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2. Doing This?

Updated: May 2, 2020

A few days after first discovering that there was an Adult Club nearby, the entire thought train had slipped to the back of my mind where it tumbled quietly in the background. Courtney was next to me in the car and we were speeding down the A1M between Peterborough and Huntingdon after dropping the kids off at a birthday party.

"Alex, what do you want to do for your birthday?" Courtney asked the question and I realized I'd missed a few words while day dreaming. She had a mischievous smile and I hated to look away but had to avoid smashing into a junky Ford Mondeo.

"Well, sweetheart," I paused as I tried to loop the last few words she’d said and find a good idea. “Uh, we could take off to Paris for a few days via the Chunnel. I would love to spend a few days holed up in a little hotel with you and without the kids this time.”

She laughed and replied, “Come on, how are we going to get someone to watch the kids on such short notice? How about a run to London for dinner and a show?”

I stuck my tongue out in distaste while maneuvering around a lorry, “Oh come one, that’s what one does for a casual weekend, not a birthday!” I scrambled a bit for a decent idea. “How about we do an overnight in York? It’s our favorite town in the UK and we could spend all day finding new back alleys and all night testing the strength of a hotel bed?”

She laughed again in a throaty laugh that let me know she had picked up on the sexy vibe. “We could send the kids off with friends and just stay at home all weekend,” she poked me in the ribs, “and you could see just how many orgasms you could get out of me on one go.” I shivered at the thought.

Then suddenly it hit me. Just down the A1M was the Vanilla Alternative club that I’d read about. I paused thinking through the ramifications of voicing a secret fantasy, “we could, we could go out to a place I've heard about not too far on down the A1M," I blurted out in a higher pitched voice than I’d intended.

"What place?" Courtney looked at me curiously sensing my discomfort and I fumbled around enough with a response for her curiosity to come fully into play. "What place?" She smiled sweetly and I knew I needed to tread carefully.

"Well, the place is some sort of Adult Club and I'm just curious to see what it's all about. You know me, curiosity killed the cat and all that.."

She gave me a long look and then shook her head slightly, "well, not what I was expecting, but you know I've never turned down a challenge! What should I wear? Do you want me in only lingerie?" She reached out and ran a hand playfully across my chest… I didn’t swerve or anything.

“Actually sweetheart, I’m not kidding,” I glanced again at her as a Jag motored past us at over 90. “I overhead some guys talking about this place and my curiosity is killing me. There’s no way I’d go off and explore without you and I’ve been trying to think of a way to talk about this.”

She looked at me seriously, “am I not providing all you need? Why the curiosity about adult clubs and such? Do you need anything in particular?” Her demeanor had gone from sexy fun to serious.

“No, no, no I’m not at all lacking in anything! You are the best wife ever, and I just wanted to explore with you if you don’t mind. If not, then I’m fine with never knowing what goes on in a place like that.” She cocked her head and thought for a bit as I sweated it out. Had I crossed a line of perversion that would leave me at odds with my best friend? I was mad at myself for even asking.

“Ok, I’m game if you are,” she replied, and relief washed over me. I hadn’t made a mistake. She was going to, as always, support me and adventure with me! That was that, and I started doing the research for what it would take to attend the next possible event at the Vanilla Alternative. It turned out the next event would be the Valentines Black and Red party. What the heck was that going to be like?

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