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Advice – It’s a Sporting Event!

In the swinging world you meet lots of folks and they each go about swinging differently. They each have different likes and dislikes, and they are all attracted to different sorts of people. However, there seems to be a couple of common themes in the swinging world. Swingers drink sparingly, eat lite, and prep ahead for their play.

You could say that swingers aren’t looking at sex as just getting off. They see sex as their hobby/sport and they want to excel. Swingers know that even the best sex can be better with a little added effort and forethought. Simply put, swingers know more about sex than most people and they have learned how to take it to the next level.

What this means is, if you take the example of swingers, you will have a much better sex life. Even if you are not swinging and are staying completely vanilla, you have the option to take things from our blog and drive your partner nuts! Swingers are the professional athletes of sex. Porn stars don’t count – they are the Olympians!

Well, I take that back. Porn stars are not all about the pleasure of the act as swingers are. Porn stars sacrifice pleasure to provide a camera angle. Porn dudes pump away like pistons when women, in real life, like a slow grind from time to time. Slow grinds don’t show off all the “parts” on camera. Also, I’ve never seen a porn scene run for more than four hours!

With forethought and effort, we’ve had multiple sessions that last more than four hours. Yes, that’s right, four hours! During a four-hour session you are constantly high on sex and stimulated out of your mind. An erection can come and go or stay the entire time! There are short pauses for air and a drink of water. But, during our record of a six-hour session, we pretty much had sex the entire time!

There will be some outliers who let themselves go completely physically or go into a play session hopped up on something. There will be some who don’t get that swinging is a sport but most do. In fact, if you see someone drunk at a swinging club, they are 99.9% of the time newbies.

Drinking cuts down on your stamina, sensation, and can lead to unfortunate mistakes. Most swingers will be happy to have a drink at the start of the evening but try asking them if they want several drinks. No one likes a sloppy playmate!

You are what you eat! Your juices will taste of what you eat and you will find that many swingers work hard to stay clean in their diet. If you don’t want to repulse your playmates, cut the garlic right before meets! Further, do you really want to go into a play session with a full stomach? What causes you gas? Seriously, avoid that!

Being overweight is a bummer too. First, you get physically unattractive to some. Second, you get heavy on your partners. You crush them! Also, your fat can get in the way of good oral. You can’t breathe when your playmate has a blubbery mons venus. Also, you will have less stamina as a larger lover. To some extent, it is more important that men stay trim as the effort of a long session isn’t equal between the sexes. (Courtney here: that’s not completely true. A million orgasms without firm abs is rough!)

So, take the word of the Olympians of sex, eat right. Drink sparingly. Get your rest. Workout. Treat swinging like a competitive sport and you will get so very much more out of it!

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