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40. Best Friend in a Sex Club!

Courtney here again, not sure why I’m telling this one but here goes:

We went through our pre-club routine at a frantic pace as Alex was going to run down to the pub and have a quick pint with his best friend before heading to Jay Dee’s Club. Alex had told his friend that we would go to clubs to get away from our kids for some privacy and our own fun. What he didn’t tell his friend Joe is that we are swingers! We weren’t ready for that! I wasn’t ready for that yet!

I really wasn’t keen on any of our friends knowing that Alex and I were swinging. How would they look at me knowing I was suddenly a promiscuous woman? Twenty plus years of happy marriage and, as far as anyone knew, we were the normal couple next door. We weren’t out campaigning for freedom of expression or anything like some of the sex bloggers we’ve read (check out she is so brave!) We really are just in it for the adventure.

It isn’t a feminism liberation thing for me, our swinging just seems another part of our marriage. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned? Whatever! The stuff we do is fun, Alex and I are still violently in love, and the institution of marriage is still a great thing. Now, where was I in this story again? (Alex is rolling his eyes)

So, Alex took off for the pub after his shower, shave and helping me clean up any stray hairs missed in my Brazilian wax. I showered off and wondered if Joe, Alex’s friend, would have the balls to join us. Then I picked out some old jeans from my 80’s days (not bragging that I can still wear them, but I can!) and a pastel sweater that was much tighter through the chest than back in the day. I found some bangles and a big hair bow to top off the 80’s outfit.

Did I mention that it was an 80’s party at Jay Dee’s? (Alex is rolling his eyes again! One more time and he can write this chapter!) Alex had a letter jacket from his old school and some 501 jeans with the button fly (not from his high school days, just saying) to make up his 80’s outfit. I packed Alex’s jacket in the car along with my makeup, hair spray and all that jazz.

When I pulled up outside the pub, I could see Alex sitting with Joe and some of their other friends. Alex waved and stood up. So did his big friend Joe. I could see a couple of pint glasses on the table and it looked like the boys had knocked back about two rounds in the short time I’d been showering and getting ready.

Alex climbed into the passenger seat of my Jeep and Joe squeezed his large frame into the back seat. He looked nervous and didn’t meet my eyes when I looked back at him in the rearview mirror. He probably needed the ice broken.

“Joe, I guess this means you are joining us tonight for our date night?” I asked him as we pulled away.

“Uh, yeah,” he said and kept his eyes down. He didn’t know what to think or how to act.

“It’s a fun night, I’m sure you will meet some interesting people and it will at least make a change of scenery from the pub,” Alex said looking back over his shoulder at Joe. “Honey we are headed up to Joe’s now since we have a few minutes before we need to take off.”

“Yes, dear,” I knew Alex’s words were mostly for Joe but it did sound a little man-splainy. “You already told me that was the plan,” I couldn’t help adding.

“Yeah, right.” Alex said and smiled at me.

“So, Joe,” I said, “what are you expecting tonight?”

“I, uh,” Joe blushed deeply, “I don’t know.” Then he recovered and added, “I guess hanging out with my perverted friends for a bit, having a few beers, normal night.”

“Hey!” Alex interjected. “We aren’t perverts, just a normal couple who likes to get away for a nice date night.”

“At a sex club,” Joe noted dryly.

“Think of it as a regular night club with some added zing,” I said as we pulled into Joe’s.

Joe and Alex had a beer and chatted in the kitchen while I worked magic with hair spray in the restroom and then worked even more magic with make up to turn into a big hair 80’s girl. I was aiming for a Cindy Lauper look and didn’t get too far off. I was having fun with it until Alex poked his head in to say it was time to go.

With a last few puffs of hair spray, we headed to the car. Joe had now powered through a few beers at the house while Alex had backed off. His liquid courage was in full force and he didn’t seem worried. That was good, we didn’t want him completely traumatized.

Joe quieted down his string of jokes as we got nearer to the club and after a bit of silence started with some earnest questions.

“Guys, uh, what should I do at the club?” he asked tentatively.

Alex answered, “well, just be yourself buddy.”

I had to step in and give some real advice, “look Joe, you are free to chat with anyone but if they give you the brush off you need to just back off quickly and move on. The rules are quite strict and the club folks are used to kicking out pushy single guys.”

“Oh, well that’s a little daunting,” Joe replied.

“Don’t get me wrong! Like Alex said, be yourself but just know that folks are jaded by single guys always trying to chat them up.”

“So, be me but careful,” Joe looked a bit worried now.

“Look, if you’re expectation is to have a laugh, drink a bit, maybe dance a bit if the mood takes you, hit the hot tub for a relaxing soak, then you are fine,” Alex said.

“Some guys come to the club thinking they have paid admission and deserve sex. That’s the attitude that can get you disappointed,” I added.

“What if I see naked people, what should I do?” Joe looked extremely uncomfortable.

