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41. Smoking Hot Baby Love!

There came a time in our swinging journey where we had become quite comfortable with our three favorite couples and our two single friends. Every couple of weeks we would meet up for a dinner, or a hotel meet, or to hit a club event. Courtney and I found our lives full to the brim with work, gym, kids, family travel, local village goings on, and our secret swinging life. But, the fates once more turned against us and upset our happy balance.

All three of our, “go-to,” couples suddenly found themselves in life situations that didn’t allow any margin for play. There were a variety of family crisis, health scares and so forth that cut away the thin margin of free time each of our friends had in their lives for our shared secret hobby. When forced to choose between supporting family and selfishly indulging our own private pleasures, they all chose correctly and the first thing to go, to free up extra time, was swinging. Such is adulthood.

However, unlike our friends, Courtney and I were still free every few weekends and indulged in the occasional club trip. Club trips served to get us away from the kids and free to indulge in long, loud sex sessions that would have been impossible at home. But, without our set of friends, and basically unwilling to indulge in same night play sessions with strangers, we kept mostly to ourselves. Mostly...

So, at the end of a long night when we had already danced, laughed with several couples in the snug, had our own private play time, and were relaxing contentedly in the hot tub, a young couple, we’d never met before, made to join us in the empty hot tub. They looked nervous and huddled together. They glanced, embarrassed, at us as they unwrapped from their towels and showered off.

“Newbies,” Courtney said and let her eyes close again. She let herself sink to her chin in the bubbling hot water.

“She’s got a cute tramp stamp,” I whispered. I rolled a sore shoulder feeling the muscles relaxing.

Courtney’s eyes drifted back open, “long legs, round butt, about a “B” cup, curly blond hair, did I miss anything?”

“We’ll you missed the tramp stamp,” I chuckled.

“What I didn’t miss was that they are a bit younger than us.”

“Yeah, the guy still has a layer of baby fat,” I pointed out.

“He’s a cutie-pie,” Courtney said. “Look how his little blond beard is just barely there. He’s shorter than her, she’s about my height.”

“If this is their first visit, watch as they negotiate that tricky last step into the pool,” I smiled wickedly.

“You enjoy that too much,” Courtney said. “Maybe you should warn him?”

“Nah,” I said as the young man started down the stairs into the steaming pool.

Just as the young man reached the last step, Courtney sat up out of the water revealing her dripping B cups and plump pink nipples. The guy’s eyes opened wide as he caught sight of Courtney’s breasts and at the same time took the weird long last step into the hot tub. With a yell he stumbled, flailed his arms and then with a dismayed look on his face, fell the rest of the way and dunked himself.

His partner immediate burst out laughing, “you are such a dork Leon!”

Leon didn’t hear as he popped up out of the water, “I’m ok!” Seeing his partner laughing and the smiles on our faces he added, “I do all my own stunts.” He gave us a flourishing bow that put his face almost back into the water.

His partner descended gracefully into the bubbling water, “pardon us, we don’t always make such a grand entrance.”

“We didn’t notice anything unusual,” Courtney smiled at them. “Alex did the same thing at the VA on our first trip.

“I didn’t go all the way under,” I protested.

“You’re right Alex,” Courtney replied. “This gentleman did give it a bit more flare. By the way we are Courtney and Alex. Is this your first visit?”

“What gave you that clue?” Leon looked sheepish and held out his hand.

“Well, there are certain steps you can take to avoid looking like newbies,” I said shaking his hand.”

“Oh? Like what?” The sexy young lady asked.

“That last step into the hot tub would be one of them,” I grinned at my own pun and Courtney slapped my shoulder.

“Ugh, that was bad,” Courtney said. “I apologize for him.”

“Well, yours does bad puns and mine is as graceful as a basset hound on ice. We are lucky girls.” She shook Courtney’s hand and then blushed as she shook mine probably just remembering just how naked we all were. “I’m Mindy.”

“Leon, Mindy, we are pleased to meet you,” I said smoothly while trying not to leer at the sexy young thing.

