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22. Afterglow of a Six-Way

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

John and Samantha were first out of the Couples Only room at the club and sadly we have only seen them one other time since then. We laughed a bit with Brad and Jo, once we’d had a bit of a breather, about how things had played out. “We didn’t know that you guys had invited another couple,” Brad said. “But it turned out well.”

“We actually didn’t invite them,” Courtney responded promptly. “We thought you guys were wanting to play with them.”

“What?” Jo’s sculpted eyebrows rose. “We thought you invited them along. This six-way was a first for us and we didn’t know what to think.”

“We were only friendly with them because we thought you guys wanted to play with them,” Brad added.

“What! We thought you guys had a thing for them,” I said while thinking back to the interactions at the first of the night. “Did we all just have a six-way by mistake?”

“Either that or we all got played in a six-way,” Jo said with laughter in her voice that turned into a full rich laugh which we all couldn't help but join.

Jo and Brad took off quickly after that with assurances we would be seeing more of them soon. We gathered our things and were the last out of the couple’s room. Several of the audience gave us polite words on our performance and a couple caught us as we stepped out the door to give us their username and told us to look them up.

Courtney looked at me with arched eyebrows. “I’m not sure if I’m up for swinger celebrity.”

“That was you guys!” Standing before us were Bob and Molly. “We got stood up tonight and thought we’d try and catch up with you at the club,” Bob said.

“We were just walking through the upstairs when Bob said that he thought it was you guys on the screen,” Molly pointed up to a monitor mounted in the open play area. “There were several single guys watching the screen with the intensity of a football match and we stopped to see what was holding their interest.”

Bob grinned and added, “I recognized Courtney’s butt. She was doing a lot of bouncing and it made me think of our night in Lincoln!”

Courtney and I looked at each other and fumbled for words. We almost felt like teenagers caught cheating on a boyfriend/girlfriend. However, Bob and Molly didn’t show any jealousy that we hadn’t been saving ourselves for them and were quite congratulatory of our six-way. “We’ve never had a six-way,” Molly said to Courtney. “How was it?”

“It was a bit confused to be honest,” Courtney replied. “At one point I had a dick in my mouth and didn’t know to whom it belonged!”

“Do you guys have any more energy for us?” Bob asked us with a hopeful look.

“Its closing time Bob,” Molly told him with a laugh. “Just be happy we spent our night watching the best porn ever. It was almost like you guys had it choreographed in there doing all the switch ups. That must have gone through a lot of condoms.”

“We burned through twelve condoms before the end,” I said with just a hint of pride. “We also went through a pack of disinfectant wipes”

With that, ponytail Dave walked through the upstairs singing “Closing Time” by Semisonic in an off-key warble. “Out you go me lovelies! We stayed open a bit longer tonight for your play to end guys,” Dave said to us as he shooed us out. I could see Courtney blush.

A short drive later we found ourselves camped out at a services where I ate a quarter pounder with cheese in uncouth big gulping bites while Courtney daintily dunked her McNuggets in BBQ sauce. “Do you think John and Samantha knew they were jumping into another couple’s meet?” she asked quietly before popping a chicken nugget in her mouth.

Swallowing a half-chewed bite, I responded “They think that they just got lucky. It's a shame for John that he went off so early.”

Courtney dunked another nugget, “did you see that Samantha went over and joined him when he was done. She could have stayed for a bit more play. I think I would have wanted to get everything out before being on the sidelines.” She paused in thought, “would that be uncomfortable for you to just watch?”

“I’m not much of a watcher!” I replied a bit loudly as I stretched my arms up working tight muscles in my back. “I’m a doer! I would have at least been up on the bed too with a hand on your boob or something.”

“Shhh!” Courtney gave me the eye and I looked over my shoulder to find a couple of young punks staring at us with wide eyes over their Big Macs. Oops! At least it wasn’t someone we knew!

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