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19. The First Full Swing!

Updated: May 29, 2020

During the weeks prior to our trip to Lincoln we had a very frank discussion about where we were in the lifestyle and where we felt comfortable going. Courtney let me know that for her, oral sex was more intimate than penetration. In her mind we had already made a full step into swinging. On the other hand, I was perfectly happy with the soft swap with oral and was happy to stay at that level of play.

Thinking about Courtney’s suggestion that we go ahead and full swap gave me a bit of pause. How far were we going? Where were we comfortable? Were we making a mistake? I mulled it over a few days and, seeing how Courtney already felt we had moved to that kind of intimacy level through oral, agreed that next time we were with Bob and Molly that they could take our full swing cherry!

Everyone sort of works their way through the twists and turns of swinging until they find a comfortable spot and then settles in for a bit. Sometimes couples move on from their comfortable spot and sometimes they don’t. Our current comfortable spot was soft swing with oral. We also hadn’t kissed others until this play session with Bob and Molly, thanks to Bob’s roll of the sexy dice. This was all about to change!

Molly led the way to the bed, “love the fairy lights! You guys went all out. Also, like the prepositioned water and stuff.”

“We thought it would be the neighborly thing to do,” I smiled at her as we all took off the rest of our clothes. Molly was already down to panties due to the dice game and jumped on the bed before all of us. She scooched up and put her head on the pillows beckoning to me with a come-hither crooking of her finger.

I glanced at Courtney and she was already on her knees where she had dropped the rest of her clothes and Bob was getting his knob polished. I crawled up on the bed and Molly sat up and leaned towards me with an expectant look. On all fours between her splayed legs she grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss. It was a deep kiss and sent tingles rushing through me.

Molly kept a hold of my hair as she leaned back and pushed me down onto her already soaking vagina. Who was I to protest? “Come on Alex, I’m so hot I’m about to burst!”

I felt the bed sink in beside me as Courtney lay down next to Molly with Bob eagerly returning the oral favor. I tried to concentrate on technique but Molly, completely jazzed up from the dice game, was having none of it. She held my head firmly in place and rocked her hips dragging her vagina from my nose to my chin and back in quick succession. Her rocking became violent as she ground my face against her wetness, her pubic bone slamming my nose. The best I could do was wiggle my head side to side rapidly and lick in broad strokes. Molly stopped rocking and held me firmly in place as she tensed, came with a rush of leg contractions and then slumped back on the bed.

I tasted blood. At first, I thought that perhaps Molly was starting her period but then realized that instead, she had bloodied my nose in her throws of passion. I didn’t announce the fact and instead begged off to the restroom where I pinched my nose with a tissue and waited for the bleeding to stop. In the other room I could hear Courtney’s loud orgasm and Molly cheering her on.

(So, “Molly” if you are readying this, don’t worry. I didn’t mind at all and truly didn’t notice when it happened. The same thing has happened one other time during a similar situation. Small price to pay!)

It didn’t take me long to get the bleeding stopped. I cleaned up, had a hit of mouthwash and headed back to the action. As I entered the room, there before me stood Courtney with Bob and Molly on their knees. Bob was in front of her and Courtney had both hands in his hair as he licked and sucked her. Molly was behind Courtney with her face jammed between Courtney’s butt cheeks doing her best to meet Bob’s tongue from the other side. Courtney’s quads were shivering and her eyes were firmly closed as she savored the wild sensation.

I stepped up beside her and turned her head towards me kissing her. I kissed her mouth, neck and ears knowing how much she loved the feel. I tried to imagine the sensations she was feeling. Then, a sudden idea struck me and I started rubbing her closest nipple with my thumb, in small circles right on the tip. I know her nipples are directly connected to her clitoris and the feeling was like a lightning strike.

Courtney’s legs gave out as she came but, I held her up with a steadying help from Bob. Courtney’s moans were more screams as her body cycled through the major orgasm. Bob and I lay Courtney on the bed while Molly had a chug of water. “That was huge guys,” Courtney let us know. “I’ve never felt anything quite like it.”

Molly put her water down and motioned me to lie down next to Courtney with my legs hanging off the bed. Then from a standing position, bent over at the waist, she started sucking and licking my penis. It felt wonderful and I took the relaxed opportunity to reach over and gently stroke Courtney’s cheek. Courtney opened her eyes and kissed me. The feel of two mouths on me was super-hot.

Molly started rocking back and forth while she sucked me and I pulled away from Courtney’s kiss to see what was going on. Bob was behind Molly now penetrating her with long slow strokes. Molly’s hand was fiddling with Courtney’s vagina, multi-tasking queen! I Closed my eyes and kissed Courtney again feeling the hot suck from Molly, the back and forth motion of Molly’s breasts on my legs caused by Bob banging her and, the kisses from Courtney becoming more urgent as Molly fingered her to orgasm. I can’t begin to describe how exquisite that all felt. Yet, I somehow managed not to spill my load.