“You're right, we're first timers here at the club,” Leon said as he sat opposite Courtney. Mindy sat next to Leon and across from me.

“We aren’t swingers or anything, we are just exploring and curious and all that,” Mindy added.

“Don’t worry,” Courtney said. “We aren’t going to pounce on you or anything.”

“What if we want to be pounced on?” Leon grinned impishly at Courtney.

“Hey!” Mindy interjected, “what are you saying naughty boy!”

“This is a safe space to explore and flirt,” I said. “We don’t mind the flirting, in fact, from you sexy folks it is a real compliment.”

Mindy blushed. “Thanks, we just thought we would slip in and peek at the club. We didn’t mean to get naked in a hot tub with other people.”

“Well, the other people are glad you joined them,” Courtney said. “Have you guys done any swapping or play with other people, or is it just a fantasy for you?”

“I’m all for it!” Leon said grinning.

“But, we are just exploring right now,” Mindy said.

“Hey, no pressure or anything,” I said raising my hands. “We’re glad to answer any questions you have and just chat.”

“Are you guys swingers?” Mindy asked.

“Yes,” Courtney replied. “We’ve been in the lifestyle for more than a year now.”

“So,” Leon said hesitantly, “you have sex with other people?”

“That’s generally what being a swinger means,” Courtney gave him her full smile.

“Idiot,” Mindy said and shook her head. “Honey, you're embarrassing me in front of the swingers.”

“Sorry! Dumb question.” Leon looked chagrined.

“There aren’t any dumb questions,” I said. “Well, except for that one.”

There was a short round of laughter and Courtney put her arm around me. I kissed her neck and she cooed.

“We actually come here to get away from the kids and have enough privacy to really enjoy ourselves,” Courtney said. “We only play with our swinging friends every once in a while.”

After sitting quietly for a quite a while enjoying the water I asked, “have you guys looked around the club at all?”

“Not really,” Mindy said. “We saw the dance floor and bar area and then popped in here.”

“We were thinking about going up to the couples’ room in a minute to round out the night.” Courtney said.

I could see the apprehension in Mindy’s eyes and added carefully, “If you want a tour, we’d be glad to show you around.”

“I’d love that!” Leon grinned like a kid in a candy shop and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when Courtney stood and led the way out of the pool.

I stood to follow and Mindy’s eyes darted to my hairy chest and away quickly. I guessed that the differences in my olive skin and hairy chest look and Leon’s smooth pink body were appealing to her. She stood up right behind me and followed me out of the pool with Leon close behind.

Courtney was first to the single shower and rinsed off the chlorine languidly knowing she was on display. I admired her fit form and felt strangely proud of having such a hot wife. I joined her and rushed through the motions intensely aware of the young couple's eyes on us. We collected our towels as Leon and Mindy rinsed off and I was struck again by how smooth and glowing Mindy appeared. Her skin begged to be touched.

Wrapped up in our towels we wandered out of the pool area and Courtney lead up the stairs. At the top, we pointed out the play areas, the fetish equipment, and the dark room. They were astounded at the idea of the place and gaped at the beds and couches lining the rooms. Thankfully, for their innocent sensibilities, the upstairs was empty aside from a couple at the far end, fully clothed and kissing passionately on a red loveseat.

“Through this way is the couples’ room,” Courtney said and then led the way into the open expanse.

“In here you can get away from any single guys that are following you around and just mingle with likeminded couples.

Courtney pulled off her towel and stood naked beside the large round bed in the middle of the room. She spread her towel out and sat down facing back towards us. Being modest, she crossed her legs.

“Anyway,” Courtney said and took my hand, “I hope you guys liked the club. I have some unfinished business with Alex. Feel free to stay if you want.”

Then, with the stunned young couple looking on, Courtney brazenly pulled my towel off. I resisted the urge to cover myself with my hands or snatch back my towel. Courtney laughed out loud at my shocked look and the look on the young couple’s faces.

“Seriously, Leon, Mindy, I’m going to play with Alex now. If that’s too scary, then now’s the time to leave.”

