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42. Sally Takes Charge!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Well, to talk about Sally from my viewpoint (Courtney here) is incredibly hard. First off, I’m really not bi-sexual. When I see a good-looking woman, I admire her looks but it doesn’t give me tingles or open the floodgates. Further, I was raised in a household that looked down on homosexuality in all its forms. Before my first experience with Sally, when a lesbian scene popped up in a movie, I would cringe.

Now, however, after our amazing three-way romp with Sally and some of the teasing with our other friends’ female partners, I was less averse to brushing up against a woman during our swinging adventures. Brushing up against a woman while in a foursome is easy, licking a nipple that falls in your face is easy. Full mouth on mouth kissing is much more intimate and then there is that electric moment when you reach across the pile of bodies to rub a lady’s clit while she is getting a good rodgering from Alex.

You reach over and feel the small hard bump of her clit hot against your finger and grin at Alex. That being said, the clit rub is largely to goose Alex’s brain and send him to a higher level of sexual-mental pleasure. Then you see the lady is really getting off on it and you spend some extra effort to get her off too. And, you find that you enjoy the knowledge that you made a lady happy. All of that to say, I’m not bi-sexual but am able to play well with others. Then, again, there’s Sally.

Sally is the first lady that just took charge and made things so easy and natural that I forgot I was doing something crazy with a woman. Strike that. There was no way I could forget she was a woman but, she took me to a place beyond caring about sexuality.

As I do, and it drives Alex nuts, I’m all over the place with this story. First let’s go back to that first time. I know Alex already wrote about it but, if you don’t have breasts, then you really can’t tell the story correctly (sorry Alex). So, here’s our first FFM (female, female, male) threesome really went.

First off, we’ve been asked over and over by couples who have yet to find a unicorn (the super rare bi-sexual single lady who likes to play with couples). The answer is, we’ve spent a good amount of effort on our swinging profile and our unicorn came to us. Sally said it was a combination of the written profile and the fun pictures of me skydiving, mechanical bull riding and so forth. Then, Sally said that her messages back and forth with Alex were charming and funny. At the end of it, she invited us to her home for a date.

Alex was giddy as a schoolboy when he told me we’d been invited to a sexy lady’s house. He showed me her pictures and she looked ridiculously cute in a goth pixy way. I could see where Alex found her attractive. However, a threesome with a woman? How would that work as I wasn’t bi?

“Well, I guess I’ll do most of the work,” Alex said with a slight grin. “But, I could see how you would have to throw in a helping hand once in a while.”

“I’m not sure I’m up for it, it just might be too full on for me,” I said and watched him deflate.

“That’s ok,” he said and tried to cover a sigh. “I’ll let her know we are not interested.”

“Wait,” I said feeling sorry for him, “what if we invited her to join us with another couple? That way there would be at least another dick involved.”

Alex barked a quick laugh. “I can ask.”

We went about our day and then that night, as I was in the shower, Alex popped his head and shoulders in the bathroom. He looked a little down and he waved his phone at me. “Sally, the lady who invited us over, isn’t up for joining a couple she doesn’t already know and, she’s busy for the next few months except for the day she offered to us. Oh well, I’ll let her off the hook.” He stepped dejectedly out of sight into the bedroom.

I washed my hair and turned the idea over in my mind. If Alex would really do most of the work, then I wouldn’t have to do anything too bi-sexual. With any luck, she would be into Alex and I could be the third wheel adding a pinch of spice at just the right moments. So, out of pity, I called out, “Alex, let her know we’ll join her.”

He popped back into the bathroom with his eyebrows up and his eyes wide. “Really?”

“Yes,” I said with a smile at his obvious excitement. “But, you are going to be doing all the work!”

The day of the meet, I was terrified. I can’t explain it, expect that it was more than the normal pre-meet jitters. As we pulled into the parking spot next to Sally’s house, I suddenly remembered what Alex had said about meeting Sally online. Sally had contacted us… because of my pictures!

