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38. Greedy Girls night with Bill and Sherry

So, due to popular demand, we are working to add in a few chapters of our swinging life from Courtney’s point of view. I still have Alex slaving away on keyboard while I provide lead vocals. You may see a bit of a change in style but you may not as Alex is interpreting my rambling, disjointed style. Bless him, but he really struggles with the, “oh, I forgot to add the bit about…” He’s even been grumpy about it!

Anyway, Alex was dorking around on the fabswingers website during his lunch at work (surprise – not!) and sent a message to Bill and Sherry asking for a meet at their earliest convenience. I had almost convinced myself that Bill and Sherry had moved on from us since we hadn’t heard from them in such a long time. Further, each time we’d reached out, they had been busy with other friends.

I had specifically asked Alex to not reach out anymore as it would make us look desperate and I didn’t want that at all. However, Alex reached out to them as they had put in their fabswingers status that they were thinking about going to a club in London called Ab Fab’s (short for Absolutely Fabulous). I let Alex off the hook as his query was successful and Bill wrote back that they would be happy to meet us at Ab Fab.

Bill and Sherry are super sexy. Since we’d first stolen them off the dance floor at Jay Dee’s from the couple they’d been with, it had been one weird meeting after another. There was the funny time when Alex had stood around looking appalled as Sherry was sick. Alex looked so funny standing naked with a hardon holding Sherry’s hair as she vomited. Alex’s erection didn’t last!

Then there was the time when we had a newbie couple with us at the Vanilla Alternative and Bill and Sherry joined in. Well, actually, I called Bill and Sherry over as I was getting bored with the newbie fumbling and really like a good rodgering from Bill. Bill is super strong and able to go for hours. I love running my hands over his six pack abs and feeling his hard butt when he tenses for a thrust. His dick is just the right length to hit the depths without causing any discomfort and rock hard. Yummy! (Note from Alex – Courtney is blushing right now!)

Sherry is gorgeous. I’m not really bisexual at all but have no problem adding some zing with Sherry! Sherry has legs that are so perfectly shaped and glossy smooth that you can’t help but run your hand down them to enjoy the silky sensation. She has a bubbly personality that is a perfect offset to Bill’s quiet confidence. I know that Alex finds her super-hot and loves the sounds she makes during a moment of passion.

Alex set us up with a nice room in the Heathrow Marriott with two queen beds. This was at my suggestion as I already could see us going past the 2 am closing time at Ab Fab. We drove down mid afternoon and checked into the Marriott around 4 pm. I asked Alex to check that there were no stray hairs after my waxing and he only found a couple, though he did spend a long time looking, naughty boy!

I took a long luxurious shower while Alex took a short nap. Then while I put on my makeup and hit all the highlights, Alex took his shower and made sure to clean up his own shave. Alex has a short soft beard and I reminded him to use the wonderful smelling lotion he uses as a beard conditioner. He dressed in a pair of khaki slacks and added a wine-colored shirt that makes him look stunning. (Note from Alex – her words not mine!)

I went easy on jewelry as clubs and club lockers are a good way to lose a nice neckless or broach. I picked out a black dress I’d bought just for this evening with slits so far up the side they came to my waist. Alex loved the dress and commented on how it really did a job of revealing, hiding, and taunting they eye with my gym fit legs. The only problem was that we had to leave the hotel and I didn’t want to look like a whore in the lobby. Thankfully, I’d brought a long coat to cover up!

Ab Fabs was just down the road from the Marriott and was in a former health club. We pulled into the parking lot just at opening time (9 pm) and were a bit disappointed that it looked so seedy from the outside. We didn’t have long to think about it as Bill and Sherry pulled in right behind us and we were soon lost in hugs, kisses, and bright smiles.

On entering the club we were directed to a computer against the wall to fill out a membership form. The lobby was spartan in décor and, to be quite frank, the man at reception had body order issues. Alex banged out the membership form while Bill did the same on an adjacent computer. I found myself huddled up with Sherry as the lobby filled up with single men of all colors and shapes.

The single men stared openly at Sherry and me and some turned to whisper to their buddies. It was disconcerting. I felt Sherry loop her arm through mine and press up against me. Alex finished his membership form first and made his way to the front desk to pay our entry fees.

“Alex,” I called out to him.

“Yes dear?” Alex turned back to me with a concerned look on his face. I must have sounded disturbed.

“We could just go to our hotel and not bother with the club as long as it’s ok with Sherry and Bill.” I looked at Sherry hopefully.