Leon plopped down on a chair against the wall and Mindy, wide eyed, sat next to him. Courtney wrapped her hand around my manhood and pulled me towards her. I felt her lips engulf me and I, reflexively, ran my hands through her hair. I could tell she was hamming it up with exaggerated head motions and her hands gripped my butt.

I’m not much of an exhibitionist but knowing we were the focus of attention added a bit of spice to the overall vibe. I moaned loudly getting into the show. I gathered Courtney’s hair into a ponytail with my hands and held her head still as I thrust in and out of her mouth slowly. She ran her tongue under my shaft and the act was no longer an act. My groans and moans were real.

I had forgotten all about the young couple and had almost forgotten my name due to Courtney’s oral gymnastics; when Leon sat down next to Courtney I almost jumped with surprise. Mindy was on her knees in front of Leon and began sucking his surprisingly long pink penis with a tiny head. He groaned and I saw he was watching intently what Courtney was doing to me. We were their live porn.

I pulled away from Courtney and pushed her shoulders back on the bed. I knelt on the floor between her knees and the bed height was perfect for providing oral. I licked up Courtney’s thigh and tasted the faintest hint of the hot tub chlorine. I licked across above her vagina lips and down the other thigh while resting my hands on her hard stomach.

“Oh, just get in there!” Courtney cried out and grabbed my head with her hands, pushing me hard against her hot, slightly parted vagina lips. She was wet and ready and I obliged with slow tongue probing and side to side head motion causing my face to grind against her clitoris. I worked the pattern for a minute and then pulled my face back and ran my tongue around her fiery nub and allowed my hands to move up to kneading her silky breasts.

I pinched her left nipple and felt the reaction, Courtney was at the point where she wanted more pressure. She was already close!

“Come on, oh, oh! OH!” She yelled and hunched her body up as her stomach muscles contracted violently highlighting her six-pack abs. Her hands gripped my hair as she shuddered and I had to fight to stay engaged with my tongue and find brief chances to grab a breath.

“Wow!” Mindy said close beside my ear. “That was amazing!”

I leaned back from my still shuddering wife and replied, “she’s super orgasmic. You can even get her to go by just rubbing her nipples when she’s turned on enough.”

“That’s so cool!” Mindy said. “I’ve never done anything with a girl but watching that really turned me on.”

“That’s what we call situationally bi,” I said. “It’s where, in the heat of things, a lady gets turned on by everything. Courtney is that way.”

“May I touch?” Mindy whispered as Leon stood by with wide eyes.

“Courtney?” I asked loud enough for Courtney to hear. “Can Mindy touch you? She’s curious.”

“Mmm, sure,” Courtney mumbled still in the super languid stage after a big orgasm.

Mindy reached out hesitantly and ran her hand across Courtney’s stomach. Courtney purred and stretched her arms up above her head. Mindy touched the sides of Courtney’s breasts the pupils of Mindy's blue eyes giant with excitement. I watched as Mindy leaned in and kissed Courtney’s nipple while behind Mindy on the bed, Leon inserted himself in doggy position and started pumping in and out of Mindy.

I added my own mouth to the equation sucking on Courtney’s other nipple. I reached down to rub her clitoris and bumped hands with Mindy who had the same idea.

“Go ahead,” I said to Mindy and moved my hand up to Courtney’s stomach. Courtney groaned again and put a hand on each of our heads as we sucked hard at her nipples.

“Stop a minute honey,” Mindy said to Leon. “I have to try something.” She crawled off the bed and took up the position I had been in between Courtney’s knees. Mindy gazed at Courtney vagina for several long seconds before leaning in and kissing it. Leon, meanwhile, had taken up Mindy’s former position sucking on Courtney’s nipple opposite me. I watched as Courtney ran her fingers through Mindy’s fine blond curly hair with one hand and, multitasking, reached over and took hold of Leon’s long penis.

“Oh!” Leon said in shock as Courtney pumped her hand up and down his shaft.

“Bring that here,” Courtney told Leon and pulled him by the penis up to where she could reach him with her mouth. She licked around the small head at the end of his long pink penis and then sucked him in quickly. I grinned at the expression on his face, his eyes closed tightly. I disengaged from Courtney’s breast and knelt behind Mindy, reaching around, and rubbed her breasts while she continued to lick and suck Courtney.

