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45. The Sex Party! – What Happened Upstairs

“This is delicious!” Courtney raved over some concoction of cheese and mushrooms which were one of the many tapas-like dishes on the table.

“We figured something lite for now and then we have a fairly extensive cheeseboard for… after,” Brandon said with a smile.

“To the host and hostess,” Greyson held up his glass of wine and we all joined him in a toast and lavishing compliments on Kerry and Brandon for their effort.

The conversation swirled amongst us all and eddied in quiet asides and shared laughs. We all felt the warm convivial glow of the wine and friendship building into a haze of relaxed bliss. If shot on film, the session would turn unfocused and fuzzy at the edges with a warm filter bringing out the pink of lips and lightning flashes of shared, aroused, glances.

Alexia excused herself from the table letting her hand run across my shoulders as she walked behind me. I shivered in anticipation. Courtney laughed at a joke from Harris who was finally warmed up and joining the conversation. Brandon passed a dish down the table also laughing at the joke while Kerry and Mark kissed across the corner of the table.

With a flourish, Alexia bounded into the room stark naked! “I’m ready to play now!”

“I guess that’s our cue to move things along,” Brandon said with a slow smile. “Alexia, you always know when to step in.”

“Someone has to read the room Brandon,” Alexia stepped just behind my chair and rested a hand on my shoulder.

“Methinks you read your own libido, my dear,” Brandon said with a grin as he stood. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you would be so kind as to join us in the entertaining room. Alex, Courtney, there’s no pressure to stay and play.”

“Speak for yourself Brandon, Alex isn’t getting away without a fight,” Alexia said from behind me.

My eyes sought Courtney’s to get a read on how to react. She raised an eyebrow and smiled at me. I gulped and gave a shrug. She nodded slightly and I felt a wave of relief and excitement rush over me. We were staying to play!

The short walk from the dinner table to the stairs left a pile of clothing strewn haphazardly and further items littered the stairs. By the time we all hit the “entertaining room,” we were all close to naked. Alexia reached a small hand down, grabbed my penis, and led me by it across the room to the king-size four-poster bed. The room was large, airconditioned, and had a carpeted queen-size square platform along with the giant bed.

Kerry opened a closet and pulled out a dove grey duvet which she tossed easily over the carpeted platform forming a second play area. Kerry’s breasts were enormous! She lay languidly across the bed and Mark knelt before her kissing her belly and thighs. Harris sat on the platform and leaned across kissing Kerry’s mouth and breasts.

Brandon had a hold of Courtney and they joined Alexia and me on the bed. Greyson and his wife Aimee started on the platform as well, Amiee’s head next to Kerry’s. The two women kissed as they received eagerly given oral pleasure.

Alexia scampered over me and took me in her tiny mouth. Her eyes locked on mine with a wicked look of power and control. I muttered something incoherent and I could hear Courtney laugh right next to me. I turned my head and kissed her while she received a fine tongue lashing from Brandon.

Courtney orgasmed while kissing me and the entire room paused at the sound of her pleasure.

“She’s hyper orgasmic,” I threw out into the awed silence. “This will happen all night.”

“Lucky bitch!” Alexia said and then crawled up me to impale herself and start a slow grind. “Come on Alex, give me one too!”

I felt another presence at my side and found Amiee staring at me with those dark eyes.

“May I please join you?” Amiee addressed the question to Alexia.

“Of course, my dear,” Alexia replied. “Just mount Alex’s face and face towards me so we can have a good snog.” We promptly moved to the requested position but I had to move over a tad so Amiee’s knee wouldn’t be off the bed.

Moving over I saw quite the sight! Just next to me, Courtney was on all fours being absolutely pounded by Greyson while sucking on Brandon’s super long pink penis. I’d never really seen my wife getting serviced by two men and was in awe of how easily she worked the rhythm for them both. Then my view was blocked by Aimee’s dark long-lipped vagina and softly curved hips pinning me down.

I succumbed to the sensory overload of Alexia bouncing on my penis screaming obscenities and Aimee grinding herself on my face ferociously. I could hear them lean in and kiss and then back out to moan in pleasure! And, next to me I could hear Courtney making bestial sounds of abject pleasure. A hand, probably Courtney’s rested on my chest running her fingers through my chest hair. I nearly fainted… but, I soldiered on!

Hours, minutes, who knows, later we shifted positions and the ladies changed places, now I felt tiny lips and a pronounced clitoris grinding away on my face while a vagina of intense heat grappled with my penis. Scorching! Eventually, the ladies were done with me and moved on to other pleasures. I found myself leaning against the platform sucking on Kerry’s massive breasts while Mark pounded her silly. A later memory was of Courtney riding me while I lay on my back with Harris standing receiving a blow job from her.

The night was intense and when I finally exploded it was hammering Alexia doggy while watching Aimee suck on Courtney’s breasts while Brandon drove slowly into Courtney. Courtney screamed in pleasure and that was what took me over the limit. Thankfully I wasn’t the first male to go and we all ended within a few minutes of each other. It really is strange how that works in the swinging world.

We gathered our exhausted bodies and made our way slowly downstairs. Conversation was minimal and we sat at the table naked while our divine host and hostess brought out a cheese board and port. Fortified by the port our conversation returned and we laughed and hooted about the events of the night.

“Did you see when Mark made me squirt on Aimee?” asked Kerry. How could I miss something like that?

“I wasn’t expecting that at all!” said Aimee. I was just done sucking Alex and was joining Greyson for a little pokey jiggery. Suddenly, tsunami!” We all rolled laughing at her wide-eyed expression.

The evening calmed and goodbyes began. I ended up kissing all the ladies at the door because Kerry said I was the best kisser. It was weird but no weirder than anything else that night.

Driving home, Courtney grinned at me, expressed her enjoyment of the night, and promptly fell asleep. Five AM, cruising slowly through the back roads of Northamptonshire I grinned at the stars. The night was clear, the air was crisp and the Red Hot Chili Peppers guided me home with, “Breaking the Girl.”

We didn’t know that this would be one of our last wild playtimes before Covid hit. We were high on life, felt teenage young and bulletproof… dark days lay ahead.

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