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1. Our first Surprise

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Married for nearly 30 years (been married since we were just 20), kids, a thriving career, and very satisfying sex life all added up to a happy carefree existence. Having moved all over the world with work, pushing limits repeatedly, we were adventure junkies not realizing that we'd slipped gradually into a comfortable, happy rut. For most people at this point in their lives such an easy, happy routine would have been plenty.

Stepping onto an elevator at work changed everything. The two men were chatting quietly in the elevator as I stepped on and, after a brief head nod of acknowledgement, continued in a near whisper that I could just make out. I heard, "Vanilla Alternative is the name of the club." Anything else they said was lost as they exited on the next floor. For whatever reason, my mind latched onto the whispered phrase and it stayed with me throughout the day.

That evening after supper with the family, and while sitting through a mindless Netflix drama with the wife, just like that, popped the laptop open and googled, "Vanilla Alternative Club." The top result was an, "Adult Member's Club," about a 45 min drive away. My mind swirled with curiosity and I glanced over at my beautiful wife. Would she be interested in an adventure? How would I even ask?

The pictures of the club showed a large hot tub, a bar, and a dance floor. I wondered if perhaps I could just suggest we go to a club and just show up there. No, that would never work. First off, it was dishonest and would be putting Courtney in an awkward position and surprising her was never a good idea.

I wondered about highlighting the hot tub as a way to relax that just happened to have naked people all around (at least that’s what I thought might be going on in a swinger’s club. No, she would just roll her eyes and say why not hit a local hotel and chill in the hot tub there. What else could I use as an excuse to satiate my curiosity?

I did know that Courtney loved dancing and to be honest is one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. When she moves the whole room stops to watch and she doesn’t even know just how sexy she is! I could, play up the dancing part and then throw in that there might be some crazy sexy stuff going on as well. Geez this was hard.

The dawning realization (after years of marriage) was that honesty was probably the best policy. I was just going to have to man up and admit that I wanted to go to a swinger’s club and see what she said. Now all I had to do was find the right moment and say the right words.

I supposed that, “hey honey, I just want you to know that I’m a big pervert and want to go get dirty at a swinger’s club,” wasn’t going to cut it!

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