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30. Bill and Sherry Steal Us Back

We watched from the bar as the couple with whom we had a social meet planned were ushered around the club on a tour. They looked as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I felt for them as I remembered how scared we had been to even make eye contact with anyone.

When the nervous couple came back from dropping off their towels and coats at their locker, we intercepted them. I tried to make eye contact and wave them over but they were busy studying anything but anyone else. I had to physically step away from the bar to where they stood whispering to each other.

“Larry and Cheryl?” I asked. “We are Alex and Courtney and we messaged you on fabswingers.”

Larry looked much as his picture had presented. He had a high forehead and a mop of unruly brown hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. He smiled timidly at us and I recognized the winning smile from their profile. He was about our height and had a solid dad bod that didn’t bulb too much anywhere.

Cheryl was in a tight dress that showed off her hourglass figure. She had curly brown hair and nervous light brown eyes that darted over me and then careful came to rest looking somewhere about mid chest. She had high cheekbones and arched eyebrows that obviously took some effort to work.

“Yes, we are Larry and Cheryl,” He shook my hand.

“Welcome to the club guys,” Courtney stepped forward for the traditional hug and kiss on the cheeks. The hug and kiss were a tad delayed and Larry almost looked guilty when he we through. I shook his hand and he seemed more comfortable. Then I leaned into Cheryl and the brief hug revealed she worked out and was also very tense. I stuck with a single kiss and backed off before she bolted.

“How about a drink?” I asked them to try to break the ice.

“That sounds wonderful,” Larry said with gusto. “What would you like Cheryl?”

“I, uh, I would like a gin and tonic please,” she replied looking grateful.

“No problem,” I smiled reassuringly. “Any preference on type of Gin or Tonic?”

“Bombay and Fever Tree if they have it but I’m not fussed with anything they might have.”

“Larry?” I pointed at him.

“I’ll take a lager of any sort,” he replied.

It didn’t take me long to sort them out and by the time I got back, they were seated in the snug area on a couch with Courtney chatting to them amiably. As usual, Courtney’s innate charm was putting people at ease. I handed them their drinks and when Cheryl accepted her drink, she managed to smile at me and hold eye contact for a few seconds. She looked down blushing.

“Guys, just so you know,” I started, “we really aren’t going to jump on you. We don’t have any expectations of doing anything but chatting for a bit if that’s all right.”

“That doesn’t seem too scary,” Larry smiled at us. “Could you tell us about how you got into this?”

We talked with them for quite a while and they gradually relaxed and asked more and more personal questions. “How do you deal with Alex having sex with other women?” Cheryl asked Courtney.

“I’m not jealous at all,” she answered. “I’m just built that way. It’s harder on Alex as far as jealousy.”

“Yeah, I can’t just watch things taking place without being part of it,” I continued. “I remember that the first time a man penetrated Courtney I was happily penetrating his wife. So, it all worked out and felt good.”

“So, are you guys up for fooling around?” Courtney pushed the conversation to conclusion.

Larry and Cheryl became super tense. “How about we go get another drink and you can meet us at the bar if you are interested. No pressure and no worries if you guys would rather do other things. I took Courtney’s hand and with a small wave we left them to their deliberations. We knew just how rough that could be.

Courtney was just laughing at one of my most marvelous jokes when Larry and Cheryl walked up and stood looking expectantly at us. “We, uh, we are really scared,” Larry started.

I held up my hand to stop him. “Guys, no issue, there’s plenty of fun to be had here at the club and we aren’t insulted or anything.”

“No! No, we are ok with maybe soft swinging in the couples’ room,” Cheryl stared at her toes as she spoke and gripped Larry’s arm.

“That’s cool,” Courtney smiled at them reassuringly and then scared them again by asking, “are we going to be able to touch you guys or anything?”

I cringed inwardly as I watched Cheryl’s eyes grow wide. I could tell Courtney could see her mistake as well.

“Well, we hadn’t actually gotten that far.” Larry looked at Cheryl.

“No problem!” Courtney jumped back in soothing things over. “We will follow your rules.”

“Let’s just play side by side if that’s ok,” Cheryl said hesitantly.

We agreed and led the way to the lockers where we could pick up our towels and then to the couples’ room, which happened to be completely empty. The various platforms and play furniture were all covered in white faux leather. Courtney spread her towel out on the edge of the large central round play surface.

I gave Courtney a hug from behind and kissed her neck. I could feel her shiver in anticipation. She turned in my arms and we lost each other in a deep kiss. My hands ran over her body and she began unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled her top off and began working at her bra as my shirt fell to the floor.

Suddenly I had Courtney’s breast in my mouth and her hands were fumbling with my belt. I broke free for a second to help her with the stupid belt and realized that Larry and Cheryl were standing just staring at us. Oops, we were ahead of them again.

I took a step back from Courtney feeling self-conscious and Courtney stepped in with, “Guys, hope we aren’t getting too crazy for you.”

“No, No, not too crazy. I think we were just overcome by the sudden boobs,” Larry said.

“Well sort of that,” Cheryl said. “This is intense and erotic.” Cheryl took a deep breath and took off her top. I could see by Larry’s stunned expression that he was totally shocked at his partner’s bold move. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breast jutted out firm and vaguely triangular.

“Bravo!” Courtney clapped politely and then went back to pulling down my trousers. Cheryl dropped to her knees in front of Larry and started pulling them down too. Larry continued with his stunned staring.

Courtney popped me in her mouth and began sucking and Larry watched with wide eyes until Cheryl started sucking him. Then he shut his eyes and sighed. Courtney pushed me back to sit on the towel and I grinned.

