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Advice – Breaking the Ice with Dice!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We’ve found that with new couples, and for us when we were new, breaking the initial ice was difficult and sometimes awkward. There comes that point in the meet where things need to move from chatting to playing. This transition is all important as long delay can lead to cold feet, confusion and, quite possibly, disappointment for all. Misunderstandings during transition, especially for new couples, can lead to serious setbacks to their swinging journey.

A new couple meeting with an established couple can work smoothly as the more experienced couple leads the transition. But, sometimes this “leading,” if done too aggressively, can spook a new couple! The experienced couple needs to be super sensitive to the New couple’s concerns and apprehensions.

New couples meeting with other new couples are particularly prone to transition difficulties. The male halves of the couples need to be particularly careful to let things develop without any pushing. In the new couple meeting with new couple dynamic, it is many times best to let the women lead the entire event if they are confident enough.

Sound complex? Yep, it can be. We will talk through some of the scenarios above in future Advice blogs but here is one little trick that we’ve found super helpful in most situations – games that lead to breaking the physical touching ice. In particular, we’ve have found that sex dice are super helpful.

Sex dice are typically found in a game shop’s adult section or easily found online. The dice come in a variety of number of sides, but the premise is the same, one die has an action and the other has a body part. So, for instance, one person rolls the dice and the first die says lick and the second says navel. The person rolling the dice then performs the action on another. Simple.

We’ve found that some dice only have fairly “soft” body parts (hand, lips, thigh, etc.) and some have “hard” body parts (clitoris/penis, Ass etc.) It’s good to have the soft and the hard dice. Start out with asking who is alright to perform actions with whom. Then come up with a randomizer for whom the dice roller plays.

We play where a die is used to determine who gets the action. For the ladies we have the options of the two men and the other lady and for the men we have the option of the two women. This is because most women we play with happen to be bisexual and the men are strait. We play enough rounds to get everyone into partial undress and super turned on and then we suggest replacing the “soft” die with the “hard” die.

Not too long later, someone will roll the magic penis/clitoris and your party will move naturally into serious play! We’ve used this technique multiple times and have never had any issues come up. Let us know if it works for you!

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1 Comment

May 26, 2020

This has been one of our most popular advice posts. Sure look forward to hearing how well the dice work for all of you!

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