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24. That’s Just Sick!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Bill and I stood outside the door of the private room doing a quick discussion on what each couple would or wouldn’t do and all the preferences. We hadn’t accomplished this most important step before our ladies had taken charge and brought things roaring towards playtime. It turned out we were almost perfectly compatible with Sherry a bit more bi than Courtney. Not that Courtney hadn’t already demonstrated she was in her situational bi state of mind.

With a, here we go, look at each other Bill and I entered the room. Courtney was already stark naked and was busy laying our towel over the plastic sheeting on the bed. Sherry finished off her drink and was standing beside Courtney with her hand casually rubbing Courtney’s firm bottom.

“Honey, one more please.” Sherry held out her glass to Bill.

Bill looked at me and said, “uh, don’t get to far ahead of me.”

“No problem Bill,” I replied while trying not to lose my mind watching Sherry running both her hands up and down Courtney’s back. I understood where Bill was coming from. I wouldn’t want to go off and get a drink, come back to a threesome well underway, and feel like a third wheel. So, I stood and watched as Sherry pushed on Courtney’s upper back bending her over the bed.

Sherry crouched down and gazed up at Courtney’s exposed vagina. Sherry grinned over her shoulder at me and then reached up and started rubbing Courtney’s shaved lips in large circles causing Courtney to purr like a cat. Then Sherry pressed her cheek to Courtney’s butt cheek and blew gently on Courtney’s vagina while she rubbed. Sherry ran a finger between Courtney’s vagina lips and then stood suddenly swaying on her feet.

Courtney turned and sat on the edge of the bed, gave me a smile and then lay down on her back with her legs hanging off the bed. Sherry put a hand on the wall to steady herself and then knelt on the floor between Courtney’s legs. I moved to the edge of the bed and watched as Sherry worked Courtney through to a strong oral orgasm. I looked up as the door opened and Bill walked in just in time to see the final throws of Courtney’s orgasm.

Sherry stood and gave Bill a smile, “took long enough honey! I had to entertain myself or go mad waiting.”

Bill laughed and handed Sherry her drink. It struck me as a little funny that three of us were still fully clothed and Courtney was naked and recovering from her first orgasm. I vowed to joke with her later about being greedy. Sherry ran her hand down my chest and all those thoughts fled in an instant.

Bill dropped to his knees and took Sherry’s place licking and sucking at Courtney. I could tell that Courtney was still a bit too sensitive to be fully enjoying his efforts as she pushed his head back and sat up to give him a kiss. I saw her fingers working the buttons of his shirt quickly bearing his buff physique. She didn’t bother working his trousers off as she focused instead on feeling every inch of Bill’s muscular torso, dwelling for a while tracing his six-pack with her fingers.

Meanwhile Sherry had worked my trousers down and, while I watched Courtney’s enjoyment, took me in her mouth and started a vigorous head bob. She pulled back and looked up at me, gulped her drink and started sucking again. It was almost too much! Her mouth was cold from the gin and tonic and the sensation was exquisite.

I pulled back and helped Sherry out of her clothes. Now, at last, the entire foursome was naked. Sherry jumped up on the bed and got behind Courtney who was sitting on the edge of the bed kissing Bill. Courtney moaned as Sherry kissed her neck and then leaned over Courtney’s shoulder to join in a three-way kiss with Bill.

Courtney then turned her head and twisted her torso to kiss Sherry while Bill went to his knees and began again with his oral work on Courtney. This time Courtney was were she needed to be in her orgasm cycle to really get into the sensations. Courtney lay back and Sherry promptly squatted over her face offering up her vagina. Courtney looked momentarily surprised but, since our single lady experience, knew just what to do and started driving Sherry mad.

I worked my way up to Sherry and kissed her deeply. I dropped on hand down to rub Courtney’s closest nipple and I felt Courtney’s hand pumping my penis. At the same time Bill stood, put on a condom. He put one knee up on the bed and worked his large manhood between Courtney’s lips. I moved to kissing Sherry’s breasts as Bill worked is way into Courtney and Courtney licked Sherry.

Sherry rolled off Courtney’s face and lay back for me to enter her too. I hopped off the bed and grabbed a condom. The ladies lay side by side kissing while we two men ground and pumped into them. The ladies each moaned and stroked each other’s breasts. Bill gave me a broad grin and I offered him a high five. Slap went the high five and we laughed as we pumped away on the gorgeous women.

“Tap out Alex?” Bill asked and I nodded. We each pulled off our condoms switched places and pumped away at our wives for a while and I was rewarded with an orgasm out of Courtney. As she orgasmed Sherry pushed Bill off and rolled over to kiss me as I felt Courtney shudder beneath me.

Awesome! Bill and I switched back, rolling on our second condom of the night. This was going very well and I could see we were in for a great few hours lost in Bill and Sherry. It wasn’t to be. Suddenly Sherry pushed me off and rolled off the bed. She grabbed the trashcan and vomited with loud wet heaves!

We all stopped play and I held Sherry’s hair as she heaved again. “Are you ok?” I asked. Bill's hand kept tracing circles on Courtney's breasts as he watched with concern.

“Fine,” she said and then lay back down on the bed. I looked at my semi firm erection and over to where Courtney and Bill were back at it. “Come on, it’s ok,” Sherry said as she pulled me towards her. I worked my penis in and after a few strokes could feel the firmness return. Sherry pushed me off again and leapt to the trash can for another round of vomiting. I didn’t know what to do, so I held her blond tresses back as she barfed.

“You ok honey,” Bill asked as he continued pumping on Courtney. Courtney had a hold of his hips and wasn't letting go!

“I just need a little nap,” Sherry rolled over and passed out.

I watched as Bill rocked Courtney through another orgasm and then jumped up on the bed where Courtney could suck on my penis as Bill slowed his pace and working into a grinding motion. I worked Courtney’s breasts with my hands and she came again, hard! Courtney kept her mouth on me as she groaned and shook and her head continued to bob with the motion of Bill pumping her. Bill grunted and I could see he had been pulled over the edge by Courtney’s internal muscles spasming her orgasm. I knew that feeling!

Bill orgasmed with a final thrust and sat panting next to a sleeping Sherry. He apologized for her and explained that they hadn’t been out in ages and Sherry had over done it on the gin and tonics. I looked at Sherry’s sculpted legs and marveled at their absolute perfection. “Bill, we need to set up another meet where we can spend a bit more time with everyone awake.”

Bill laughed and promised we would meet again soon. Courtney and I cleaned up and headed out. We had only been at it with Bill and Sherry for about an hour. I didn’t stop for fast food and instead made a beeline for home where Courtney and I rolled into bed and I worked her to another orgasm and finally got to have mine!

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