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18. Those Freaky Dice!

Updated: May 29, 2020

We had a bit of time off after our last visit with Bob and Molly. So, in our down time we jumped on line and found several other couples that appeared halfway interesting. Top of the list was a sexy couple, named Brad and Jo, from near Leister whose pictures were stunning. We made initial contact with them and swapped face pictures to mutual appreciation. Shortly later we became friends on the site and were able to dig through each other’s friend only pictures. Wow! Those pictures were equally hot and the lady’s nipples were amazing; long and dark. I was mesmerized.

Sadly, we were unable to work any kind of social with them due to distance and schedules. It was going to be rough trying to work a meet with Brad and Jo. But instead we were able to plan a meet back up with our friends Bob and Molly for another hot session and this time at a hotel.

Work had me up at Lincoln for a couple of days and the hotel was my usual, the White Heart, just off castle square. Since the company was paying for hotel and dinner I asked the wife to join me for a short vacation. And, feeling a bit frisky, I dropped a note to Bob and Molly on fabswingers. Within a few hours we had a date!

Courtney got creative and packed fairy lights to decorate the room and added a jade green matching bra and panties. I packed my “Vote for Pedro” boxers as a closet Napoleon Dynamite fan. Courtney just shook her head at my dorkiness. I make her proud.

We met Bob and Molly at the Magna Carta pub and relaxed over a quick pint. Bob regaled us with a story of one of their last meets and how weird it had been. The couple Bob and Molly met had a female half who would curl up and cry for a bit after every orgasm. Bob laughed, “I would just stand around feeling like a third wheel while Molly was having a ball and this lady was sobbing. I’d then ask if she wanted to stop, or for us to leave, and she would perk back up and get into it until the next tear-jerking orgasm. It was weird!”

Molly laughed at Bob’s animated expressions during his story and shook her head. “The guys was just fine! He definitely knew his way around a vagina.”

We moved the party to the bar at the White Heart where the boys had a complex and engaging 17-year-old Balvenie Doublewood while the ladies had one of the signature Banoffee Pie martinis. Molly was in high spirits and suggested we get another round to take with us up to the room.

The room I’d picked was a suite with a sitting room and a bedroom with a king-sized bed. Courtney had strung fairy lights around in the bedroom and we had prepositioned several items (water bottles, wet wipes, condoms, vibrators etc.) in easy reach. A little planning makes spontaneity possible!

Further, I’d bought some sexy dice to help break the ice. We had two pairs of dice. One set had a die with things like, “lick, stroke, blow” while the other die in the set had things like, “arm, neck, lips.” The other set of dice was a bit more naughty. One of the dice had things like, “ass, boobs, clit/penis” and the other die in the set had actions like, “suck, kiss, and rub.” I also borrowed a four-sided die from one of my kid’s Dungeons and Dragons set to use as well.

We all sat down in the sitting room with our drinks. Molly and Courtney sat on a sofa facing Bob and I in easy chairs across a small coffee table. I bluetoothed in a relaxing light alternative rock playlist from my phone through to the smart tv to set the mood. Everything was set!

As the conversation continued, I pulled out the dice and set them on the coffee table. “So, here’s the idea. We each take it in turn to roll the sexy dice along with this four-sided die. The four-sided die will indicate who you perform the action upon and the other dice will indicate the action and location. If the location is covered with clothing, then you have to remove the clothing.”

“Oh, this sounds fun!” Molly exclaimed. “How does the four-side die work?

“I was thinking that you could be 1 on the die and Courtney would be two. Bob and I can be 3 and 4. If you roll same sex, then you roll again until you get opposite sex.”

“I suggest we modify that,” Molly said. “How about if we roll same sex, we reroll if we want to reroll? So, you and Bob can avoid rubbing each other’s stomachs and I have the option of maybe kissing Courtney.” She grinned at Courtney who blushed and rolled her eyes.

“I’m game,” I said a bit too enthusiastically!

“I’m not bi but don’t mind this fooling around stuff,” Courtney said. “I know that it turns on the guys.”

“Um, yeah!” Bob threw in and picked up the dice. “I’ll start!” He tossed the die and ended up rubbing Molly’s chest causing her to lose her shirt. Her black strapless bra could barely contain her breasts.

