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Advice – Playing with the Dynamics

Well, I guess we first need to define what we mean by swinging dynamics. For us, a swinging event is full of energy. Not that new age, let the sun shine on your butt hole, energy. Instead it’s like music where the volume, intensity, rhythm, and interplay of harmony and melody which all work together to build a greater whole. At some point, after listening to lots of music, you will develop preferences.

No couple will have the exact same taste in swinging dynamics but will find ways to come to an agreement on how to indulge their tastes within the framework of their relationship. Some couples are at such a place that they simply concentrate on their own preferences and don’t worry about finding common ground.

However, we are one of the couples that have found common ground and tend to think that by fusing our preferences, we come out with a better result for our relationship. We support each other’s preferences and work to find ways to accommodate each other’s fantasies but know that, in the end, if either one of us is uncomfortable with something then we just won’t do it. Inside this safe framework we are comfortable and free to try variations on our themes.

Courtney loves a good pounding and, to be honest, can be a bit of a snob where it comes to the looks of her play partners. She likes to see me (Alex) having fun and really enjoys the sounds made during group play but can get so lost in her own pleasure that she loses track of everything to include Alex. She loves the feel of multiple hands on her body but gets overwhelmed sometimes in three-way play that centers on her. She would be ok with separate room swapping but understands the dangers.

I, Alex, enjoy the foursome experience more than anything else. The sights and sounds are exhilarating and the number of fun positions seems endless. I’m not comfortable with separate room play and tend to be protective of Courtney’s comfort and enjoyment during play and have been known to toss a pillow to her playmate to help prop her up if needed.

Together we truly enjoy four-ways with good looking partner that includes some MMF and MFF action during the event. We are less keen on three-way action as it tends to boil down to two-on-Courtney and she gets a bit overwhelmed. With this in mind, we probably won’t experiment with multiple guys on Courtney.

We have had a wonderful experience or two where there were multiple couples playing together and all swapping around. During these play sessions there were several times where the swirl of play produced MMMF and FFF type play. We are happy with that as part of an overall experience together that primarily is MFMF.

Each of you will need to find your own preferences and manage the dynamics between yourselves and your playmates. If you are the type of couple where the wife says, “honey I’m off with a couple of guys this weekend, there’s dinner in the fridge,” then good for you. However, we suspect that, like us, you will need to fine tune your dynamics to accommodate each other’s needs and preferences.

We suggest you try out MFMF in a simple same room swap scenario and MFMF in a group play scenario. If you are super comfortable in the simple swap dynamic then you might be happy to play separate room. If you prefer the MFMF group play and like to see your partner pleasured then introduce more MMF and MFF to your play and see what happens.

What ever dynamic you find for your play, we wish you much pleasure and fun!

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