. I lay back and dozed in a half coma while Andrius stroked my body with his hands like rubbing down a horse after a good gallop.

I heard Marina say softly, "Alex please fuck again soon?"

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