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23. Stealing Bill and Sherry

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Our down time after the big unexpected six-way included a couple of socials that we realized up front weren’t going anywhere. One was with a couple who were quite interested and good looking but we just couldn’t connect on account of how young they were. That one was my fault as I hadn’t really paid attention to their age and had instead focused in on their pictures.

The conversation with the sexy young couple was awful as we were at such different points in our lives. There are only so many times that you can say things like, “Oh, yes we remember those days of having to change diapers all the time. Or, “oh, yes we remember how much it sucks trying to find a babysitter.” Then the young couple asked how old our kids were and Courtney looked pointedly at me and replied, “I would say just a little younger than you guys.” At some point you start to feel a bit old and, to be honest, a bit dirty.

I also failed another time and made a double booking! We rushed to a social at one of our favorite pubs about 30 minutes’ drive away and then had to cut it short and rush back 45 minutes the other direction to meet another couple! Courtney suddenly took over the social calendar. I can’t imagine why.

We then had the most amazing experience which, unfortunately we aren’t going to share with you due our single lady’s preference. She took us under her wing for a couple of evenings we will never forget. She found us on fabswingers, contacted us due to our pictures (what a huge compliment!), and invited us out for a meet just like that.

Courtney was justifiably nervous as she is only situationally bisexual (at best) and we had no idea how the situation would develop. Thankfully, our unicorn (single bi woman who plays with couples) knew exactly how to set the mood, work dark magic, and put both of us through an amazing, powerful, evening of pleasure. We can’t thank her enough and will keep the details of those hot moments forever burned into our minds.

When we next had a coffee with Bob and Molly; they couldn’t believe we had now experienced a unicorn encounter and a six-way. We didn’t know we were ahead of the curve as far as swinging bucket list experiences. Bob explained, a little too loudly for the garden center coffee shop, “guys, that’s amazing! We’ve been looking for a single lady to hook up with us for three years!” Molly was impressed as well and gave Courtney a very considered look while we described Courtney’s first fully bi experience. Bob and Molly have since caught back up and exceeded our experiences, but for a brief shining moment we felt like the students had become the masters.

Not too long after our coffee with Bob and Molly, we had an open weekend suddenly pop up. We reached out to Bob and Molly, Brad and Jo, John and Samantha along with another one of the couples with whom we’d had a social. No one was able to break free. I’ll say it again, if swinging was easy then everyone would do it!

We posted on our Fab status that we were going to a club the coming Saturday and waited to see what would happen. Nothing. Nada. Zip. So, we planned on just going for a dip in a hot tub and to socialize with other likeminded people with whom we could talk openly about each other’s adventures. On Saturday evening we received a message from a couple we’d had on our hotlist for quite a while, Bill and Sherry.

We’d never met Bill and Sherry socially and they indicated in their message that they were going to meet some friends but were interested in chatting a bit to get to know us. I let Courtney know the deal and we both sort of shrugged our shoulders and thought, oh well. Better than nothing. Besides, at least in their pictures, Bill had a stunning Olympian type ripped body complete with six-pack abdominal muscles and Sherry had super long glossy muscular legs. A social with them might lead somewhere next time we had a free weekend.

We arrived at the club surprisingly early. Amazing how not having the pressure of an actual meet made things run smoothly at the house during our preparations. Courtney chose to, once again, wear black leggings, and tall boots. However, this time she wore a mesh top over a sports bra, showing off her flat stomach and highlighting all her feminine curves! I went with dark grey slacks and a red and black patterned dress shirt under my leather coat. We looked hot but a bit thuggish to be fair.

We were greeted at the door by name, as we’ve been to the club just a bit often over the first few months of our swinging career. We took our bag of tricks and towels to our locker, dropped our coats off at the coat racks, and then wandered into the bar area.

“Is that them?” Courtney pointed discreetly at a very handsome couple standing at the edge of the dance floor.

“I think so,” I replied squinting a bit in the dimly lit room. “Those legs look very much like the ones in the pictures.”