Before I could turn the thoughts over in my head more than once, we were standing in front of Sally’s door with flowers and a bottle of wine in hand. I gripped Alex’s arm firmly as the door popped open and a short pixy woman with a giant smile appeared like magic.

Sally’s home was immaculate as was her sense of style. Her matching leather couch and easy chairs framed a warm comfortable room with a fireplace and a circular faux fur carpet. The glass and brass coffee table in front of the couch presented some delightfully arranged canapes in a flower petal pattern. Our bottle of wine joined hers on the table and Sally skipped off to her kitchen for a bottle opener.

“Alex, she’s tiny!” I said when Sally was out of earshot.

“I like her smile, she seems completely as ease,” Alex replied with the crinkles around his eyes showing his nerves.

“I love what she’s done with her place. It’s a cross between French farmhouse and a hunting lodge but all feminine.”

Sally bobbed back into the room with a bounce in her step. Tiny sequins on her form fitting blue dress winked at us as she opened the wine with a few practiced motions and poured a generous but not gluttonous serving. The cut crystal glass was heavy in my hand as I perched on the edge of the couch next to Alex watching Sally move gracefully and energetically around her fairy queendom.

In the blink of an eye Sally perched on the other end of the couch from Alex and right next to me! I placed a hand on Alex’s leg to remind him to help out and at the same time Sally put her hand on my leg as she continued with charming small talk.

“I fell in love with your pictures on the swinging website and just had to see you,” she said. “I loved how it wasn’t about showing off body parts. It was more of showing how fun you guys are.” Her large liquid eyes caught and held mine.

“I don’t really manage the site,” I noted. “Alex is the one on there all the time marketing us.” I glanced at Alex and could see him blush.

“The pictures of you on the mechanical bull and the one of you skydiving were my favorites!” Sally smiled broadly at me flashing a set of strait white teeth past the dark red of the lipstick on her full lips. “Those pictures just screamed that you were fun and exciting.”

Sally leaned in close and tilted her head up to me and I realized she was expecting a kiss. I couldn’t leave her hanging and bent my neck down, closed my eyes and met her lips. Alex let out a loud breath and, as usual, his hands went right to my breasts. Reaching around from behind me, Alex kneaded my breasts through my blouse. The stimulation from all sides caused my motor to turn over and my right hand rubbed up and down Alex’s thigh while my left cautiously pressed into the tiny, taunt lower back of the fay creature kissing me.

Sally’s hands moved up to cup my face as she kissed me. Her lips were firm and gentle her tongue, tentative at first, grew bolder as her hands moved to the back of my head pulling me in for a deeper kiss. We broke apart and she crawled into my lap like a cat and nuzzled in kissing my neck. Alex stood and moved around behind Sally. Then I lost sight as Sally was back in with more insistent kissing.

With a rustle of material Alex gently pulled Sally’s blue dress off and carefully draped it over one of the leather armchairs. Sally cooed softly and pressed against me her arms now behind me lifting my blouse. My emerald green C- cup bra pressed against the midnight blue A-cups of hers and she hugged me tight kissing my neck again while flipping my bra clasp open with one hand.

I didn’t need to worry about learning how to undo a bra from this angle as Alex, bless him, was already on the ball. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t exactly what I’d meant by telling Alex to “do most of the work.” Alex pulled off my boots and Sally’s pumps, leaving me in a set of sexy tights and Sally wearing nothing but a lacy set of boy shorts and a smile.

Sally remained in my lap but turned around pressing her thin muscular back against my breasts. She fumbled with Alex’s belt and his trousers hit the floor with a jingle of change in his pocket. I watched over Sally’s shoulder as she reached into Alex’s boxers and pulled him forth. It was electric watching her tiny pale white hands holding Alex’s purple swollen shaft. My hands wandered over Sally’s tight body while she licked and then sucked Alex.

This wasn’t so bad, a female, female, male threesome was actually sort of cool as I was free to watch Alex being pleasured. A male, female, male threeway was just a bit too intense. Being the absolute center of attention in a MFM meant never getting to draw a full breath without getting a dick in the mouth. Alex’s breathing became erratic and I lifted my hands from stroking Sally’s silky hard torso and placed them on Alex’s hips just above Sally’s.

