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Advice – Playing With The Swinging Fantasy

Updated: May 29, 2020

You have this fantasy about swinging. Maybe it’s about meeting other couples for blistering hot play or it might be about adding a single to make up a steamy ménage à trois. Whatever the case, you have the fantasy and would like to play around with it for a bit

Playing around with the fantasy might mean that you plan to move into actual swinging at some point and are testing and fine tuning your minds before taking the step. Perhaps, just toying with the idea and are building towards any type of decision. Or, maybe you know darn well that there will never be a day that you will be mentally able to watch your partner enjoying another person, but you really like the naughtiness of the fantasy. Whatever your place on the spectrum of having a swinging fantasy, there are plenty of ways to play them out with your partner.

Let’s start with simply vocalizing your fantasy during sex. Don’t just pop your fantasy out during sex for the first time! But, after you are both comfortable with the fantasy then add some vocalization of the fantasy during sex. Try whispering in your partner’s ear as they are going up towards orgasm, “mmmm, I can’t wait to see you playing with another couple.” Or, if you are feeling a bit nastier, “mmmm, you look so hot sucking/licking them while I bang you!”

The joy of dildos! Dildo’s are already in many of our bedrooms and serve as an awesome visual stimulus for the male and as a change of pace for the female (maybe that is vice versa for some folks). You can pick up a dildo easily and fairly cheaply online or you can go wild with a Bad Dragon dildo (google is your friend). Now, all you need to do is add the fantasy threesome!

Using your dildo in a fantasy threesome is as easy as verbalizing the fantasy with your partner and then playing it up. “Oh baby, he’s about to enter you!” Or, “her strap-on is so hot pumping in and out!” Then, “how do you want me to add spice? Suck your neck? Pinch your nipples? Would you like a spit-roast?”

Add a sex machine and the fantasy is even easier to play out. There are multiple types of sex machines on the market and many can be very expensive. We own one that comes in the shape of a toolbox (google) and fits nicely in the bottom of my closet. The independent pumping action is brilliant and believe me really adds to the simulation.

Why not throw all those together into a big blowout date? Book a hotel room to take your minds out of your own bedroom. Then preposition your sex toys (machines and dildos) so that you don’t have to break the mood digging everything out. Now have a nice dinner, chat about the idea of meeting a single or couple at a hotel and how much you are looking forward to the big event. Head back to the hotel and vocalize the fantasy the entire time and enjoy!

We hope these are some fun ideas for you to try out. Let us know how these work for you. Good luck and happy fantasy swinging!

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