Molly came again while we were all locked together and we then all had a short breather. Everyone was happy we had stocked plenty of water bottles. The ladies chatted while Bob and I let our heart rates come back to sustainable levels. “I love the feel of playing with a responsive couple,” Molly said to the group. “I prefer it to playing with singles.”

“Have you guys played with a single lady?” I looked at Bob for the answer.

“No, those are called unicorns in the swinging world. Single lady willing to play with a couple is mighty rare,” Bob replied.

“Doesn’t mean we aren’t still looking,” Molly added.

“That might be just a bit too much bi action for me,” Courtney said with a slight down turn to her lips.

“I think you are bi-selfish or situationally-bi,” said Molly as she ran a hand playfully along Courtney’s outer thigh.

“What’s that? I don’t like the sound of being selfish,” Courtney replied.

Molly kept stroking Courtney’s leg, “oh, the bi-selfish thing is where you don’t mind receiving bi play but don’t reciprocate. It isn’t a mean thing. Its just a preference like everything else. The situationally-bi thing is where you don’t have any bi feelings at all but in the heat of an encounter play bi for a bit.”

“Hmm, I guess I’m somewhere in there. I have sucked your boobs and kissed you,” Courtney said.

“What we don’t like is ‘bi for him.’ That’s where the lady just pretends and doesn’t really enjoy it at all. Its just so her man can get off watching. That isn’t fun at all.” Molly reached out and tugged on Bob’s penis. “I’m about ready for more.”

“I would love to see the two ladies on their knees side by side,” I said. They were already sitting on the end of the bed with Bob and me standing in front of them. Molly hopped up and assumed the position at the end of the bed and Bob entered her immediately. Courtney turned as well and I was happy to get back inside where my erection regained it’s full rigidity.

Bob and I pumped away and pushed the ladies through another set of orgasms. Molly and Courtney kissed a bit, their heads turned in to the middle as Bob and I continued to work. The sight was brilliant!

In the pause after the ladies’ latest orgasm I pulled out and reached over for a condom. We hadn’t told Bob and Molly about the plan to lose our full swap cherry and I loved the stunned look on Bob’s face as I handed him the condom and indicated with a gesture for him to take Courtney from behind. “Is that ok? Courtney are you good with this?” Bob seemed unsure but was quickly wrapping his rascal.

“I’m good with it Bob,” Courtney said smiling over her shoulder.

“About damn time,” Molly said and wagged her bottom at me.

Bob and I entered each other’s wives at the same time. I watched him slide in deeply in one stroke and matched his pace. Looking up briefly I could see that he was watching me penetrate Molly with a fierce intensity. I knew the expression was mimicked on my face. The ladies each moaned loudly at the feel of a different penis and the craziness of the entire situation. Molly was a forest fire in full inferno from the depths by her cervix to the very outer rim.

Bob and I pounded them with abandon and Molly did something I’d never seen, she squirted! She gushed liquid out during the pounding and a few strokes later orgasmed. I could hear Courtney’s breathing rate climb and her short sharp breaths turned to a smothered scream as she pressed her face into the bed. It all felt so good that there was no jealousy and zero insecurity.

In between orgasms, we boys pulled off our condoms, wiped down with a sani-wipe and went back to our own wives for a bit. I maneuvered Courtney onto her back and under Molly’s breasts as Bob took Molly in doggy. Courtney sucked Molly’s breasts as I pounded her. Molly came first and Courtney not too long after.

Then, Bob and I wiped off again, donned condoms and went back to each other’s wives. This pattern continued for a ridiculous amount of time until I could feel the need to orgasm starting to become unbearable. “Guys, I’m really close,” I told the group.

“Give it to me,” Molly exclaimed and started writhing on my penis.

“I can get there too,” Bob said with a ragged breath and increased his pace slamming into Courtney.

The lava dome boke and the volcano erupted deep in Molly’s belly draining half my soul with the intense rush. I held myself in as I shuddered and whimpered clutching Molly's waist. Bob yelled something triumphant, beyond human vocabulary, and raised both hands in the air as his face contorted in pleasure. We collapsed on the bed beside the ladies and all lay there panting. Edging for five hours is amazing!

Someone was banging on the ceiling no doubt furious at our noises over the five hours of play. It was 3 in the morning! We were just glad that whoever it was hadn’t called the hotel manager. “I guess we gave them an audio thriller,” Bob said with a laugh.

We had done it, our full swap cherry popped, and we had loved every minute. Bob and Molly didn’t stay too much longer as they had to driving home. We hugged and kissed them goodbye and promised to see them again as soon as possible. I beat Courtney to the shower but she jumped in and joined me. We stood quietly under the hot water for a bit, gently lathering each other with soap. Courtney raised a tired eyebrow at me, “well, what about that?”

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