“Oh yes!” Sally said leaning back from Alex. “Let’s make his dreams come true!” she popped up and moved to the side drawing Alex towards me with a firm hold on his dick. He shuffled forward surprised by the firm tug and I obligingly ran my tongue around Sally’s lipstick stains just on the far side of his helmet. And, there was Sally! Her face was pressed close to mine as she licked the underside of Alex’s shaft and she paused to run her tongue over mine as we lavished Alex with our attention.

Grinning up at Alex, we each took a side of his shaft and, tilting our heads slightly after a funny initial nose to nose bump, we moved up and down his shaft with our lips pressed together around him. We moved in tandem along with the rhythm of the 90’s pop she had playing softly in the background; Garbage singing Only Happy When It Rains. We worked him for the entire song and he pulled back when the music shifted.

“Ladies, that’s all the pleasure I can take in one dose without embarrassing myself.” His lopsided smile was so cute.

“Hmmm,” Sally intoned as she took me by the hand and lowered me to the faux fur carpet in front of the fireplace. With the Sheryl Crow singing If it Makes You Happy, Sally lay her small body on mine and kissed me with a passion. My hands found their way to her miniature perfectly round bum and I let my fingers revel in the silky sensation of her skin and, with a squeeze, I enjoyed the texture of her lean runner’s muscles.

Sheryl Crow faded to something by the Cranberries but I was rapidly losing track of anything but Sally’s soft kisses all over my body.

My hands found her hair and stroked gently as she kissed my inner thigh and worked her way to a full kiss on my pussy lips. Her tongue parted my lips and stroked further in as her face pressed hard against my entire pussy. She moved her entire head back and forth while she tongued me as deep as she could go. Then her face thrusts took on a rhythmic quality and I opened my eyes to find Alex behind her in Doggy giving her slow steady strokes. His tan hands held her tiny pale waist firmly. It was beautiful.

Then, Sally moaned right into me and I could feel the vibration of her passion. With a sudden jerking of stomach muscles and a scream, I came hard and fast. At the end of the orgasm, I found I was pushing Sally’s entire head with my hands into my pussy! I probably nearly smothered her!

I needed Alex’s cock. The orgasm had left me with a need for penetration that was overwhelming. I tapped Sally out and rolled over on my knees. Alex pulled off the condom he’d been using and entered me with one stroke. Meanwhile, Sally slithered under us and licked, alternately, Alex’s balls and my clit. I quivered each time she worked her tongue all over where Alex and I joined.

Then, Sally wormed her way further under us and kissed my sensitive nipples while Alex sped up the rhythm. This time my orgasm made me collapse on Sally causing her to squawk. I lifted myself off her and Alex kept pumping, I could feel another orgasm coming, good grief! Sally wormed higher, kissed me hard and then inched further presenting her pert little pink nipples.

I took what felt like a hot, soft, pencil eraser in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Sally cooed with pleasure and said something to Alex that I couldn’t hear. She squirmed forward again and there, right before my eyes, was a pair of plump pink lips spread slightly revealing inner lips of a darker color. A woman’s pussy was in my face! The entire event was super charged by now and Alex was working me up and up.

Leaning down I licked a pussy for the first time. I licked up and down each fat silky lip and then the interior, tasting a salty nearly papaya flavor. I tried an Alex trick and sucked on her tiny nub of a clit as I licked it. Sally’s hips leapt off the carpet and she ground her pussy hard against my face until her juices were well up my nose and dripping off my chin. I just didn’t care. The texture under my tongue was tender and velvety.

The fire in my belly surged into an inferno and I could feel my muscles start twitch. Here it was! The big one! I climaxed and couldn’t pull away, I screamed into her pussy and she joined me, swearing loudly into a shuddering orgasm. It wasn’t until we both collapsed that I realized we’d pulled Alex along with us.

We all lay on the carpet panting as the firelight played on our bodies. Gradually we recovered, had some water, and moved back over to the couch where we all cuddled together silently drinking in the afterglow.

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