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43. It Started with a Dry Spell

Well, it was a time of great sexual drought when all our close friends were out of action for the foreseeable future. Courtney much prefers the company of a select group of friends to random encounters and, to be honest, so do I. Our fantasy ideal was a long weekend retreat in a sumptuous country house accompanied by three or four close couples. A fantasy getaway of good food, laughs, and of course great sex!

That that fantasy firmly in mind, I set out to find a venue somewhere close where we could have a dry run and perhaps more. I won’t call out the country pub/Inn’s name for their privacy but, the place I found had a large private dining room of polished dark wood with a fireplace at the far end. Further, the pub had a set of five rooms in a separate house right next door – proximity and privacy! Courtney and I tried the food on a quick getaway lunch and found the chef was splendid!

We went back to our old standby,, and perused our “hot list” of couples we fancied from their profile and pictures. We had corresponded with several of these folks and our hopes were high that they might join us for a group social. There isn’t a group send or message function on for obvious reasons so we drafted a detailed and humorous message with a few proposed dates.

Low and behold, we had three quick replies in a row and all were available the same date. We immediately booked the Pub’s private dining facility and a room as well. I got busy working up an activity – of course, a pub quiz. However, this quiz was sexy and I knew would lead to conversation. There were four rounds of the quiz designed to fit around the three courses and I purchased a decent couple of prizes.

With the event still two weeks away, we had three more couples respond. Sadly, one of them couldn’t make the set date but we added the other two to our growing list. We posted the list of attendees about a week from the date and knew they would all be checking out each other’s Fab profiles ahead of time and probably corresponding via Fab. We found out later from the quiz answers that they had all been chatting online and learning about each other.

The evening of the event we sat in the bar area of the pub and watched as each of our guests arrived, looked around the room, spotted our growing group and joined us for a drink. Gin seemed to be the preferred opening salvo of the evening with a few pints of bitter and a lager or two. The conversation centered on the weather, the length of the journey and the vagaries of English roads. We all had the rather English moan about the state of local roads and bonded over our shared disdain of how wet our Autumn had turned out.

Our waitress ushered us through into the private dining room where we sat boy, girl, boy girl about the table with our own mates close enough for easy conversation. The couple closest to us were Kerry and Brandon. He was a tall ginger-haired fellow with a mild, dry sense of humor and infectious smile. Kerry was voluptuous, had a low-pitched sardonic laugh for her husbands and my jokes, was extremely witty (probably why she liked my jokes), had drowning blue eyes and a short blond bob. We got on marvelously.

The other couples all joined in the fun and our conversations only paused, a bit awkwardly, each time the wait staff came in with another course or with another round of drinks. We laughed loudly at the hurriedly cut-off story of sexual hijinks one of the fellows was telling further down the table. I’m sure our waitress heard a few choice things but chose to appear politely unaware of the lecherous group she had drawn for the evening.

The quiz was an overall hit and I’m ashamed to admit that I deleted it later worried one of the kids would find it on the computer. I’ve often wished I had it back to save all the effort of coming up with sixty or so funny/sexy/smart questions! If I do make another swinging quiz up, I’ll post it to our blog so you can all use it.

We stayed late at table laughing into our port and cheese platters. At last, I stood and read out the final tally of our quiz and awarded the prizes out around the table. Sadly, Kerry and Brandon didn’t make the cut.

Instead of breaking up the party, we showed the group our room at the pub and settled in the large common sitting room. The conversation became even more intimate as swinging horror and delight stories flowed freely. Kerry was full of advice and took on the role of swinging matriarch for the group. I jotted down several mental notes!

Courtney and I were pleased with the outcome and knew we had really picked a good crowd. Given the opportunity, any of them would be great fun as friends and/or playmates. They were all fun to chat with and extremely easy on the eyes. The ladies sparkled with wit and sensuality and the men were open and comfortable with their swinging lifestyle. No one was nervous, jealous, or body-conscious. Touch wood, we would see most of them again in the near future! (Spoiler, we did see some of them again!)

All good things must come to an end, and so in the wee hours of the morning, the group broke up with laughter, hugs, and kisses. Brandon seemed interested in staying on but Kerry had other plans. Courtney and I retreated to our sumptuous room, pulled back the thick duvet on the four-poster bed, had banging sex, and slept like babies until time for breakfast.

Thankfully we didn’t have to face our waitress from the night before over our full English fry up!

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