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11. Hot Tub Crazy

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We watched as the couple headed off towards the lockers and, as soon as they were out of earshot, began a whispered conversation. “What do you think,” I asked Courtney watching her body language intently, “should we join them in the hot tub, or should we ditch them, or we could head home if you want?”

Courtney glanced back down the hall to where Bob and Molly were starting to undress next to their locker, “I don’t see a way out of joining them that isn’t a bit rude. We could go dance a bit if you would like and join them later?”

“Hmm,” I thought out loud, “that would help imply that we aren’t jumping in bed with them. A delay wouldn’t be a bad thing, and we wouldn’t have to stand right next to them at the lockers getting undressed.”

“You know we will be sitting next to them naked in a few minutes, right? Standing naked in the hall isn’t that much different.” She smiled at my slight embarrassed discomfort, “In fact, with that soft swing stuff, they could be banging away in the same room!”

Turning abruptly to avoid Courtney relishing my blush, I led the way back to the dance floor. A slow song was playing, and we started swaying together. Courtney giggled like a schoolgirl at my obvious arousal, “you thinking about anything?”

“It’s this entire brain tease of a place… crazy overstimulation!” I pressed against her and she shimmied a bit adding to the sweet agony. “I don’t think I can get in the hot tub like this. It’s embarrassing!”

“Oh, is it now?” Courtney grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. “Grab a beer if you want but, it’s time for the hot tub Alex!” I grabbed a beer from my cooler at the bar and necked it for a little courage and then followed Courtney’s shapely bum to the lockers.

“There’s a dude just sitting there,” I tried not to point at the young sharply dressed Asian man with stereotypical gold chains dangling around his neck. “He’s just sitting in a chair with a good view of the lockers as if this were the theater! You know he followed us back from the dance floor?”

“Yes,” Courtney replied, “I think he wants to see you undress.”

“I seriously doubt that,” I replied as I took up position between Courtney and the voyeur. The cheeky bugger was going to get a nice view of my hairy backside instead of Courtney’s 34 C twin perfections.

“You know, everyone is going to see me naked when I get into the hot tub,” Courtney looked at me quizzically, pausing as she was about to undo her bra. “Are you ok?”

My thoughts lurched around a bit as I struggled with the Me that doesn’t like dudes pawing at Courtney in the pub and the Me that enjoyed how enticing she was to everyone here at the club. It was a strange little war in my head that I decided to tamp down and call a draw. Here at the club, Courtney was a stunning work of art that I was proud to show off. I knew she was going home with me and no one was going to steal her away. If anyone became disrespectful of her, then they would have me to deal with. Back at the Pub… that would be another story.

With a crooked smile at Courtney I stepped around the other side of her to get myself undressed leaving her in full view of the young Asian gent. She laughed out loud at me and actually blushed a little. The young gent rocked forward slowly in his seat as Courtney’s bra came off and we could almost hear him sigh when she covered up with her towel for the short hike to the hot tub.

The hot tub was nearly empty. Bob and Molly were at the far end from the steps into the pool waving at us and there was one other couple sitting by the stairs chatting loudly in Birmingham accents to a stout single gent covered head to toe in tattoos.

We hung up our towels nest to the shower and, intently aware that we were on full display, made our way into the hot tub. There was a bit of a trick last step which Courtney stepped right through but left me floundering. Yes, second club, second hot tub, 100% on floundering and splashing like a fool.

By the time I’d caught up, Courtney had positioned herself directly opposite Bob and I plopped down next to her, directly across from Molly. “We thought you had gotten lost,” Bob joked.

“No, I owed Courtney another dance before we stripped off,” I replied while casually putting my arm around Courtney. “Happy wife, Happy life!”

“Well, I’m happy you came back,” Molly said with a bright smile. “And, you made if before we turned all wrinkly in pool.” She held up a tiny hand with immaculate sparkly red nails for inspection.

“Guy at the end is Dave,” Bob noted. “If you start talking to him, never ask about his tats. You’ll get the world tour of his art and it’s everywhere you don’t want to see!” I laughed at Bob’s sour milk expression.

Molly however was fairly done with small talk, “what are you guys looking for?” She popped the question out and I could feel the two of us both stumbling a bit at trying to describe our half-formed ideas.

“I guess we are sort getting ourselves all jazzed up with the craziness here at the club and then using that as spice for ourselves?” I looked at Courtney and she nodded in agreement. We really aren’t looking for becoming real swingers.”

Courtney nodded again and added, “we really are just playing around with all this.”

Bob leaned back as relaxed as could be, “that’s cool,” he added, “last thing you want to do is get ahead of yourselves.” From there the conversation cooled off a bit and we chatted about kids, village life and work. The ladies compared notes on how silly we men were in general.

However, the ladies' conversation started to heat back up again as they began to discuss how their men had gotten the itch to explore the wild side. Courtney, now relaxed again, began asking pointed questions about how Molly dealt with other women being with Bob and how she felt about having other men involved in their play. Bob and I stopped talking and just listened to the ladies talk sex… hot!

Molly came to a natural pause in the conversation with Courtney and asked her, “look, no pressure, if you want to play near us for some added spice then feel free. We are heading to the large room at the end of the hall if you guys are interested?” I couldn’t believe it; this was just a bit too crazy for words!

Courtney looked over at me and put her hand on my arm, I could see she was nervous as heck! “What do you think honey?”

I thought for a second about what might make this work for how timid we were to the whole idea. But, before I could form words, Bob jumped in, “it isn’t like you haven’t seen us naked.” His winning smile and general relaxed vibe sealed the deal.

“If you guys are cool with us not doing anything with you then I guess I’m ok to try this out.” I grabbed blindly at Courtney’s hand as if we were sitting on a park bench, instead I slapped the water and splashed hot sudsy water all up the side of her face.

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