“Let’s all move forward a couple of meters please,” I called out and the pile writhed further onto the bed. This left Mindy on her knees at the edge of the bed bent over licking happily away at Courtney. I knelt on the floor behind her and blew on Mindy's pale vagina lips. She wiggled her bum at me and I blew again seeing a faint downy line of blond hair on her lips.

Mindy lifted her head long enough to say, “I’m not really prepared. I didn’t think anything would happen tonight. I need a shave!”

“Never mind,” I said and buried my face between her cheeks licking at her sopping wet vagina. It tasted like an ashtray.

There’s no other way to say it, she tasted like an ash tray smells. I, being a gentleman, didn’t point it out and soldiered on. I worked her outer lips and then with my fingers, spread her lips to work the inner heat. Slipping a finger inside and working it in and out with a slight curl down towards her stomach, I could feel her rising to orgasm. The smoky, ashy taste remained!

I leaned back with the nasty taste in my mouth and instead used both hands, one fingering and the other rubbing circles on her clitoris. Mindy moaned into Courtney’s vagina. Mindy’s knees shook and I worried she would fall over. But she held firm as Courtney joined her in orgasm, moaning around Leon’s penis.

Leon jerked back in alarm, popping out of Courtney's mouth, and suddenly spewed his orgasm across Courtney’s breasts with a look of ecstasy and embarrassment on his face. I could see Courtney was shocked and surprised at how quickly Leon had orgasmed but didn’t seem to mind the globs of white splattered across her breast and stomach.

I let go of Mindy and she crawled up to snuggle against Courtney as Leon wiped her off with his towel. Not waiting for complete clean up, Mindy began sucking on Courtney’s nearest nipple. I advanced onto the bead and pushed my penis into Courtney pumping and grinding rapidly. I knew the event was over except for my orgasm and didn’t want to miss out!

Mindy moved to where she could lay her head on Courtney’s stomach and watch the action from inches away. I smiled down at her angelic face and felt the first stirrings of orgasm. Mindy opened her mouth and reached her tongue out to lick lazily along Cortney’s mons venus and down to as close as she could reach to Courtney’s clitoris. I used the visual to push me over the edge.

In my mind’s eye, I pulled out and blew a torrent of cum onto Mindy’s face. But, not having permission for something like that, I surged into Courtney feeling the gush go out of me deep in her vagina.

“Oh, that was good.” I heaved a sigh and sat down next to Courtney on the bed. She patted my side and mumbled something. “What dear?” I asked.

“Time to go, I’m too sleepy to think and it's past closing time. You get our stuff.” Courtney was at the point of exhaustion after the long night at the club. The quickie at the end of the night with Leon and Mindy had pushed her to the breaking point.

"It's time for a smoke!" Leon said and Mindy nodded vigorously in agreement.

I looked at Mindy and suddenly wondered just how old she was, she looked so smooth and angelic sprawled on the bed. “Hey guys, just wondering, how old are you?”

“I’m twenty,” Leon said. “My old lady here is twenty-four.” He patted Mindy fondly on the leg.

“What?” I was shocked. These guys were younger than some of our kids!

“Oh crap!” Courtney said sitting up quickly. “We just banged babies!”

* * *

The drive home from the club was quiet for a bit and Courtney didn’t sleep. After a while we chatted and sure enough, Leon had tasted of ashes too. They were smokers and their body fluids had tasted of their vice.

“I’ve questioned the morality of swinging a few times,” Courtney said quietly. “But, I’ve never felt bad or super guilty about it.”

“Yeah,” I said knowing where this was going.

“I really feel dirty about this one,” Courtney looked at me her face a blur in the moonlight.

“Me too,” I said. “I feel like we were predators. Everything about that encounter wasn't our style." I sighed, "I also think we’ve found a hard limit on ages.”

“Absolutely! Courtney said firmly. “Never play with anyone the age of our kids! Oh, and never again with heavy smokers!”

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