“I can’t see the abs through that shirt,” Courtney smiled at me.

“Touché,” I smiled back at her. “Shall we introduce ourselves?”

We wandered across the dance floor, I picked up a beer at the bar and Courtney refilled her water bottle. “He’s a tad shorter than I thought,” Courtney looked at Bill speculatively.

“Honestly, I hadn’t noticed,” I grinned at Courtney. “My thoughts were elsewhere.”

“Goofball,” Courtney replied and led me by the hand in a direct line towards the unsuspecting couple. The lady we supposed was Sherry caught sight of us and leaned in to whisper to her man and then they both watched us cross the dance floor to join them. By the time we got to them the gent was smiling and the lady had an arched eyebrow as she appraised me. I did the natural thing and sucked in my gut.

“Hello. We are Alex and Courtney from Fab,” I shook Bill’s hand and received a firm grip.

“Nice to meet you guys. I’m Bill and this is Sherry,” he gave Courtney a long up and down look with obvious admiration. “Honey,” he turned to Sherry, “I meant to tell you we were saying hello to these guys tonight.”

“I see,” Sherry replied giving Bill a hard look before turning on a bright smile and giving Courtney a hug and me a kiss on the cheek. She was obviously a tad perturbed that Bill hadn’t mentioned meeting us but was friendly enough. She, in my opinion was a serious looker! Sherry was about 5’5” with curly platinum hair, sparkling blue eyes, a killer figure and super sexy legs which she showed off well in a minidress, and dangerous tall heels.

“We are meeting some old friends here tonight but nothing’s set in stone,” Bill stated somewhat awkwardly. He was about 5’8” and was constructed entirely of wiry muscle. His dress shirt was open multiple buttons and I could see Courtney sneaking a peek at his smooth chiseled chest. “Another drink?” he asked Sherry.

“I’m not sure if that’s drink number four or not!” Sherry stared down at her wine glass. “Oh, go on then,” she handed to glass to Bill.

Bill wandered off to bar leaving us with Sherry just as another couple walked up. “Hey,” Sherry said to them and went into the hug and kiss routine. “These are our friends George and Sunny.”

George was slightly older than us, 5’10”, and had a full head of silver hair and deeply lined forehead over playful blue eyes and a ready smile. He was in a suit with no tie and his partner Sunny was in a white mini dress with long white hooker boots and a white leather sleeveless vest. Sunny was about 6’1” in the tall heel boots, had long, to the waist, straight light brown hair, and was slim as a willow whip with only hints of curves at bum and breast.

When Bill returned from the bar there were further greetings all around and Courtney and I could see we were starting to be the third wheel. “Let’s dance,” Courtney pulled me to the dance floor and out of the group. But, Bill and Sherry followed bringing their friends with them. Courtney, ever the dancer, lost herself in the music and, in the blink of an eye, became the sexiest person in the club. Sunny danced all over Sherry and Bill and George shuffled back and forth watching the show.

The music slowed and we all headed to the side of the room. “Well, that was fun,” Bill said looking meaningfully at Sherry.

“I guess its about time to move on to the hot tub or something,” Sunny said putting her hand on Sherry’s shoulder.

I whispered to Courtney, “well that’s our cue to clear off.” Then I spoke up to the group, “it was nice to meet you all.”

But Courtney, to my amazement leaned in close to Sherry and said, “we really enjoyed meeting you guys," and kissed Sherry full on the lips. Sherry responded by reaching up, running he fingers into Courtney’s auburn hair, and kissing back. Sherry’s other hand came to rest on Courtney’s tight bum and I could see the kiss was now open mouth and deep.

The ladies broke apart, Sherry took Courtney by the hand, and strode off quickly towards the private rooms without another word. Bill shrugged at George and Sunny and followed. I turned awkwardly to follow and made eye contact with a peeved George and Sunny, “Uh, very nice to meet you,” I stammered and shuffled off to catch up to my ridiculous sexy wife and her new friends.

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