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26. Our First MFM

“So, honey are we meeting anyone at the club tonight?” Courtney asked as she headed off to the shower.”

“Dear, we talked about this, there is a dude meeting us there to see how we hit off. Do you remember that whole, pick a single guy out, conversation?” I felt foolish realizing that I hadn’t been clear that tonight was the night we would be meeting a single guy for the first time with the possibility of play.

“Oh, I didn’t get the message. I didn’t realize that was tonight. I thought Bob and Molly might be free.” She turned on the shower and had me pass her a razor. Courtney always double checked her legs before a meet. She looked stunning getting into the shower, her mid-back auburn hair, her gym fit body with the muscles in her long slim legs and strong back on display as she stepped into the shower and reached up to adjust the shower head.

“Bob and Molly are out of the picture for a few weeks with commitments. We have that pub quiz with them next Thursday,” I let her know. Then I changed the conversation back to tonight, “I think you will be impressed with the guy I picked out.”

“Hmm, we’ll see. I just hope he doesn’t expect anything more than polite conversation. She started to lather up her hair. With closed eyes due to the shampoo she added, “I’m still not sure how I would get on being the absolute center of attention.”

“I made sure Dan knows that we are just meeting to get to know him and anything else is hypothetical. Oh, his name is Dan.” I watched with enjoyment as suds flowed down over Courtney’s shapely C-cups. I wished I had my phone-camera.

“Dan,” she tried the name out, “is that the goliath you showed me?” She held a hand out and I filled it with her towel. “Or is it that track star looking fellow with the blond hair?”

“I’m not telling,” I smiled at her mischievously.

A few hours later we sailed into the club greeting the regulars and starting to feel a little like part of that weird, super friendly, extended family. We dropped off our kit at our locker and headed into the bar and dance floor area. I kept my eyes out for Dan. I really didn’t see how we could miss him.

We danced for a bit and chatted with a couple for a bit finding out that we were in no way compatible due to their insistence on separate room play. Alarms went off in our heads when they said that neither of them were comfortable seeing the other playing. No thanks.

We skipped out on that couple and headed to the hot tub. As we passed by to get our towels and undress, I saw a massive set of shoulders topped with a shaved head rising from the steam of the hot tub. “Sweetheart, Dan is in the hot tub.”

Courtney peeked back around the corner, “Oh, he is massive. I’m not sure about that.” Dan, even crouched down in the water was head and shoulders taller than the other folks in the hot tub.

We undressed silently as Courtney worked through in her mind that we were getting naked into a hot tub with a Greek god who wanted to play with her. But, she didn’t falter, wrapped in our towels entered the hot tub room.

“Hi, I’m Dan,” he half stood in the hot tub and shook our hands as we stood on the side. His hand completely swallowed Courtney’s and smothered mine with his friendly greeting. He had tattoos across is massive body builder chest and on his tree root biceps. Heck, the blood veins on his biceps were bigger than some folks, muscles.

A bit self consciously we hung up our towels, showered, and knowing we were being watched by everyone in the hot tub, walked across the room and climbed down the stairs into the soothing water. Dan waved us down to the far end where he was siting and I led the way past several couples who greeted us politely. I plopped down across from Dan and Courtney pressed up beside me.

We worked through the usual pleasantries and questions about how long we’d been in the lifestyle. Dan was a little surprised at how new we were to the lifestyle. He put us at ease with his relaxed manner, funny stories, and easy laugh. He let me lead the conversation and adopted body language that left me the alpha male, in charge of the flow which, though not necessary, I greatly appreciated.

Then came the moment, we all felt it, the conversation died down and we knew it was time to fish or cut bait. I grabbed Courtney’s hand under the water. She cleared her throat and said, “I suppose I don’t mind seeing where this leads.”

Dan nodded his bald head with a beaming smile, “well good, I think you guys are going to have fun and will follow your lead. He stood, like Godzilla rising out of Tokyo bay, revealing muscular quads and gluts along with a dangling elephant trunk that made Courtney’s eyes seek mine with raised eyebrows.

At our locker Courtney whispered, “remember out signal! If I need out of this you’d best be ready to end the play.”

“I’m on it.” I replied. “You won’t ever be out of my sight.”

Dan followed us into the large playroom at the end of the hall with the big round bed. Dan knew the secret to shutting both top and bottom halves of the barn door. Courtney laid out our blanket across the bed and Dan stood politely waiting for his next move.

I took Courtney’s hand and standing, pulled her in for a kiss. I felt Dan’s eyes on us as we had a long kiss. I ran my hands down Courtney feeling her silky skin turn electric under my fingertips. I broke off the kiss and looking over Courtney’s shoulder gestured for Dan to join us.

