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48. Magic Mike

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

So, there we were in Jay Dee's. I'd just come off the cross after a spontaneous naked flogging and locked eyes briefly with a super sexy-looking guy. I mentioned in passing to Alex that I had thought the guy quite hot and was surprised when Alex took the initiative and approached the guy.

Now, I stood at the top of the stairs watching Alex lead the tall young man towards me! What the heck was happening! I could feel the stir of butterflies in my stomach and the rush of adrenaline as the young man reached out to shake my hand.

"Hi, I'm Mike," he said with a slight quaver in his voice. "I really enjoyed watching your flogging," he blushed.

I took a longer look at him. He was mid-30s, with wavy brown hair and dark brown, nearly black, eyes. He stood perhaps 6'2" or so, an inch or two taller than Alex. Mike had broad shoulders and was trim at the waist as far as I could tell through the dark trousers and a sharp Harvie and Hudson Navy houndstooth shirt. The brief once over unnerved him and I could see doubt in his eyes.

"We appreciate the kind words," Alex stepped in to fill the conversation vacuum. "I love how it always draws a crowd when Courtney gets on the cross."

"To be fair," Mike said, "I followed you up after seeing Courtney in the hot tub. I was standing by the door for a bit."

"Never feel scared to say hello," Alex added, "the worst that can happen is that the couple says no thanks."

"Uh, well then, hello?" Mike said looking back and forth between Alex and me.

"Alex?" I looked at my husband.

"You said you thought he looked super hot," Alex said with a smile. "I'm game."

"Oh," I could feel the sudden reality of the situation getting heavy.

"How about we drop down to the lounge and chat a few and see how it goes," Alex said.

As we descended the steps with Alex behind me and Mike following like a puppy, I wished desperately that I wasn't just in a towel. Then again, Mike had just seen me naked on the cross.

We pushed through the dance floor and across the lobby to the social room just past the kitchenette. Alex plopped down on a couch and I sat next to him while Mike took a seat on the couch opposite. Further into the room another couple sat whispering together and now watching us.

"So," Alex started, "we typically don't play MFM but Courtney found you attractive."

Mike squirmed a bit, "thank you, I do try to keep fit."

"The deal is, we aren't into dominating type guys and we aren't into the cuckold scene," Alex stated in a steady even voice."

I blushed a bit at the sexually charged conversation but jumped in adding an important point, "We are a safe sex couple who play together."

Mike nodded, "I understand."

"I'm not bi at all," Alex clarified further, "I'm comfortable playing in close proximity but, there will be no crossing of the streams so to speak."

"I understand," Mike said again.

"Also, we are in charge of the tempo, pace and direction of the play," Alex added. We sounded like old pros and I could see the other couple in the room were taking mental notes.

"Courtney, your call." Alex looked to me for final approval.

I looked at the amazingly handsome man sitting across from us and shuddered in anticipation. I nodded my head.

"Ok then, we need to grab our bag and will meet you at the end of the hall at the large playroom," Alex said evenly.

"Bravo and happy playing!" the male half of the other couple in the room called after us as we headed out into the hall.

Mike turned away to fetch his gear and Alex and I had a few seconds alone. "Well, you sounded all calm, cool, and collected. I'm nervous as a teenager on prom night," I whispered to Alex as he struggled with the lock on our locker.

Alex popped the locker door open and pulled out our bag, "I'm good at sounding confident but, I'm freaked out too. MFM isn't my first choice but, just seeing you light up a bit turned me on. Maybe we need this?

Mike was waiting at the end of our long walk down the hall and thankfully the room wasn't yet occupied. Alex gestured Mike into the room ahead of us. Alex followed and dropped off our bag into the one chair in the corner of the room. I stepped nervously to the big round bed, took a breath and dropped my towl.

Alex stepped in smoothly and we kissed. Alex's arms were around me pulling me to the bed. We lay down on our sides, face to face and continued a deep kiss. A second set of hands ran down my back causing a full body shivver. Then Mikes lips were on the back of my neck while I kissed Alex, electric!

I focused on kissing Alex and running my hands over him to calm the jitters but could still hear the rustling sounds of Mike undressing behind me. Alex's hands wandered over me lightly and kissed the side of my neck. The second set of hands ran down my back and suddenly felt Mike move in close, spooning me.

I lay on my side with Alex in front of me and Mike pressed tight from behind. Alex's hands moved down to my hips to allow Mike's to slide over and cup my breasts. He tweaked my nipples a bit too hard and I winced.

"Gentle with her nipples," Alex said in an even school teacher voice. "She's super sensitive."

"Sorry! I'm so sorry!" Mike pulled his hands back and I felt him shy away.

"It's ok," I said as I rolled over on my other side towards Mike. "As things progress, I'll tell you when you can pinch a bit harder, or Alex will. Mike had rolled from a laying on his side behind me position to sitting on his knees. Instinctivly I reached out and took his dick in my right hand and ran my left down his smooth chest. "I like the six-pack."

"Thanks, it's been super hard to keep up during lockdown," Mike grinned.

"Speaking of, super hard," I laughed. Mike was very well endowed. He wasn't as big as our last single guy who had actually been uncomfortable but he was not lacking!

"I've been hard since I saw you in the hot tub," Mike said in a husky voice. His eyes ran up and down my body. "You sat up out to the hot tub to cool off right as I passed." Mike's hands moved tentativly back to my breasts. He opened his fingers as he cupped them and let my nippes poke between his fingers. Very gently, he tightened his fingers together trapping my nipples and providing a jolt of pleasure.