“Why don’t we at least see what the place is like?” Alex said with a quizzical look on his face.

“Yeah, seems a shame to not see the interior after making the effort to get here,” Bill added as he completed his form.

I looked at Sherry and she shrugged, so I let it go. Alex and Bill paid our fees and the stinky guy showed us through to the locker rooms. The club was larger than Vanilla Alternative and probably as large or larger than Jay Dee’s. There was a pool that no one was using and a large dance floor suffering the same fate. Bill went to the bar and picked up a couple of beers for the boys and a gin and tonic for Sherry. I, as usual, stuck with the water in my water bottle.

Looking around I didn’t see many couples. There might have been eight or so other couples and they were all being propositioned by the hordes of single men. That’s right, it was “greedy girls’ night” where the club opened up to lots of single men and ladies had their choice of whomever they wanted. In fact, women had the choice of as many men as they wanted!

“Do you ladies see anything you like?” Bill gestured to the crowd of men by the bar.

I glanced their direction and met several challenging stares. Sherry and I could be as popular as we wanted. Not to be saucy but Sherry and I were easily the best-looking ladies in the place besides a tiny blond in stupid high heels. The tiny blond had three young men hanging on her every word while her husband stood slightly aside with a grin on his face.

“There’s plenty of eye candy,” I replied, “but I came out tonight to be with you guys.”

“I don’t mind if the ladies warm up with some guys while we watch,” Bill said.

I knew that wasn’t on the table as Alex isn’t much of a watcher. He likes to be in on the action. Also, the idea of just picking up a random single guy or guys at the club didn’t appeal to the way I like to swing either. Perhaps if we had been conversing with a single guy for a while and then met at a club and we all clicked, but even then, the chemistry would have to be perfect.

“That’s not really my bag baby,” Alex drawled and I reached out and took his hand.

We wandered a bit more and came across a room where a lady was bent over a bench and guy after guy were taking turns on her. Thankfully, and typically, all the guys were playing safe sex but the view didn’t do anything for me. The crowd of guys all hooting and hollering, the dingy atmosphere, and the strong sent of sweat made the entire thing look like a back-alley assault.

“I don’t like this at all,” Sherry said quietly.

“Neither do I,” I said, “the entire vibe of this place gives me the willies.”

“I think we should go,” Sherry said to the four of us.

“Dear, maybe the place will get better in a bit?” Bill looked around trying to find a place we could all go to get some privacy.

“No, I really don’t feel comfortable in here,” Sherry said firmly and I linked arms with her in solidarity.

Alex knew his que and spoke up, “we have a room at the Marriott. It’s just down the street and we have a suite with two queen beds. I suggest we rally at the Marriott bar and take it from there.”

I’ve never felt so relieved. There was no way I was going to feel comfortable in that club and Sherry had picked up on the same vibe. “Good idea honey!”

“Sherry, what do you think?” I could tell Bill wasn’t keen on paying to enter and not at least giving the place a chance.

“I think it’s a great idea! Meet you at the Marriott in 10.” Sherry led the way out of the club.

We’ve never been back to Ab Fabs but are willing to give it another shot during a more relaxed event. The energy had been frantic and, from the smelly guy at the counter to exiting through a gauntlet of single guys waiting to get in, it had been a bit of an ugly experience. Bill and Sherry have been back multiple times and they say the place is actually really great on a chilled-out night or during the day when it is just a nudists club.

“That was freaky,” I said to Alex as he motored towards the Marriott with Bill and Sherry right on our tail.

“I was clueless to how you felt until right at the end,” Alex said. “I should have seen how you and Sherry were clinging to each other as a clue.”

Alex does this all the time. He goes back over things in his head and beats himself up over real and imagined failures. He’s a perfectionist, world class at his job, and a great husband but he does bore me with his endless introspective bouts. I decided to nip this one in the bud.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I said I wanted to go and you backed me 100%. I can’t ask for more than that.” I could see him brighten visibly. After more than 20 years of marriage I can manage him pretty well. (Note from Alex – Hey! What?)

At the Marriott bar the boys ordered two more beers, another gin and tonic for Sherry and two large bottles of still water and two large bottles of sparkling water to take up to the room. The walk up to the room was electric as we all knew what was coming next.

