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6. Hot Tub Floundering!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

So… I flailed and stumbled into the hot tub at the Vanilla Alternative feeling like a bit of a fool, and a whole lot like a lecherous old man, as my hardon ploughed a furrow in the hot tub bubbles. Ahead of me, Courtney had settled into the small gap of room available in the hot tub on this jam-packed Valentines party weekend. I fumbled towards her through the steam and splashed down next to her. Around us were multiple couples, some chatting together and some into rather heavy petting.

“You new here?” A larger than life muscle dude sitting across the tub leaned towards us.

“Yes,” Courtney replied, “how could you tell.” She laughed knowing it must be obvious.

A well-rounded brunette in her early 40’s sitting next to muscle man answered for him, “the huddle and hide technique you were using in the snug was a dead giveaway,” she smiled. “I’m Ann,” she added, half standing to reach across to shake Courtney’s hand. Her breasts cleared the water and I found myself with mouth half open staring at boobies, boobies just inches away! I looked away and directly into her partner’s eyes. Awkward! Well, awkward for me, he just smiled.

“I’m Jack. We come here as often as possible. You can always spot the newbies.” He shook our hands, holding Courtney’s a tad longer than normal.”

“Have you been coming here for a while?” I asked trying to sound normal and not like a newbie still overcome with basic public nudity. My words instead sounded stilted and not nearly as easy going as Courtney’s had been.

“Yeah, for about three years,” Jack answered in a relaxed manner and then added, “there are a few other clubs fairly close by but this one is our favorite.” I glanced at Courtney trying to think of something else to ask.

“So, do you, uh swing?” Courtney asked surprising me once again with how bold she could be in any social scenario.

Ann replied, “if you mean, do we swap partners, then the answer is yes.” She looked me square in the eyes, “have you guys done that yet?” It felt like a challenge.

I was spared an answer as Courtney jumped in, “no we haven’t and really are only here to see what this is all about.” I felt her hand on my leg under the water gripping my knee.

“Yeah,” I added lamely, “we really are just indulging my curiosity. It was my idea to come check this place out.”

“It usually is,” Ann responded in a reassuring tone. “The guy seems to, 90% of the time, get the idea. But it’s the lady who typically has the final decision. Funny how that works.” She grinned at us.

Then, Jack asked Courtney, “have you guys discussed what you want and what your limits are?" His manner was easy but his eyes where hungry.

Courtney looked at me and I felt like a fool. “No,” Courtney said, “we just sort of wandered in without a plan besides to just check it out.”

“We understand,” Ann replied, “you guys are just dipping a toe in. It isn’t for everyone. Lots of folks just come here and play with their own partners. They just enjoy the atmosphere.”

Speaking of atmosphere, the couple sitting on the other side of Courtney shifted positions. They lady splashed on to the man’s lap facing him and began a slow grinding motion as they kissed. Each gyration bumped Courtney who, with a startled laugh scooted even closer to me. Jack smiled a knowing smile at us, “it can be a bit disconcerting the first time.”

“Oh, look,” Ann said to Jack tapping his arm, “its Roger and Emely.” She stood fully now, the water around the top of her thighs, and flashed me again those sweet boobies as she waved to their friends. Her body was a bit thick for my taste, but I couldn’t help staring at the multiple piercings causing her labia to droop with the weight of thick metal rings. Jack stood too, showing off a hard won physique, and gave Courtney an eyeful from no more than half a foot away. Courtney leaned back as if she was going to get poked in the eye and looked quickly away blushing slightly.

Jack and Ann told us to find them up if we wanted to chat anymore and then departed the hot tub to join their friends. Courtney turned to me, “this is unbelievable.”

“I know,” I said, “If you had tried to describe this place to me, I wouldn’t have really believed you.” Meanwhile the action in the hot tub started to intensify and we suddenly had a concern that, even with the best filtration in the world, we would see a “jellyfish” floating towards us!

Courtney whispered to me, “lets get out before it turns into sex soup in here!” I stood and led the way through the gauntlet of couples and singles chatting, heavy petting or flat out doing it. The climb out of the tub was just as awkward for me and I was quite quick to the towels. Courtney didn’t bother to wrap her towel around her chest and settled for wrapping it around her waist leaving her glorious breasts free and clear.

The sight of my wife strutting her stuff as we headed to the lockers was crazy sexy cool! I realized I enjoyed how other folks were appreciating her beauty. Strange for a guy who usually bristled at dudes trying to chat her up in a pub. I could tell Courtney was enjoying the attention and would never have normally walked around topless in a public place. What was going on? Was it just this club or was something fundamentally changing for us?

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