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Advice - The deal with beards

Think for a minute about just how complex a job it is to find a couple who match your desires. You want something, your husband wants something and most couples seem to be a mismatch. We often see couples in a club or on our prefered swinging hookup site and the lady is stunning but the guy has a huge overbite and a wonky eye. Or, the husband has washboard abs and his lady has so many piercings that you can't find the hole. Whatever the issue, it seems like you dig forever to find a perfect match where neither you or the hubby are, "taking one for the team."

However, have you stopped to realize that the other couple is in the exact same boat? We've seen quite a few couples who seem interested early on and then you can tell they have given the secret signal to eachother. Whether it's a wink or tap on the shoulder, the one who doesn't want to play passes the, "no thanks," signal to their partner and together they give you the gentle let down. (I would tell you our personal secret signal but, then it wouldn't be secret!) The other couple is struggling just as hard as you are to find the right match to sends sparks flying.

So, now, about that beard. If you read through the wants and desires on couples swinging website profiles, you will find several common threads. One is that most couples would like a fit male half and are less picky on the female side. Another is that most people want to swing with couples about their own age or younger. Also, most couples prefer shaved or neatly trimed pubic hair in their play partners. Oh, and another is a request for, "no beards please."

So, why do yourself the disservice of being rejected without a proper chance just for the vanity of a beard? Now I do know that my husband loves his beard and conditions it well to the point where it's a silky pleasure. But, there's just no way that your picture with a beard and statement of softness will be able to convince someone who's had a bad experiance with some sandpaper man. We have had the onetime experience where a couple at a club came over and the lady (without asking first) reached out and felt my husband's beard before they decided to chat with us. Good thing is was silky soft as we fucked them all night long!

My suggestion is to simply shave your beard, trim your pubes, hit the gym a bit and thus increase your odds of turning on the other couple. If you are lucky the other couple will have done the same!

Picture is hubby trying to look sexy... with a beard!

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I agree about the beard. Underappreciated. I have one and it's silky soft. I am going to be patient and wait for a good match. I am not changing myself for anyone. I have done that, and the reward was not what I expected. It takes a long time to get past the itching, the stubble, the irkeyness of in-between the feel. It's hard to explain if you never had one. Imagine a crew cut and you want to comb it a certain way. It's not happening. It takes a lot more inches to get that bend for a wave. Same with a beard. The shorter it is, the stiffer it is. I would not want to be stabbed b…


Jan 09, 2023

48m and 35f couple of FWB LOOKING FIRVLIJE MINDED COUPLE forvganes playing and

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