Sherry leaned her head on Bill’s shoulder as they walked down the corridor to our room and I marveled that this sexy couple was about to get freaky with us! Alex walked ahead with two of the water bottles tucked under an arm and fumbled around with the key card until I took the bottles from him. He smiled at me in thanks and with a fire in his eyes that made my tingles go from high pitch to screaming.

Sherry and I retreated immediately to the restroom and we took turns freshening up and making sure we looked perfect while chatting idly about life events since we’d seen them last. Sherry worked her lipstick to perfection and we stood looking in the mirror together.

“Well, the boys are in for a treat!” Sherry smiled at me in the mirror. I really liked this lady as a person and liked the idea that she would give Alex an amazing time. I’m not the jealous type at all and seeing Alex in the throws of passion was pure pleasure for me.

“Alex really loves your legs,” I said and watched as she smiled brightly in the mirror.

“Thanks for that! I like his soft beard and burning eyes. When he looks at me, I get gooey.” Sherry laughed at her own description and added, “Bill likes your butt, he wants to slap it but can’t bring himself to ask.”

“Hmm, I’ll try and remember to tell him to give me a bit of a spank,” It was my turn to laugh.

“How bi are you feeling tonight?” Sherry looked at me quizzically. She knew that I was only into some slap and tickle depending on the mood and flow of the event.

“I’m sure I can work up to it with a hottie like you Sherry,” I gave her an open smile and knew she was pleased. Sherry enjoyed the teasing bi play much more than I did.

“The boys must be bursting!” Sherry said and flounced her hair back making a kissy face in the mirror.

“Oh, just so you know, Alex is going to ask to take a couple of pictures of the action for our fabswingers profile,” I said.

“Thanks, I don’t see a problem with it. I think Bill won’t mind as long as we all get to agree on what we post anywhere.”

“That works for me,” I said.

When we walked out into the room, the boys were sitting on the couch sipping their beer and chatting. I wondered if they had been saying the same sort of stuff as we girls. But, I caught a mention of a popular football team and realized that they were, after all, men. Their eyes snapped around when Sherry cleared her throat.

“Boys, here we are!” Sherry held her hands up in a ta-da motion. Our men jumped up off the couches and came towards us.

“Honey, would you mind if Alex takes a few pictures of the action? We’ve come up with some ground rules about all approving of the pictures before we post them on fab.” Bill looked hopeful.

I laughed knowing that at least some of our conversation in the restroom had been repeated on the couch. Sherry pretended to think hard about it and I even thought that maybe she had changed her mind. Then she let the boys off the hook.

“Ok, Ok, as long as you make sure to get my good side,” Sherry looked at Alex evenly.

“I, uh, good side?” Alex struggled but recovered. “I can’t imagine you have a bad side.”

“Ha!” Sherry beamed him a smile. “smooth talker.” She stepped up to Alex and lifted her arms around his shoulders pulling him into a long deep kiss. The kiss lasted long enough that Bill and I started to awkwardly move together as well. Sherry had jumped the gun a bit on where we all were mentally.

“So, what pictures do you want right now while we are still dressed?” Sherry asked Alex when she pulled back from the kiss.

“Well, to be honest, I would love one where Courtney stands with her legs spread wide and you cling to her leg below,” Alex said with hardly a stammer.

We ladies shuffled around until we got the pose and Sherry laughed up at me when she lost her balance and had to grab my legs firmly to stay up. Alex got another couple of shots of the two ladies standing together looking stunning and then he asked for a kissy shot. I shot him a one eyebrow up look that told him to hold off on any more bi ideas for now.

However, Sherry took full advantage and we clicked teeth lightly as she kissed me hard. Her warm tongue was instantly in my mouth and I held her tightly enjoying the sensation. I ignored Alex moving around trying to find the best angle.

“Mmm, that was nice,” Sherry said as we parted. Her blue eyes sparkled and she naughtily slapped me hard on the butt. Over her shoulder I could see Bill’s eyebrows go up and his jaw dropped.

I decided to play it up and make Bill lose his mind. “Sherry, I’ve been a naughty girl, could you give me a spanking?”

Sherry laughed and sat on the closest bed, she new exactly what I was doing to Bill. I leaned over her lap and slowly lifted my dress until my bottom was fully exposed across Sherry’s lap. I could see Alex was still taking pictures and grinning.

Slap! The swat was astonishingly loud but wasn’t very painful. I writhed on Sherry’s lap knowing just how my firm bum must look with the small red handprint. Slap! Slap!