Dan stepped in behind Courtney pressing his massive frame into her back. I felt her shudder in my arms. Her breath caught in her throat and I kissed her again. My hands rested high on her ribcage with thumbs rubbing at her nipples. Dan’s hands moved up and down her sides and he kissed the back of her neck.

I broke off the kiss and looked into Courtney’s eyes where a fire of desire was burning and the apprehension was gone. I urged her with my hands to turn around to face Dan. Dan’s hands moved to engulf her breasts as I ran my hands up and down Courtney’s muscular back and buttocks. I reached between her legs feeling just how wet she had become. With a shock I realized I had bumped fingers with Dan as he also felt the heat between Courtney’s legs.

I had worried a bit that casual bumping and touching on accident would wilt my arousal as I am so very firmly heterosexual. However, I didn’t feel disgust and instead moved my hand to rub Courtney’s neck. I braved another feel below and Dan pulled back letting me have access. I slid a finger inside and Courtney’s internal fire singed my nerves all across my body.

I pulled gently on Courtney’s hips like a dancer leading and she stepped back to the bed. She sat on the edge and I urged her to lay back. I crawled up beside her kissing her and put me hand on her upraised knees urging them apart. We broke off our kiss and both watched as Courtney’s knees parted and Dan knelt between them dropping his big bald head to rest on her stomach while he licked and sucked.

I raised up to kneeling on the bed next to Courtney’s head and she took me immediately in her mouth while my hand played with her closest breast. Dan licking away reached up with both hands for her breasts bumped my hand and settled for groping the opposite breast and lowering his other hand to insert one of his sausage fingers in Courtney. I felt her shudder at the touch and the shudder ran through her mouth into my penis. Wow!

Up Courtney climbed towards orgasm and I could feel every shared sensation through her mouth on my penis. She opened her mouth and huffed our big breaths around me and sucked hard as she started to shudder. The moans deep in her throat translated to exquisite quivers of her lips and tongue. This was one of my absolute favorite feelings in all of swinging. Courtney panted and dropped away as she recovered.

I signaled Dan to swap places and I crawled down to slowly enter Courtney. Her stomach muscles bunched and I was rewarded with an immediate fire cracker orgasm out of Courtney as she opened wide to take Dan’s swollen baby arm of a penis into her mouth.

I worked Courtney slowly, grinding my hips to keep her on edge but not over stimulated at the tail end of her second orgasm. As she relaxed back into enjoyment, I started pumping away in time to her efforts on Dan. He cradled her head in one of his paws and fed just the wide tip of his penis back and forth over Courtney’s lips. Her eyes were firmly closed as she focused on all the sensations of our hands and penises.

I felt Courtney starting to climb again and pull out offering Dan the position. I crawled up the bed and pulled Courtney up on top of me asking her to stand. She stood off the end of the bed leaning over with her hands on my chest while she sucked me. In that position, Dan with grocery sack condom smothering his anaconda, pushed slowly into her. She swayed forward letting me slip out of her mouth. She rested her head on my chest holding my hand and clinching her grip as Dan pressed in again.

Courtney’s whole body slid along mine as Dan moved her with his penetration. Courtney raised up on her elbows and pushed back struggling with his size. Her hand moved to my penis which she stroked as she ground back into him. The orgasm came suddenly as her vagina loosened to take more of him in. Her sounds were grunts and not moans and her legs shook.

Dan pulled out fast and explained that Courtney’s orgasm had nearly done it for him. He apologized and we all had a little laugh while Courtney recovered. “That felt great but I’m not sure If I could take it in cradle or any of the deep penetration positions.” Courtney told Dan. She pulled me over to mount her again while Dan cooled off and I rode her through another smaller orgasm as he watched.

Feeling Courtney move from her smaller orgasm through the trough of her wave and start to climb, I pulled out and offered Dan the pleasure as we took Courtney in the traditional “spit roast” position. When Dan pushed, Courtney rode forward and took me deeper in her mouth. His slow even strokes became erratic punches and he held Courtney in place with his massive hands nearly meeting around her slim waist.

He moved faster then groaned and tried to pull back Courtney reached a hand back and clutched at his massive thigh indicating to go ahead and complete. The groan turned into a roar and Dan thrust away hard and fast shaking Courtney with each hit against her cervix and driving her into me. Dan’s muscles bunched and his eyes bulged and he made a funny sobbing sound in his throat as he collapsed on the bed next to us.

Dan watched as Courtney and I moved through a few more positions and then sucked Courtney’s nipples making her orgasm again which was it for me. We lay there for a while panting while Dan thanked us for the fun evening. He showed us how he was able to pick Courtney up easily and we all agreed that next time we should take advantage of his strength to try some exotic difficult positions.

We all left the club about the same time and we laughed in our own car as we watched Dan cram himself into a red mini cooper. The laugh was the perfect end to what had been a shorter than normal but incredibly fun night.

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