“Courtney, your turn.” I pulled her on me and then rolled her onto the platform where I could get her the rest of the way naked and kiss her entire body. I worked to her vagina and began to do my absolute best to push her rapidly forward. With the combination of fingers and tongue I soon had her moaning and her quick orgasm full of shudders and heaving breath.

“Wow!” Larry said from where he was still standing receiving a blowjob. I can’t believe how fast she came!”

“That’s just her way,” I smiled back at them as Courtney recovered.

“Cheryl, your turn too,” Larry said pulling her back off him. There was a pause as they fumbled around for their towel and then got settled near us on the white faux leather platform. Cheryl had smooth shiny legs that looked like they had just been rubbed down with baby oil. I ached to touch them and suddenly understood how Bob had felt wishing he could touch Courtney’s breasts during our first few times of soft swing.

That was when things went pear shaped. I heard Courtney say, “Hey guys! What’s going on?” I looked over and Bill and Sherry were standing against the wall, fully clothed, just watching.

“Well, our dates turned out not to be up for anything,” Bill said with a grimace. “They took off when we mentioned going to the hot tub. We just looked up and they were gone.”

“Good riddance,” Sherry said. “The weren’t really up to snuff compared to their pictures.”

“We were wondering,” Courtney laughed.

I suddenly realized how unreal this must be for Larry and Cheryl. “Uh, Bill and Sherry, this is Larry and Cheryl. We are having a soft swing next to them as they are newbies and are feeling their way.”

“Uh, yeah that’s us,” Larry looked quite uncomfortable and his erection was mostly ruined. Cheryl looked stunned.

“Oh, if they aren’t playing with you guys, do you mind if we jump in?” Bill asked.

“Sure,” Courtney said with a smile from where she was sprawled on her back on the platform.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Bill knelt between Courtney’s legs and not loosing a beat started licking her. I could see that Larry and Cheryl were staring in amazement. But, before I could suggest anything to make them more comfortable, Sherry was in my arms and kissing me.

“I feel just fine and would love to see what I missed last time,” Sherry grinned at me and I suddenly wasn’t so bothered by what was going on in Cheryl and Larry’s heads. We stumbled back to the platform and I sat down next to Courtney. Sherry put her head of platinum blond between my legs and started working on me. I reached over and kissed Courtney as Bill and Sherry gave us an oral treat.

Coming out of the kiss I noticed that Larry and Cheryl were now doing their own thing. Cheryl was on her knees facing us all and Larry was behind her in doggy. They both were absolutely enjoying themselves and were staring at the rest of us in our happy tangle.

“I need some of that,” Sherry pulled Bill off Courtney and took his place licking away while Bill moved up to her head and she started sucking him deeply. I grabbed a condom and entered Sherry from behind and she moaned into Courtney’s vagina. Looking across I could see that our play had pushed Larry and Cheryl to the limit. Cheryl panted and groaned as Larry slammed into her.

“Oh, good gods in heaven!” Larry screamed as he lost all control of his rhythm and banged spastically into Cheryl. Our newbie friends crashed on their end of the platform and watched the rest of us playing. I could see they were mesmerized by the action.

I pulled out of Sherry and squatted behind her running my hands up and down her legs feeling their taunt strength and silky, glossy perfection. I reached up and licked her plump vagina lips and we were all in an oral chain. I licked and sucked Sherry while she did the same to Courtney and Courtney sucked Bill. It was fairly epic as we all moaned and groaned.

At last Bill drew the oral chain to a close asking for a chance to, “get in there,” with Courtney. He dug a condom from somewhere and Courtney received him in the same position she’d been in all night, flat on her back at the edge of the platform. Bill ground into her.

Courtney orgasmed again almost immediately and I grinned at her pleasure. She ran her hands up and down Bill’s ripped torso and shuddered in pleasure. Sherry and I took a similar position next to them and the ladies turned their heads to the middle kissing. We continued that way for a while and then, yanking off condoms, swapped to our own partners for a bit.

Courtney orgasmed again for me and clicked teeth against Sherry causing some laughter. Then, we tore open new condoms and went back to each other’s wives. Sherry was extremely fun to work as she gyrated her hips pushing into me as hard as possible. The pleasure was extreme.

Not too much later, Sherry slapped Bill and motioned to their bag. He hopped off of Courtney and dug through until he returned with a glass dildo and a vibrator. I pulled out of Sherry and went back to Courtney after yanking off my condom. Courtney and I enjoyed playing next to them as Bill slowly worked Sherry to her huge climax. I continued banging Courtney in doggy and Sherry crawled over and kissed me while at the same time Bill crawled over and kissed Courtney. Courtney and I orgasmed together while being kissed by Bill and Sherry and it was awesome.

Suddenly we heard clapping and looked up to see that Larry and Cheryl were still on the end of the platform grinning. “That was some show!” Larry kept clapping.

“So, that’s how it’s done?” Cheryl asked with a laugh as we all got dressed.

“Yeah, that’s a good evening. I hope we weren’t rude to you guys by inviting Bill and Sherry to join in,” Courtney said.

“No, we understand,” Cheryl replied. “We really did enjoy ourselves and learned a lot about how we felt seeing this sort of thing.”

“Maybe next time you guys can jump in,” Bill smiled at them and they shivered.

“One step at a time,” I smiled at them too.

With kisses and hugs all around we set off from the club at closing time and were home in bed in deep dreamless sleep by 3:30 AM. At 7 AM we both woke refreshed and grinning and had awesome sex again.

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