Alex didn’t help with, “of course you will see naked folks, it’s a sex club.”

Joe’s eyes met mine in the rearview mirror and he looked away quickly and nervously.”

“Joe,” I said gently, “you aren’t going to see us having sex or anything awkward. They have private rooms at the club and that’s what Alex and I are after, privacy.”

This seemed to calm down Joe’s jitters until Alex started getting technical again, “they have some rooms with windows and you are free to watch, or if the door is open you can ask to join. Oh, and there’s a couples’ room you can’t go into as a single guy.”

Joe looked around as if he were trying to find a way out of the car. His nerves were winning out over his curiosity. The better part of valor was to help, even if it meant Alex and I might lose our night of sex.

“Joe, we won’t leave you unless you are really comfortable,” I said and Alex looked at me horrified at the thought of losing our private playtime. I patted Alex on his knee and said, “there are plenty of places we can sit, have a drink, chat, and people watch.”

Joe looked instantly calmer. Knowing we weren’t going to ditch him helped. Further, my timing was perfect as we pulled into the parking lot at Jay Dee’s.

The boys got out and grabbed Joe’s beer, our cooler, towels, and sundries. For once I only had to carry my water bottle, having two guys at the club was a bonus. Except this time having two guys at the club wouldn’t end up with me having to suck dick all night! (I can’t believe I said that!)

Ok, digression, it’s what I do. We’ve met a single guy at the club on occasion and as much as the attention is fun, I usually end up with a jaw ache by the end of a session. There seems to always be a guy on each end and when you are right at that point of orgasm, you just can’t give the guy who you are sucking the full attention he wants. Alex doesn’t mind too much when my attention slips but wants to be in my mouth. He says the sensation of my orgasm turned into moans is amazing on his cock! (I’m blushing but it had to be said.)

The doorman greeted us by name and Joe gave us a long look. But he also greeted the next few couples by name and Alex explained it was just the doorman’s gimmick. Keeping our swinging secret might be harder than we thought.

The lady at the counter asked for our member number and we paid our entrance fee. One of the greeters was a grand lady in skintight latex that made Joe’s eyes pop. She took him by the hand and led him to a table where he could fill in his entry form. Joe looked back at us with a bemused expression. Alex offered to put all our stuff up in our lockers and drop the beer at the bar while Joe filled out his form. I chose to wait so that Joe could see he wasn’t being ditched.

And, as if on cue, Bob and Molly came in the door. The were dressed up in their 80’s gear and looked rocking. I stood and took a step out of Joe’s line of sight and then waved Molly over. Molly was beaming and gave me a long kiss on the cheek along with a firm hug.

“Oh, it’s been ages! Are you guys taken tonight?” She asked.

“This is a weird one,” I started.

“Oh, try me,” Molly said and looped her arm through mine. “Bob! Look who it is!” she called across the room.

“Molly we need your help,” I said and she looked pleased, “we are here with a vanilla friend and told him we just come here to play alone, as a couple, and don’t swing.” Molly didn’t look as pleased.

“So, we are supposed to act like we only know you casually?” She laughed a short bark of a laugh, “I suppose we can do that. Bob will have to keep his hands off of you. He is going to be so very disappointed!”

“Thanks Molly!” I gave her a hug.

Molly crossed the room to Bob as Joe came out from behind the desk with the lady from the club. She had a hold of his bicep and steered him towards the bar and I followed, passing close to Bob and Molly who just grinned as we went by. Alex was in the bar and joined up to follow along as the lady in latex guided Joe through the bar. She was explaining the club to Joe, giving him a tour. We tagged along as they headed up the stairs.

“Bob and Molly are here,” I whispered to Alex who looked back panicked. “Don’t worry, I explained everything to them and they are being super cool about playing along.” Alex sighed in relief. We had been such idiots to get into this situation!

At the top of the stairs we passed through an area full of couches and then the lady in latex stopped to point out the four-post bed and BDSM cross. I didn’t catch every word but heard Joe’s startled, “what!?”

Alex chuckled as he watched his best buddy being shocked at the sex club. Sometimes Alex’s humor could be a bit cruel with his buddies. Women are different even if the knives can be just as sharp.

The lady in latex went on, stopping from time to time to point out the sex machine, the swing, the cage, the chair with restraints, the dark room and so forth and I could see Joe’s surprise that each thing he saw was real and not some dark fantasy.

Joe turned back to us, “you guys use this stuff?” He looked shocked.

I jumped in before Alex could say something stupid. “No, we are much to tame for all this.” Joe looked relieved.

Then we were back down the stairs and into the kitchen and lounge, then the lockers, hot tub room, sauna, shower, and the private rooms. Tour over, the lady in latex led us back through to the bar where she called to the bartender for a gin and tonic. Joe asked for a beer and Alex demurred.

We chatted for a bit with the lady in latex and Joe as the place started to fill up. Suddenly a topless lady walked past with a man trailing behind her on a leash. Joe started coughing as he’d choked on his beer.

