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8. Prepping for Round Two

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

With Courtney back from her visit home and our profile starting to get a few looks, I began conversing with other couples who were planning to attend Jay Dee’s the same date we had picked. We received lots of good suggestions to make our visit more pleasant and a few flat-out invitations to play.

First, let’s discuss the suggestions we received from helpful folks. Multiple couples and singles let us know that we needed to bring our own booze as Jay Dee’s did not have a bar. Instead Jay Dee’s has a staff member who holds your booze for you behind a bar and gives it to you when you ask. Ok, this was different than the Vanilla Alternative with its full-service bar. Another popular piece of advice was to bring our own towels as the towels for rent at Jay Dee’s were a tad small.

Folks let us know that, in their opinion, Jay Dee’s was THE place to go and that it was way friendlier and nicer than any other club in the area. Some main selling point seemed to be the “clean” hot tub due to a “no play” rule and the availability of private rooms. The comments almost seemed to be veiled jabs at the Vanilla Alternative. Jay Dee’s had some loyal customers ready to bang the drums for their favorite place!

As far as invitations to play went, we discussed the various messages we’d received and glanced at the profiles. There were two or three couples who looked halfway interesting, but we shied away from chatting with them too much as we were afraid of somehow committing to something. The singles were all men and neither of us really enjoyed the messages and dick pics!

This process of looking through the messages on helped us establish our ground rules for our second club visit. First off, we weren’t going to let ourselves be pulled into anything for which we weren’t ready. We further decided that we would cruise the club to get a feel, chat with folks to learn more about the lifestyle, and would then grab a private room and bang our brains out as loud as we wanted. That last bit really appealed to us! The kids/no privacy thing was killing us.

As the night approached, we learned from our first club visit and laid some groundwork with our curious village friends. Our cover story was simply, “it’s our date night.” If anyone pushed further, we would say we were going to Cambridge for dinner and then out dancing. After that, our story got a bit fuzzier.

We packed a cooler with a couple of nice IPAs and some iced coffee drinks for Courtney. I built a play bag with a few toys for us; vibrator, a couple of dildos, towels, shampoo, soap and so forth. Courtney distracted the kids while I snuck the cooler and bags out to the car.

Then we focused on us. We’d learned from our first visit to a club that shaved down below was the norm.

Neither of us wanted to stick out, so to speak, as we took a dip in the hot tub. So, razor time it was! I was able to knock it out for myself with only minor nicks, but Courtney needed some help reaching everywhere she wanted cleaned up… holy crap this made us hot and bothered.

Courtney picked out some tight black leggings, sexy boots and a top with a neckline that plunged to her flat stomach. I went with paisley red shirt that begged for attention and wondered if I was way off. Then, in our bedroom, we threw on concealing jackets. A quick, “goodbye, be good,” to the kids and we were out the door.

Crap! Walking up the street were a couple of my friends and there was no way to avoid a sociable hello. I called out, “hey guys,” trying to preempt the conversation.

“Hello, you two,” my friend Wayne called out, “you coming to the pub?”

“Nope,” Courtney replied with a smile, “we are on date night and I’m not letting you guys steal him tonight!”

“Oh,” Wayne said with a curious look on his face, “where are you going?”

We both blurted out, “to a restaurant,” in a most ridiculous suspicious manner.

My friends looked at each other and, of course, asked, “which one?”

Dang it all! We hadn’t planned that far out, but Courtney stepped in cool as always, “I think he’s taking me for Indian in Cambridge… It’s a surprise.” I shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

“Will you be back before closing time?” Wayne asked.

“Not likely,” I replied. “I’m taking her dancing afterwards.”

“Ok buddy, have fun.” My friends passed the car and I went cold for a minute as I saw our bag of goodies and cooler sitting in the back seat. But, thankfully, our friends didn’t notice, and we had survived to escape!

During our drive to Jay Dee’s we agreed to update our cover story and come up with a better way to escape the immense social gravitational pull of the village unscathed and undetected. We felt a bit like secret agents hiding out activities, fabricating cover stories, wearing disguises to cover our club clothes and smuggling our goodie bag. The adventure had begun, and we hadn’t even gotten to the club!

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