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Advice – Single Guys and Sexy Hot Wives!

It's a almost a myth.

As a single guy you usually have one thing on your mind, how to get laid! You want it as soon as possible, as often as possible and are willing to bend your standards just a tad to make it happen if needs require. Down at the local pub you see the same handful of single ladies hanging out and you decide, “hey, why don’t I try the online scene?” You play with Plenty of Fish, eHarmony and without too much luck. Then you reach for more naughty sites like Ashley Madison and Tinder but find there’s still an amazing amount of competition.

Where are the ladies who just want to fuck? What’s this? You stumble across “lifestyle” sites during your search. Could it be? Is this the Shangri la of willing women? These are women who play with other men besides their husbands. Surely, they are wonton and willing. What could possibly go wrong?

Sadly, you are doomed for disappointment as swinging women really aren’t any easier than regular women. Perhaps even harder to land! Amazing though it seems, we swinging women are real women who have likes and preferences. If one of us doesn’t like fat guys then, guess what? Yep, even though she’s a swinger, she isn’t going to have sex with you. Same goes for any of the things that women prefer or dislike. Some like beards and tats while some like clean cut and shaved chests. Some even like bald guys, see we are just like regular women.

Well, almost just like regular women. Unlike regular women, we swinging ladies are absolutely spoiled for choice. By that, I mean that there are millions of very willing single guys for every swinging couple interested in allowing a single guy to play. Just scroll through the endless single guy profiles on or compared to the couples and super rare single ladies. With all that choice we swinging ladies can bat way out of our league were we simply sitting at a bar.

It isn’t unusual to see a portly mother of five who is in her 50s pulling an Olympian looking fellow in his late 20s or 30s. We know one single lady who trolls (that’s a double entendre) our local club. Single guys pay premium to get in the club and, with the sunk cost weighing on their mind, at the end of the night become her prey. She is constantly sitting in the smoking lounge post sex rubbing her fat belly, with an embarrassed looking young man sitting beside her, loudly critiquing the poor fellow’s performance!

Another difference between swinging ladies and regular vanilla ladies down at the local bar is that swinging ladies really don’t care too much about those things that sometimes get you lucky. Swinging ladies don’t care what car you drive; they already have a husband/partner who helps bring home the bacon. Swinging ladies also don’t really care if you have a super winning personality. They aren’t trying to date you. They just want the added thrill of an extra/new set of helping hands during a play session. So, if you are counting on your stunning stock portfolio or your charming personality, you may well still be out of luck.

Does that make swinging women shallow? No shallower than the desperate guys hitting on them! Let that sink in a bit.

So, to be absolutely honest guys, it is easier to pick up a girl at the bar before last call than it is to pick up a swinging lady. Swinging ladies are spoiled for choice, already have the relationship and stability thing figured out, and really don’t want to date you (that’s polyamory and a different topic.)

Think twice before you invest your time and cash chasing swinging women. They really don’t want your dick pic and they really don’t want to share their personal pictures just to get you off. Swinging women know exactly what they want and are used to getting it served up on a silver platter. Did I mention how fun swinging is for women?

Sorry for the downer but honesty is best. There’s still an outside chance… Now, enjoy a picture of my butt :)

FYI, my husband Alex says he created a monster by turning me loose on here to write stuff.

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