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12. Soft Swing Surprise

Updated: May 8, 2020

Everyone had a good laugh at how ’d splashed Courtney which cut the tension a bit as we all clambered out of hot tub. Tattooed Dave watched Molly and Courtney as we took turns showering off the chlorine and wrapped up in our towels. He called out, “have fun!”

“Oh, we will,” Molly called back to him with a throaty laugh that immediately put me back in the mindset of crazy sex and flaming anticipation. We were about to soft swing with a sexy couple!

Courtney led the pack of us out of the hot tub room and to our lockers. Bob was right behind Courtney and chatting away with her as we moved down the hall. Next came Molly who was letting her towel slouch down her smooth tanned back. I shivered internally.

Bob and Molly peeled off to pick up their bag of tricks and Bob called to us, “end of the hall, big room,” and pointed towards on down the hall. I nodded and popped open our locker. Courtney crowded in close to me by the locker and whispered, “I’m not up to anything beyond what we discussed.”

“Honey, I’m on your side. Nothing where we touch them, or they touch us!” Courtney shivered in what was a fairly warm hallway scented with chlorine. I clutched at her hand as I pulled out our bag of tricks out of the locker. Then we both had to shove on the locker door to get it to shut.

Bob and Molly passed us as we fumbled around with our locker. They were hand in hand, Molly whispered something to Bob as they passed, and he chuckled. I felt self-conscious with no real reason. I looked at Courtney and she put a hand on my chest, “well, last chance Alex.”

For some reason Courtney’s statement served as an ego goad much like calling a schoolboy “chicken.” I doubt Courtney understood the button she was pushing but, either way, I took her hand and, with a pretended confident strut, led her down the hall.

The room at the end of the hall had a barn door in that the bottom and top half of the door swung independently. “If you leave the top open it means that you are happy to have people watch. If you leave the door open then it means you are happy to have people wander in and join you,” Bob explained as we entered the room.

“How about neither,” Courtney said as she inspected the room which consisted of a large round bed covered in plastic sheeting, a small side table and lamp. Molly was spreading her towel on one side of the round bed with her rounded rump facing us, just a peek of her goods showing.

“No problem,” Bob replied, “I know a trick with the latch.” With that, Bob fiddled with the door until both top and bottom were closed and latched. Meanwhile, Molly had climbed on her towel and rolled over on her back grinning up at us guys. Her full breasts had tight little areolas and he left was pierced. How had I missed that in the hot tub?

Courtney whisked her towel across the bed as well and I noted that Molly’s towel was only about two inches away. “Yours too buddy,” Molly gestured for my towel. I handed it to her reluctantly as I was super hard and a bit shy. That didn’t seem to matter because, as Courtney lay out my towel to cover the rest of the bed, Molly grabbed Bob’s towel off of him and, sitting on the edge of the bed as he stood, started working some very wet sounding fellatio.

Courtney sat up from her towel placement and I shrugged at her. Bob and Molly were well underway. Courtney slid to the edge of the bed and, with a glance over at Molly’s efforts, started working me over as well. My eyes didn’t know where to focus, down on the brilliant effort Courtney was putting in or over at where Molly was using long, slow, hands free, strokes on Bob. “That’s awesome honey,” Bob stated emphatically, and I glanced at him. He was grinning like the Cheshire cat and was watching Courtney’s more urgent, hands on, style. “How are you on high-fives?”

Bob held his hand up and I couldn’t just leave him hanging. Slap went the high-five and I looked back down to see Courtney pulled back and looking at me with a cocked eyebrow as if to ask, “what the heck are you doing you big child.” I just grinned down at her helplessly, like a big goofy child, and she went back to work.

Courtney shifted her rhythm and started taking me in deep, holding, and then slowly pulling away. I felt a low moan build in my throat and instead of holding it in, as I would have to at home with the kids in the next room, I let the moan out and it sounded as dorky as a bad 80’s porno but felt extremely liberating.

Courtney lay back and I quickly dropped to my knees to return the favor. Beside me, from the corner of my eye, I could see that Molly had the same idea and very shortly both ladies were making whimpers and moans of their own (that didn’t sound at all dorky.) Looking up Courtney’s flat stomach I could see that Molly was enjoying watching the expressions of bliss on Courtney’s face. Courtney’s eyes were closed tight as she tends to do in the heat of things and then suddenly all the hardness of her gym fit body tightened. I quickly placed my hand on the spasming muscles of Courtney’s stomach, loving the feeling of her first powerful orgasm of the night.

Strangely, we found that the soft swing experience prolonged the entire session. What, at home is usually a 20-45 minute event (on a good day) extended until closing time at Jay Dee’s. We had sex next to Molly and Bob for close to two hours! We went back and forth from oral to penetration and went through our playbook of favorite positions twice. All the while, Bob and Molly kept pace and traded jokes with us during the short breathers between positions or after a particularly strong orgasm for one of the ladies.

It was so ridiculously fun that it had to be criminal! We ended up with both couples in missionary, side by side. I could feel Molly reaching out with her leg and rubbing my leg! Bob had his hand close by Courtney’s breast and I could see him staring at her nipple in fascination as we all sped up the action.

The tension was excruciating and the urge to explode super nova was almost upon us. I could feel Courtney tensing up for the hundredth time that night. I looked down at her and saw she, strangely, had her eyes open and was looking at Bob’s hand as he held it firmly in check, fingers flexing towards to her breast.

Courtney looked up into my eyes and I could tell what she was thinking. “It’s ok man,” I gasped, and Courtney turned her shoulders slightly towards him. Her breast fell across his hand. He shuddered and grabbed her breast urgently, kneading it like bread, while grunting and howling his immediate orgasm into Molly. I followed suit at nearly the same time.

Later, as we gathered up our unneeded bags of goodies and headed to the lockers, we discovered that we had indeed all orgasmed together. Two hours of great sex, some extra unplanned touching and a blinding set of orgasms... oof! The drive home was brutal with exhaustion but, we still stopped by a services, at 3 am, to gulp down a guilty McDonalds burger like a pair of ravenous wolves.

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