“Ok, my turn.” Courtney said and tossed the dice. I couldn’t have planned it better. The dice landed on stroke, chest and Molly.

“Is this die weighted?” Molly laughed and before Courtney could perform the action, pulled off her bra.

“Oh,” Courtney said and then seeing the silly grins on the boy’s faces added, “ok you pervs, here goes.” Courtney reached out and took one of Molly’s breasts in each hand cupping the tanned globes. Then Courtney gently ran her thumbs across Molly’s nipples causing Molly to giggle and twitch. As Courtney sat back, we could all see that Molly’s nipples were standing at attention.

Molly picked up the dice and rolled blow, ear and Bob. We all made light of how tame that seemed after the last roll. “That tickles.” Bob said shying away. So, of course, Molly leaned further in and kept blowing on his ear until he begged her to stop.

I grabbed up the dice, glad to get to my turn, and rolled stroke, bottom, Molly. I grinned impishly as I helped her shimmy out of her skirt. “I could just lift my skirt up you know,” Molly said.

Bob jumped in, “oh no you don’t. The rules were, you have to remove the blocking article of clothes.”

“Thanks Bob.” Molly tossed her skirt over to land on her blouse and bra.

Molly stood in front of me, facing the others and evidently made naughty faces at them causing all sorts of laughter. I reached out and placed my hands on the warm, silky roundness of her cheeks and marveled at the texture. My turn was over way too soon.

We carried on a few more rounds using the tame dice, leaving me without a shirt, Courtney without her leggings, Bob without his trousers and Molly with only her panties. Bob asked, “anyone up for moving to the naughty dice?” and we all agreed.

Bob rolled kiss, mouth and Courtney. He plopped down next to her on the couch and Molly moved to an armchair. We watched fascinated as Bob kissed Courtney passionately and she responded in kind. I have to admit that I did feel a tiny stab of jealousy. It was fine when we were all playing but just sitting and watching it wasn’t for me.

Next Courtney rolled kiss, mouth, me! Courtney popped a Listerine strip and I kissed her equally passionately. “Well, that was two back to back great kisses! I don’t mind that,” Courtney said smiling.

Molly rolled kiss, mouth, Courtney. “Ha! Prepare for great kiss number three,” she said as she swapped places with Bob on the couch. This kiss started off with Courtney in receive mode only and then opened up to a reciprocal smooch fest that lasted a bit longer than either Bob’s or my turn.

“Ok, somebody roll something else,” Courtney said. “My heart can’t take one more of those great kisses.”

I rolled suck, breast, Bob (which wasn't going to happen) and rerolled Molly. I teased the piercing in her left nipple and then nibbled on each nipple before leaning back grinning like a fool.

Bob rolled rub, breast, Courtney causing her to lose her top and bra. Bob did more than just rub as he twirled Courtney’s nipples and kneaded her breasts. I didn’t have any jealous feelings at all and I wondered briefly if it was just the kissing that had bothered me a little. “Ok, your turn's up Bob,” Molly said after the breast rub had gone on for a bit.

Courtney rolled stroke, clit/penis, me and was happy to yank down my trousers and “Vote for Pedro” boxers. Not that the boxers didn’t cause a laugh from Bob and Molly. Then, casually for being watched, popped me in her mouth and left me with a hardon and a silly smile when she sat back down. I felt a bit silly sitting there with a boner.

Molly rolled nearly the same thing, lick, clit/penis, Courtney! Courtney’s eyes got super wide as Molly hopped down on her knees in front of her and yanked down her jade panties. “Feet up,” Molly told her and patted the edge of the couch. Courtney looked helplessly at me and I shrugged.

Courtney placed her feet on the edge of the couch and Molly gently pressed her knees open. Bob stood up to watch and I felt that, as a supportive husband, I should stand as well. Courtney closed her eyes and we all crowded together to watch Courtney get her first female licking. Courtney shivered and goosebumps stood up on her arms when Molly reached her tongue out and lightly ran it around Courtney’s vagina lips. The light touches became deeper tongue thrusts and then a full buried face lick/suck.

I sat next to Courtney on the couch and started sucking her breast closest to me and Bob did the same on the other side. Courtney’s muscles spasmed as she came with loud gasps. The dice game was obviously over and we all stood, gulped the last of our drinks and headed into the bedroom.

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