"She does that sort of like a Lorelei," Alex said from behind me as his hands cupped my ass cheeks squeezing them and rubbing lower to my pussy. "I've seen folks get whiplash walking down hall past the hot tub when she does that." Alex laughed.

I got up onto all fours with my face towards Mike. Mike leaned forward and kissed me full on the mouth and I opened my lips to allow his tongue to dart in. He kissed like a teenager, all furtive and desperate. I didn't mind but it made me want to laugh.

My thoughts rushed away from laughing as Alex started kissing my lower back, ass and then dove into my pussy. I moaned into Mike's kiss and I could feel him quiver. I pulled back from the kiss and dropped my head staight down into his lap. His dick nearly poked my eye out!

Alex continued his expert oral work from behind while I took Mike's large head into my mouth. I flicked the underside with my tongue and felt his dick leap in response. I held myself up with my left hand as I ran my right over his pecks and six pack. They guy was built! I bobbed my head up and down and enjoyed the tightening and play of his core muscles.

"Stop!" Mike pulled back from me in a rush. I'd nearly taken him too far. Alex sat up as well and motioned for me to lay down on my back between them. Alex moved up to where, on his knees with his legs spread wide, I could turn my head and suck on him.

I snaked a hand around Alex and held his lower back pushing him into me and I felt his thick head pressed against the back of my throat. Alex moaned and ran a hand through my hair. Mike locked his lips on my pussy and began lapping like a puppy drinking from a bowl. What he lacked in skill, he made up for in enthusiasm. I felt the build for a small orgasm and grabbed Alexes hips pushing him in deep.

Alex loved the feel of my orgasms while recieving oral so I held him firmly, deeply in my mouth. I continued tongue rolls as long as I could before surrendering to my orgasm. Mike had a finger in me now too and was pumping it vigorously. I groaned and my stomach muscles hunched together as I orgasmed.

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Alex whispered. As I came out of my orgasm I could feel Alex holding my head, gently pumping his hips, pushing in and out of my mouth. He pulled back and grinned down at my dazed expression. "Thanks dear, that felt awesome."

I didn't see Alex's gesture but Mike took his place by my face and I sucked and slurped on his large round head. Alex entered me in one hard push causing Mike's dick to jerk out of my mouth with a loud pop sound. I grabbed at it with my hand and pumped on it while Alex pounded me to another hard orgasm.

I felt Mike pry my fingers from the deathgrip on his dick caused by my orgasm. Alex pulled out of me and lay beside me sucking on my sensitive nipples. The transition from end of orgasm to preorgasm was almost instant. Mike leaned down and sucked my other nipple and I could feel their hands working together between my legs. Someone had a finger in my ass!

I was being digitally double penetrated and couldn't believe the sensation! The guys fingers worked in and out of me making sloppy sounds and their mouths sucked hard and nibbled my nipples. The pace intensified and I may some unladylike noise deep in my throat somewhere between a growl and grunt. I bucked my whole body but the guys stayed on. I flopped like a fish out of water but the guys stayed on. I howled like a banshee, all muscles - my tummy muscles hard as a rock.

I collapsed and could feel Alex move to a between orgasms gentle rythm but Mike was still pumping his fingers wildly. I was too sensitive and it started to hurt. I stated to say something but Alex beat me to it.

"Easy gent, as she comes through the orgasm just go slow and gentle. Why don't you condom up?"

I lay there in complete relaxation. Alex ran his hands gently over my body carefully avoiding my nipples. He moved behind me and I lay on my back with head and shoulders in his lap. I felt like I'd just run a marathon! Alex murmured soothing sounds to me as I rode out the final aftershocks.

Then, before I could really come down completely, Mike held under my knees, lifted my legs and pushed his rock hard dick deep in my belly.

"Slowly to start," I heard Alex say.

Mike pumpped in and out slowly but his speed kept growing. Alex slowed him again. I could feel the large round head pushing firmly on my cervix with each stroke. Alex's hands worked my breasts, stroking my nipples gently, then holding them firmly between fingers while his thumbs rubbed the tips.

"OOh... again! Ooh god help!" I yelled as I felt my exhausted muscles start to contract again. My pussy grabbed Mike like a fist and I could feel him lose control. His pumping became erratic and urgent. Mike slammed against me and I loved the primal sounds he made in his throat.

Mike wailed and his voice broke, our bodies made wet slapping sounds as he pummled me. Alex pinched hard at my nipples and I screamed in orgasm nearly blacking out. Mike screaked and orgasmed with me, twitching and jumping inside me.

Mike rolled off quickly grabbing the base of his condom and moving to the rubbish bin where he cleaned off with wet wipes while watching Alex push me up into doggy.

"I don't know if I can," I started to tell Alex. He pushed inside, grabbed my hips and pounded my already battered pussy. The wet slapping sounds started again and I could feel Alex rubbing all the right spots. I didn't know if I had the energy for another orgasm! But, there it was, the two of us came together loudly while Mike watched, grinning like a kid.

Mike thanked us and we traded contact info. Then Mike kissed my hand and made his exit. Alex and I lay there beat for several minutes before cleaning up and packing. We said our goodbyes around the club but didn't see Mike again that night. The drive home was full of happy, contented silence.

We slept like babies that night and had killer morning sex! My mojo was back thanks to Magic Mike!

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Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman
Nov 02, 2023

wow learnt a lot


Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly
Feb 18, 2023

Amazing made me explode


Jan 05, 2022

Mike made Courtney's toes curl!

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