The lady in latex laughed a low smoker’s voice laugh and said, “you really are a newbie aren’t you, big boy?”

Joe finished coughing and wheezed, “first time for everything!”

“That’s the spirit big boy!” the lady in latex swatted Joe on the bum. “Come find me when you get bored,” she added and headed back to reception.

“What!?” Joe said to us.

Alex just shrugged at him and I said nonchalantly, “looks like you’ve made a friend.”

Joe had another beer and we hit the dance floor. Bob and Molly danced up next to us and winked wickedly. After another song we retreated to where Joe was talking to another couple. They were half Joe’s age and both were half his height. The male of the couple was maybe five foot four and the lady was five foot two if that. She was of the pixy breed with curly red hair and a tiny, lithe, figure. The gent had a short, pointed beard and with his girth made me think of a hobbit.

“Joe’s in his cups!” Alex said. “Look, he’s swaying a bit.”

Joe had indeed knocked out enough liquid courage for three regular sized men. When the little red head minx took his hand and started walking towards the door, Joe looked at us wildly.

“What?!” Joe said as the tiny lady led him past us.

“You all right buddy?” Alex called out to him.

“What?!” he said again as she led him out of the room. The male half of the couple took up a seat by the dance floor with a whimsical smile on his face.

“Did Joe just score that tiny lady?” Alex said.

“No, I think she scored him,” I replied and laughed. “Look, we’ve got a bit now, how about some more dancing!” Alex grinned at me and we danced for about an hour to 80’s hits before retreating to the hot tub.

We sat happily in the hot tub chatting with a couple for about half an hour before we saw Joe lumber in. He was maintaining his balance carefully as he made his way to the hot tub. He had a plastic cup full of beer in one hand and a towel in the other. All eyes were on him as he was wearing swim trunks! Everyone else, us included were naked!

Joe dropped off his towel and then stumbled down the stairs into the hot tub but kept his beer from spilling. He plowed towards us through the water and I let myself sink up to my neck. Alex grinned at him clapped.

“Good save Joe! I thought you would spill your drink for sure,” Alex said.

“Never!” Joe said and sat down opposite the two of us. “I’ve been looking all over for the two of you.”

“We’ve only been here and the dance floor,” I said.

“Well,” Joe said, “I’ve seen things I’ve never seen tonight! There is a fat lady on the BDSM cross and they are whipping her!”

“Hmm, fat lady might not be the nicest thing to say,” I added.

Joe ploughed on, “I can’t believe this place!”

“And you got laid!” Alex pointed out.

“Ah, yes, there was that.” Joe looked embarrassed.

I couldn’t help myself, “was she good?”

Joe blushed beet red, “well, if you must know, she was scary climbing all over me like I was a treehouse.”

It was at this point that Joe notice someone getting into the pool, completely naked. He looked at some of the other folks and you could see the realization dawning in his booze addled brain. He glanced sideways at me and away quickly. Alex, being Alex, laughed.

“Dude, yes, we are naked in here. It’s sort of the thing,” Alex said.

Joe started to get up. “Don’t worry,” I said, “we will wait for you to get out before we do. I’m underwater and the most you might see is my boobs.”

Joe kept his eyes on mine as he looked at me and I saw the moment he waivered and peeked down at my boobs. I blushed in the sex club!

“Sorry! Sorry!” Joe spluttered.

We were saved by the raspy smoker’s voice of the lady in latex. “There you are! Come on big boy, we don’t have all night.”

“What!?” Joe said to us.

“I think you need to see what she wants?” Alex said.

Joe got up and waded out of the pool looking confused, his swim trunks dripping everywhere. As he was led from the room with his towel over his shoulder, we heard a last plaintive, ‘What!?”

Alex and I made a bee line for a private room and had our fun. It had been too long since we’d been away and Alex took me immediately in doggy and it hurt for a second as the hot tub had stripped me of lube but then turned into the type of hard pounding I love. Alex rolled me over and started a slow grind that I know he’d picked up from Bill. I loved it and his hands worked the sensitive tips of my nipples until I cried out in a hard orgasm. Alex came as well in his arched back, taunt muscle, groan that had me shuddering again. It had been quick like a firecracker but had been so very needed!

We ended up on the dance floor again and big Joe lumbered back in only wearing boxers. He was wasted at this point and swayed back and forth to the 80’s dance music while watching two hot ladies lick each other in turn as they balanced precariously upside down on the stripper pole.

“What!?” Joe said staring at the action.

Then, we couldn’t find Joe’s clothes and had to enlist the club staff to sweep the club. His clothes were in multiple rooms and his wallet, untouched, was found on a nightstand in one of the back rooms. We poured Joe into the back seat of our car and headed home. He mumbled a while, then slept. At his house he thanked us sheepishly for taking him out for what had been a true voyage of discovery.

“You know,” Joe said as we started to pull away, “I did see Courtney’s boobs!”

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