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52. An OnlyFans Adventure

So, here I am, a lady of a certain age with several kids and years of marrage under my belt. Hubby has me swinging and writing about swinging which is absolutely sexy crazy! I went from knowing the touch of just one man to the liberating experiance of playing with other men, some super young and fit. I've felt the touch of a woman and even returned the favor. That's just an amazing thing! Futher, I've played in group settings with lots of action all around and sometimes the attention of multiple men at once.

With all of that you would think that snapping a few pictures for OnlyFans would be fairly tame. Not so much! Strange as it may sound, there's just too much time to think about it. I worry about some of my imperfections and whether or not I've eaten any gluten that day. I look at the other OnlyFans stars and see they are all 20, childless, tan and pumped full of silicon. They are the absolute peak of visual perfection. Worse, they have photographers who really know what they are doing (no offense Alex.)

But, here we were jazzing ourselves up by playing around with the camera when Alex asked if I'd do OnlyFans just for fun. That was about a week ago. Now we have 50 pictures up and even our test video which, to be honest, is a bit lame. In that week we picked up a handful (33 fans) and since we don't charge a subscription, just the lowest available fee for posts, we've made nine dollars. We aren't going to get to retire early!

However, I have learned a bit about myself. I do enjoy the idea of exhibiting myself to the point that we've even thought about doing some videos. I have a girlfirend who would love to make some content with me and Alex said he be glad to film (horny bugger.) We also have a few single guys and couples who are interested.

So, dear readers, what are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas? What would you like to see?

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Unknown member
Feb 12, 2023


Unfortunately, I have not seen any of your pictures and cannot respond properly. You are right about the young and beautiful looking their perkiest best. Whereas, as we achieve more experience and struggles and successes along life's journey, our body's change. Then you need to strategically place those items of clothing where they will do the best. The feeling has to be there. The clothes are only for comfort. I would suggest simple things like an apron around the kitchen, a towel over the shoulder and breast. A cap to slightly cover a corner of the face and hair. Bring that allure to yourself holding a spatula. Why do I want to see more of you? Get the picture?




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