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Advice - Swinging for Christians?

Can swinging be compatible with your faith? What about that, thou shalt not commit adultery, commandment? What about all the Victorian era sexual repression and guilt you carry around with you? Without getting too religious, we would like to point out some paths of investigation for Christians.

We see Jesus casting out the old laws and replacing the Ten Commandments with two directives. Love the lord your God and love your neighbor. In fact, Jesus goes on to say that all the laws and the prophets are bound up in those two principals (Matthew 22:40).

With this understanding it now makes sense that Peter’s vision (Acts 10) of the unclean foods now being allowed, is an extension of a Christian’s freedom from the Old Testament laws designed to coddle and protect.

So, modern Christians should put their relationship with God first and seek to love their neighbor. The rest all falls into place. If you love your neighbor, you don’t hurt them. If you love your wife, you shouldn’t hurt her. Don’t cheat! Cheating hurts people. Don’t enable cheating as that is hurting someone by extension.

By the way, this logic path is much the same as the one used by denominations and churches who do not see homosexuality as a sin. Currently this view is on the far liberal side of Christianity but is moving more and more towards the center. Time will tell if it becomes the prevailing interpretation.

You may not agree, and we are happy to chat with you about your views. But, we do not see an incompatibility between swinging and being Christian as long as you swing in such a way that you are not hurting anyone and you aren’t hurting your relationship with God.

Anyway, we promise not to judge you and ask that you, thoughtfully, choose to not judge us!

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