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47. Building Courtney's Mojo

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

We returned to Jay Dee's a few weeks after our exhibitionist evening at Liberty Elite. We were still trying to figure out what was holding us back, blocking our mojo. Had we just turned old during lockdown? We sure hoped not!

The drive out was light hearted, we weren't nervous as we weren't planning anything besides a flirt or two and a soak in the hot tub. Alex was humming to the music as he maneuvered the last few turns of the dark road, in the middle of nowhere, that led to Jay Dee's. I think it was "Golden Earring - Twilight Zone," of all things. Blast from the past!

Tires on gravel, the engine revving down, and the ratchet sound of the handbrake accompanied the song's chorus, "Soon you will come to know, When the bullet hits the bone." Then silence as Alex popped open his door, cutting off the rest of the song. He rushed me, unintentionally in sure, to complete the last touches on my makeup by standing with feigned patience by my passenger side door in the cold drizzle.

We gathered our things (cooler of drinks, towels (Douglas Adams would be proud), and bag of adult goodies (condoms, dildos etc.) and headed to the door. We ran the gauntlet of forms, Covid-19 vaccine proof, and temperature check while standing in the drizzle. Luckily we had arrived early and avoided the line developing behind us. Thoroughly vetted we headed inside to the welcoming voices of several of the staff and regulars. Sort of like a perverted greeting of "Norm!" from the TV show "Cheers."

Alex took care of paying and getting our locker tickets. Did I mention that we recently posted a picture of ourselves on our regular Facebook page standing in front of the lockers at Liberty Elite? It was a great picture and I thought no one would ask or wonder where we were in the picture. Wrong! Three people asked and I had to lie! Oh the difficult life of closeted swingers!

The music was crap, as it is from time to time, but we danced anyway. Alex had a beer from our cooler which he thinks helps his dancing (not). Then we dipped into the hot tub which was a bubbly cauldron of delight! The week's stress drained away as we casually chatted with several couples around us. None of them were tempting, and they knew it, which made the conversation even more relaxed. A few of the couples paired off and exited to tub and we did too before we boiled.

Alex suggested a prowl of the club before we gave up for the night. So, we wrapped in towels and climbed up to the second floor to see if anything exciting was going on. It was.

Pony Tail Dave was working a lady on the cross and he waved to us as we joined the spectators. I could tell Alex was enjoying the show. A tall, thin, mini-breasted, young lady was taking a serious lashing and enjoying every bit of it.

"You up for a go?" Alex said with a hopeful inflection to his voice.

"I don't know," I replied thinking that the crowd was a bit large and that I wasn't wearing anything under my towel... oh, and my mojo was still off.

"Ok, your turn young lady!" Dave called out to me as he helped the tall, thin lady off of the cross. Quite before I knew what was going on, Dave had me up on the cross, naked in front of the crowd. There was nothing for it but to close my eyes and enjoy the exquisite, tingling, massage provided by Dave and his pair of flogs.

Alex described later how Dave had twirled and swirled himself and the flogs around in a dizzying spectacle ending with a triumphant three count of super loud (not as hard as the sound implies) strokes to my exposed bottom. I'm glad I work out and I've earned a taunt butt. I would have been mortified thinking that my butt had jiggled all over for all to see... especially after that thin young thing who had gone before me!

I came off the cross without wobbling or floundering like some other ladies and took my towel with dignity from Alex. The crowd was bigger than when I'd shut my eyes for the flogging. There were maybe six or seven couples, a single lady, and a half dozen single guys.

Several of the guys were grinning lewdly at me as stepped off the cross, as was Alex. I smiled as demurely as possible when butt naked on a stage. One of the single guys stared at me intently, trying to catch my eye. He was mid-30's, extremely fit, tall, dark and ridiculously handsome! It sent a shiver down my back to be standing naked in front of such a stunning, fully dressed guy.

As we do normally in a club, I whispered to Alex, "that dude is stunning!"

Alex turned to see which one and then said with a shrug, "he is a very handsome young guy."

I did love the thrill and compliment of having a sexy young man sending me signals. But, I also knew that we very VERY rarely played MFM (Male-Female-Male for those wondering.) To be honest, MFM wasn't my favorite. It tends to be too intense and every orgasm tends to be interrupted with the second guy messing it up. (Girls, help me out. Does this happen to you?) To be honest, not bi or anything but, a FMF was easier to enjoy than a MFM. Confusing?

In an FMF, the lady tends to focus on beating the crash and ride cymbals while the male provides the steady rhythm on the bass drum and floor tom. In the MFM the second guy constantly tries to have me play the flute during the rhythm solo. Still confusing? In an MFM a dude is always sticking his dick in my mouth while I'm trying to orgasm from the other guy's effort. (I prefer the music metaphor.)

So, understanding the transient thrill of the unvoiced flirt I started to head down the stairs. Low and behold, Alex wasn't following me. He was talking with the young man! Oh My Gosh! What was happening?

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I think you’re very gorgeous and I would like to take you out

Jul 21, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Steve! Very flattered. We typically don't meet single guys outside of a club environment. If you see us at a club, feel free to say hello!

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