“Oh, Sherry! It hurts so good!” I opened my eyes and Bill was next to my head with his pants down. His large, richly veined erection right at eye level. So, I did the natural thing and opened my mouth, letting him push in the head of his dick. I gave it a slurp. Slap! Sherry was still spanking me!

I continued to suck on Bill, enjoying playing the tip of my tongue on the little V notch on the bottom of its head, while Sherry gave me slow, deliberate swats on the rear. I felt a push against my pussy lips and suddenly Alex was in me holding firmly to my hips. Slap! Sherry swatted me again!

The sensations were extreme as I lay across Sherry’s silky legs, sudden swats on my butt, Bill filling my mouth and Alex moving slowly in and out. I felt the sudden urge to orgasm and couldn’t hold it back at all. I groaned around Bill’s dick causing him to tense with the sensation. His tensing in pleasure pushed me further.

Alex pushed in and held in place moving his body slightly to cause friction down deep in my belly. I pulled off of Bill to avoid biting his dick off and pumped him with my hand while my back arched up off of Sherry’s legs and I yelled something loud and silly.

I fell back onto Sherry’s lap and lay quivering. Slap! The sudden sensation of the slap touched off a secondary orgasm and I shuddered again, moaning. I’ve never orgasmed from a slap on the butt. However, there’s a first time for everything!

I rolled off Sherry’s lap and went to a quivering puddle on the carpeted floor. The boys didn’t miss a beat. They began quickly undressing Sherry, who then dropped to her knees next to me. The boys stepped in, careful to avoid me, to receive Sherry’s oral efforts.

From where I lay on the floor, I could see clearly how she worked her head in a bobbing roll and how her tongue stuck out underneath their Alex’s dick head, darting back and forth on his shaft. I saw his knees do a little shiver of delight. He pulled back and Sherry turned to work the same magic on Bill and I saw his toes curl, gripping the carpet next to my head. Bill’s calf muscles looked amazing as they bunched with the effort and I reached out and ran and hand over the hard muscles.

I sat back up feeling refreshed and came face to face with Sherry who popped Bill’s dick out of her mouth to kiss me. I swayed a little in surprise. Then Sherry turned back to sucking on Bill while I gave my husband his favorite rolling tongue trick and was pleased to see his knees shiver again. Then Sherry was next to me kissing on Alex’s shaft while I held his head in my mouth rolling my tongue around it.

“Oh, that’s amazing!” Alex moaned.

We turned and gave Bill the same treatment but this time I worked his shaft rubbing my face against the hard muscles of his six-pack. I couldn’t help but turn and kiss his abs while Sherry worked him with her head bobbing madly. When we turned back to Alex, he had his stupid phone out and was taking pictures! We made the angle hard for him by pushing in close, Sherry gulping him in all way to his balls while I nuzzled his warm furry tummy and licked his navel.

At one point I remember distinctly that I had each of the boys in a hand and I thought I’d be funny and push the heads of their dicks together. Alex lurched back like a magnet pushed away by its same side on another magnet. I laughed out loud at his eyebrows up expression.

“It wouldn’t have bothered me,” Bill said with a shrug and promptly pushed his dick back in my mouth.

Our antics on the bed were extreme and to be honest I can’t remember much of them as the orgasm after orgasm blurred them all out. Alex has a video of me sitting on Bill’s delicious cock while Sherry sucks on my nipples. Watching the video, I’m amazed at myself and how wantonly I writhe on Bill and orgasm loudly throwing back my head. I have absolutely zero memory of that event but the video is hot!

I remember several times having both the men working on me and feeling completely and utterly full, with every nerve on fire. I can remember a brief time on my elbows and knees with Bill pushing firmly against my cervix while I pressed my face between Sherry’s silky legs and licked my best at the wet, melon and sea water flavored, folds of her velvety pussy. I made her shudder and grab my hair, holding me pressed against her.

Above, Alex was in Sherry’s mouth pumping his cock, fucking her face. She moaned when I wormed my tongue in a tight circle around her tiny clit. I felt the tiny soft bump with the tip of my tongue, while also feeling the sudden warmth of Bill filling his condom deep inside me. I screamed in sympathetic orgasm right into Sherry’s pussy! The resulting pussy fart had us all rolling in laughter.

Bill and Sherry spent the night (Bill snores) and we had breakfast together in the hotel the next morning. I felt so very satisfied and all my muscles were relaxed and made of jello. I have to admit that I slept a bit on the way home as Alex drove, humming happily to himself.

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