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10. Dancing with Fire!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Once we cleared the village, our curious friends, and demanding children, the drive to Jay Dee’s seemed like it would be simple. But even though I’d driven out in the daylight to find the club, we got a little lost again. This didn’t help with the jittery nerves we had building about the night.

At last we rolled into the driveway of Jay Dee’s, found a parking spot right up front, and started gathering up our stuff. Courtney suddenly (after nearly an hour on the road) realized she needed to work some last-minute makeup adjustments and then got the brush to her hair. “Are you stalling,” I smiled at her.

“Well, to be honest, I think I might be,” Courtney replied while slipping into her coat. She took a deep breath, “ok, here we go honey.” She popped her car door open and hooked our bag of tricks over her shoulder while I grabbed the cooler.

We were met at the door by a short silver haired gentleman in a long knee length black jacket. He shook our hands and led us through the process of obtaining a membership card, much as we did at the VA a month or so earlier. I wondered out loud if we would need a shoebox soon to store all our club membership cards. “Idiot,” Courtney poked me in the ribs.

Membership card in hand we were led to the bar area to deposit our cooler. There were some 30 cubbyholes in the wall behind the bar where they deposited everyone’s booze. There was no refrigerator in the bar area. We had received a great pointer from folks on a forum at and the cooler fit perfectly into one of the larger cubbies.

Then, hand in hand, we crossed the dancefloor and made our way back through the lobby towards the lockers. We passed a few couples along the way, chatting quietly at the edge of the dance floor, lounging in the lobby people watching, and making tea in the kitchenette. There were also a few single men wandering aimlessly through the club, checking and rechecking all the nooks and crannies for willing couples. All in all, it was a heck of a lot less crowded than the VA had been on for their Valentines party.

We ditched our goody bag, towels and coats in our locker and headed for a quick peek upstairs on our way back to the dance floor. Courtney was keen on dancing and I wasn’t going to slow her down! That was part of our cover story for the village folks, might as well make good on it.

The couples’ room at the top of the stairs was empty but, unlike during my day tour, a screen on the wall had some late 90’s porn playing. In the open play areas, there were a few hopeful single men sitting around trying to make eye contact. We nodded politely and brushed by.

The S&M cross, at the far end of the upstairs loft, was occupied by a svelte young blond lady dressed down to lacy red knickers. Behind her was a handsome middle-aged fellow, with a silvering ponytail and intense look on his face. He held a leather flogger and… Crack! He smacked it across her well-rounded rump and both Courtney and I got an eyeful as the young lady shivered from head to toe. Crack! The flogger slapped the back of her tanned thighs and she moaned. It sounded like pleasure!

Courtney led the way as we fled the upstairs. A glance back and we could see the ponytailed gent running his fingers lightly down the lady’s back. Wow! “What do you think of that?” I asked Courtney as we descended to the dance floor. “Not happening unless it’s you on the cross!” She slapped my bum playfully as we took a seat at the edge of the dance floor.

There were two other couples spread out around the edge of the dance floor, but no one was dancing yet. It was only about 10 pm so that wasn’t too crazy. Suddenly Courtney stood and pulled me out into the middle of the dance floor for a song she liked and started to move.

Two more couples drifted in from the bar and a few single guys filtered in from the lobby. They all took up stations around the dance floor and watched as Courtney and I danced. Correction, they watched Courtney dance in her amazing sexy style and me floundering around happily.

I found it a turn on the see what a crowd that Courtney had drawn as she danced. It always amazes me how well she dances, fluid and hot, but completely unaware of her magnetism. Another couple took the floor near us and danced along in the stilted style Brits are known for world over.

Rapidly the dancing shifted to the tall brunette in knee high white boots and matching white lingerie dancing with Courtney while her partner, a tall gent with a flashy smile and black cowboy boots, and I stood by watching and swaying to the music. Before Courtney was completely aware of the dynamic developing, the brunette moved in close and started shimmying right up the length of Courtney’s fine figure. It was hot!

Sadly, the music shifted, and the spell was broken. We stepped to the side of the dance floor and the couple moved to join us. I could tell Courtney was getting a tad apprehensive, and so was I to be fair. This couple was obviously into us and wanted to chat. I looked at Courtney for cues and she suggested we grab a drink. The couple took that as an invitation and followed us to the bar where I had a beer pulled from my cooler and Courtney, always the health nut, had a water.

The couple introduced themselves as Bob and Molly from Northampton who were regulars at Jay Dee’s. They were sympathetic to our being new to clubs and were happy to talk with us if we wanted. They suggested we move to either the lobby or the kitchenette where we could hear each other better than in the bar/dance floor area.

We followed them out to the lobby and through to the kitchenette, Courtney held my hand tightly and we found ourselves locked in the newbie, hip to hip, protective shuffle. In the kitchenette we found a seat and let them lead the conversation for a bit until Courtney warmed up and started asking them questions. “How long have you guys been coming to clubs and all that?”

“We’ve been on the scene for about six years,” Molly replied to Courtney. “We know how it is being the new kids.”

I leaned back and let Courtney continue the interrogation, “what got you started?”

“Well, after Bob and I had been together a few years, he asked if I would be interested in trying out the lifestyle. I was hesitant at first but had a bi side that I wanted to explore.” Courtney’s eyes widened a bit at that. “We started with some friends of ours but that was a disaster. So, we started going to clubs like this one to meet people instead. Oh, and we are on fabswingers as well.”

“Alex put us on that website too,” Courtney said, “we’ve only been to one other club and it was just a bit too intense our first time. We aren’t playing with other people or anything.”

“That’s cool,” said Bob, “we call that soft swinging in the lifestyle.”

“Soft swinging? What exactly is that?” I asked him curiously.

“It can be lots of things.” Bob added, “just playing together after hanging out with other swingers, same room play with own partners, and on the far end of soft swinging is swapped foreplay sometimes including oral but still penetration only with your own partner."

“We are a full swap couple,” Molly stated in a matter of fact tone. “We only play same room as we aren’t comfortable with separate room swapping.” I nodded trying to look nonplused by the frank discussion. Then, after a short pause, she added, “but we don’t mind soft swing.” I could feel the tension building thick and could tell by the set of Courtney’s shoulders that we were back to nearly fight or flight.

Bob broke the tension, “how about we move this conversation to the hot tub? I could use a bit of relaxing after the hard week I’ve had at work. You guys can ask us any questions you have, and we can play the wise old swingers.” I felt Courtney’s hand on my knee and looked her in the eye. She raised an eyebrow in question, and I shrugged not knowing what to think.

“Sure,” Courtney said. “We'll meet you in the hot tub in a few.”

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